Jerry Joe Reno Band

Jerry Joe Reno Band


Jerry Joe Reno is Outlaw Country.


The Jerry Joe Reno Band is Outlaw Country. Mixing the traditional and nontraditional styles of country, rock, funk, and jazz with storytelling lyrics about bar fights, broken hearts, and running from the law; Reno delivers a new Outlaw Country sound that bridges a wide demographic of young and old listeners alike.

The Band’s current line up includes Jerry Joe Reno (vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo), Stuart Martin (guitar, mandolin, banjo, keys, vocals), Malone Fontaine (bass, bass fiddle, lap steel), Brooke "Hank" Hankins (vocals, tambourine), Russell Gibbs (drums, washboard)

Reno’s catalogue of songs includes honky-tonk burners like Bad Luck Joe and Ride to the Center of the Soul, the more rock oriented Keep Me Alive and The Range, duets It’s the Time It’s the Tune and Midnight Run, and tear-jerking ballads My Guitar and Wake Me When the Rooster Crows to name a few. Reno is the evolution of Outlaw Country Music.


"Outlawed" release date winter 2007.

songs and video:

Set List


Backwards World
Bad Luck Joe
Beer for the Good Times
Black Mud Wardrobes
Cosmic Dust
DC Days & Raleigh Nights
Fightin’ Words
I Got Nothin’ without You
If I’m not Winning, I’m Losing
I’m Gonna Kill that Man
I’m Roping
It’s the Time It’s the Tune*
I’ve Seen the Devil Do It*
John Paul
Keep an Eye on the Weather
Keep Me Alive
Life in a Band
Life is a Bitter Pill
Mama Raised an Outlaw
Mean Beliefs
Medicinal Groove
My Good Days are My Bad Days
My Guitar
Over & Under Me
Pale Eyes
Put All the Money Down
Ride to the Center of the Soul
River City Outlaws*
Shadow Dance
Shelter Me
Smokin’ Gun
Smoke Signals & Telegraphs
Stumbling Bob
Sweetwater Sour
The Day I Took the Law In My Own Hands
The Devil’s Going Home Alone
The Range
The Right Place at the Right Time
These Old Tracks
Things She Wants to See
Tomorrow Today
When the Rooster Crows
White Lightning Moonshine
You In the Blue Eyes
Your Passenger
You’re the Only T