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I Must Be Doin' Something Right

Written By: Jerry Krantman

I Must Be Doin’ Something Right
By Jerry Krantman (© Copyright 2010)

My old Toyota fires up, when I turn the key
It’s got some miles on it. Still works, though, sorta like me.
I’m not complainin’. Things are just a little bit tight.
I must be doin’ something right.

I’ve got clothes that fit. They're all right, some are tattered a bit.
Got shoes on both my feet. And they’re a pretty good fit.
I’m not complainin’. I’m no stylin’ delight.
But, I must be doin’ something right.

Some stars rise, Some stars set
My star just hangs low in the sky
More and more I see, what fate’s cooked up for me.
But so far I’m managing to keep on try - in’

My wife and kids are all livin’ at home.
Since I got laid off, I’ve got more time to get to know ‘em
I’m not complaining, We’re eatin’ supper again tonight.
I must be doin’ something right


I pay a lot of money every month, so our health is insured.
We’re covered, but some of the details are pretty obscure
I’m not complainin’. Gonna read that fine print some night.
I must be doin’ something right.

Our health insurance, covers me and my spouse.
So if either one of us gets sick, they might not take away our house.
I’m not complainin’. I’m pretty sure we’re secure tonight.
I must be doin’ something right.



My dad did better ‘n me, his dad did worse.
The Great Depression went on for years,
and took a World War to reverse.
I’m not complainin’. My depression’s just at night.
I must be doin’ something right.

I’m not complainin’, mind you. I’ll be sleeping inside tonight.
I must be doin’ something right.

My laundry, and my future are brighter than bright
I must be doin’ something right.

I must be doin' something right.

Driving Through The Fog

Written By: Jerry Krantman

Driving Through The Fog
By Jerry Krantman © Copyright 2010

Got my foot on the throttle, Got my hands on the wheel
I’m the captain of my vessel. I smile at how I feel
My baby’s right beside me and we’re good to go
Cruisin’ not too fast, but not too slow.

There’s some clouds up ahead but the stars are showin’
I know where I’m comin’ from, I know where I’m goin’. I power
Up a big hill, but as I roll back down
There’s fog everywhere and the stars are gone.

And now I’m…
Driving through the fog, feelin’ kinda tense
The night has gotten foggy. The fog has gotten dense
Things were goin’ my way, Now the goin’s getting’ tough

1. Got a full tank of gas, though. That’ll be enough.
2. Got three quarters of a tank. That oughta be enough.
3. Got a half a tank left. I hope we have enough.
4. Got a quarter of a tank left, We might still have enough.
5. We’re runnin’ on fumes. I always thought we’d have enough.

Hadn’t really noticed, but I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth,
And the road signs say we’re [still] headin’ south.
And the road signs say we’re [still] headin’ south.

TV and radio, newspapers, magazines
Try to tell us what matters, and what it all means.
They spin us till we’re dizzy, but that don’t make it true
It’s a fog machine, rollin’ out a point of view.

When Congress people hammer out backroom deals
With modern buccaneers, who stomp their corporate heels.
TV and radio won’t say who’s to blame
But don’t let it worry you, they’re gonna air the game.
So I’m just…


In the U.S. Constitution, I’ve seen it writ large
“We The People” are the ones in charge
Now and then we get to vote, and then our work’s all done.
We’re in charge of nothin’, but pretending’s fun.
I’m out here…


You can’t Navigate at night if you can’t see the stars
The thicker the fog the less you know where you are
I thought I had it made, but I was wrong about the cost, Lost
what I thought I’d found, but I’ve found that I’m lost
Now I’ve found that I’m…


Thought I knew this road like the back of my hand
This fog’s got it lookin’ like a foreign land
I turn on my high beams, I let out a curse.
All this reflection, only makes it worse.
So I’m just...