Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft


Old school Delta Blues done right...with respect for the tradition and heritage of the music. Jerry is a master of the delta blues style, playing both slide and non-slide songs in a mixture of traditionals and originals.


Born to a Chinook Indian mother who abandoned him when he was two days old and a father who died before Jerry was born, the blues is something Jerry Craft has lived his entire life. Growing up on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, Jerry discovered a way to manifest his deep hurt through a form of music over 80 years old and 2500 miles away. Hearing Son House play Death Letter Blues changed Jerry's life forever and called him to help carry on this precious art form. Playing for fans of delta blues is the greatest joy to Jerry, as the music transcends human emotion like it did at its birth. Listening to Jerry play, audiences are given just a glimpse into the history of delta blues, and where it is headed in this new century.


EP: "Entering Mississippi" copyright 2006 GentleGiant Music, Nashville, TN

Set List

Preachin' Blues...Son House
Buzzin' Blues...Jerry Craft
Me and the Devil Blues...Robert Johnson
Handy Man...Jerry Craft
Pony Blues...Charlie Patton
Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues...Skip James
Terraplane Blues...Robert Johnson
Death Letter Blues...Son House
Red House...Jimi Hendrix

(just a sample of Jerry's repertoire)