Jerry Corelli

Jerry Corelli

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Neil Diamond style voice and music.


Jerry Corelli was born in Denver, Colorado and attended Calvary Temple from the age of 9 until he joined the Navy at 18. It was at a summer camp when he was 12 that Jerry heard Jesus Music for the first time from a band called The Archers. Billy Rush Masters, the guitarist of the Archers, inspired Jerry to become a songwriter and 6 months later helped Jerry re-write his first song.
After that first summer camp Jerry bought a used guitar from his neighbor and started teaching himself how to play. A few years later his mother bought a used piano from the same neighbor so Jerry taught himself how to play that too.
From Grade school through College and Seminary Jerry’s greatest challenge has been his Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Being adopted at age 3 and living in 6 foster homes, until his adoption, helped set the stage for his life long fear of rejection. What a combination for someone wanting to proclaim Christ Jesus through his music and does so today.

In summing up Jerry’s life one must not only speak of the peaks in his life but also the valleys. To Jerry the songwriter, without the valleys, many of his best songs that speak of Christ’s never ending love would never have been written. When a best friend drowned at 17 & when Billy Masters of “The Archers” died in 1981 songs of rejoicing came from Jerry’s pen because both are with the Lord. When Jerry began a year of homelessness the song The Rock was written and appears on two of his CD’s and has been sung more than once on the Seattle Praise the Lord show. While attending college Jerry saved the life of a 5 year old girl who was being strangled in the men’s bathroom and again another song called I see you in her eyes came from that tragedy and was recorded on his With the Sword Held High CD.

Jerry is known for his rich baritone voice, which is reminiscent of Neil Diamond, and is an accomplished BMI songwriter. He owns two publishing companies, Corelli’s Music Box, BMI and My Angel’s Songs, ASCAP. His music is available for playlists on myspace, Facebook, myyearbook, shoutlife and others. Through Itunes, Napster and many other music download companies many fans in Japan, for example, make his Happy Birthday Jesus Jerry’s highest volume download every year. Interviews on, radio stations and T.V. appearances are just a few more credits to Jerry’s musical resume.

With the death of his father and with he and his wife losing their home to foreclosure in 2008 Jerry took a sabbatical from singing live, except when Prisoners for Christ called for him to sing at one of their prison ministries. Once again Jerry experienced another valley. However, one day when driving home, once again, another song came to Jerry that would show him yet another peak. Jerry’s 325th song, I’m Not Dead Yet would become his new theme in life, the title song and title of his next CD.


Omega III, Standing on the Rock, With The Sword Held High, A Corelli Christmas, Righteous Man, Grandfather Moon. Except for Omega III and Standing on the Rock all cd's are available on line and through

Set List

Anywhere from 30 to 90 min. Most songs are originals.