Jerry Jennings

Jerry Jennings


Jeff Beck meets Steely Dan (in which Fagen has laryngitis), a strong compositional style with hints of classic 70's fusion. It's pop-ish jazz rock that covers a lot of bases style wise, yet most people feel it has a cohesiveness to it. Pink Floyd to Steely Dan to Zappa to Weather Report to Satriani.


Jerry Jennings’ energy on the guitar is reminiscent of many old school blues-rockers like Clapton, Beck, Farner, and Gilmore, yet Jerry reaches for the less traveled colors. While borrowing compositional elements from Chic Corea or maybe Weather Report, he goes for the more concise arrangements of a typical pop tune format, like Steely Dan. “My attention span is pretty short. I have somewhat of a pop mentality and admire an ability to distill many jazzy flavors into a simple verse-chorus-bridge format.”

On the latest album Shortcut to the Center (produced by rock legend Ronnie Montrose), Jerry has styles that range from classic fusion, to reggae, to melodic rock, and to a style that can only be called “dan”. Players on the album are Northern California’s finest. Bruce Spencer, regarded by many as Sacramento’s top call drummer, plays with an amazing feel on this album. Marty Holland, who has played bass with a huge list of people including Lydia Pence of Cold Blood, Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead, Dave Garibaldi, Lenny Williams of Tower of Power, and currently plays with the Jerry Garcia Band. On keys, Scott Reams who is everyone’s go-to guy in the Sacramento area for great sax or keyboard tracks in the vein of rock, pop, jazz or funk.


1992 The Good Part of a Pencil
2001 Signs of Humanity
2006 Shortcut to the Center - Produced by Ronnie Montrose

Set List

We play two sets of up to an hour each. It's mostly original, but we also play a few select covers: "You Know What I Mean" by Jeff Beck, "Josie" by Steely Dan, and "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter.