Jerry Groves

Jerry Groves

 Clarksville, Tennessee, USA

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"Grow Up Some"

Written By: Jerry Groves

"Grow Up Some"

You know when you first did
what you did to me
I sat in my room and
I cried for days
Until I figured you out
you weren't so charmin' after all

Even though your smile reeled me in
and you stole my heart before we began
Yeah you talked a good game
and we had a ball

But the second time,
I had my guard up
I wasn't gonna let my
heart break
You found out soon enough
That it was gonna be tough

We were both spoiled kids, even til now
One is after love, the other don't know how
Here I thought I had found the one
tried to shower me with money and wine
I hate to tell ya,
ain't gonna work this time
And I hate to spoil your fun
But boy, you need to grow up some

How do you expect to find true love?
Because not everything's about you
When you finally learn that,
maybe your heart will open up
But until then, I feel for
whoever you meet
Because if they're expecting to be first,
they need to RSVP the back seat

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Heaven help you
by the time you're done
I hope you are actin' your real age
'Cause right now, you need to grow up some