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jerry leeman band


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Jerry leeman, a.k.a. Screamin' Leeman, is the most recognizable voice in the local South Florida popular music scene. His fiery, always soulful singing style has electrified audiences from Boston to Key West. Born on March 25th, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan, he was exposed to all types of music. His first experience with a live performance was in his junior high talent contest as "Elvis". Often he found himself practicing in the basement of the Farmer family in Livonia, Michigan. Chris Farmer, the eldest son, later went on to become one of The Beach Boys and is currently touring with the band. During a spring break concert in Fort Lauderdale, Jerry was fortunate enough to join Chris, Mike Love, John Cowsill, and Dean Torrence on stage for an encore cameo performance. "I realized what i wanted to do after seeing Martin Scorsese's movie "The Last Waltz" in '78. That film changed my life. So i hitch hiked to South Florida to chase a dream. I think i was 15" Jerry's solo career started as an acoustic guitarist and singer right here in South Florida. It was a new venue called "The Irish Draft House". A small pub with a huge heart. The pub had been open for eight weeks and had eight different acts, none of which satisfied the appetite of the pubs rowdy crowd. Recomended by a friend, "the notorious Jim Rose", Jerry came in off the street with his acoustic guitar and sang until 5:am. He was offered Friday and Saturday nights. For the next two years he would hone his craft to a house packed with everything from rednecks to rugby players. In the earlt eighties, hungry for the road, Jerry set out for the eastern shore line. He landed in New Port, Rhode Island, Sag Harbor, and Block Island. "In those days i would play as many as nine gigs a week. When i wasn't gigging i was jamming with the local musicians, or attending folk and jazz festivals in New Port. The New England audience was just what i needed and the exposure to new music and live entertainment was abundent. It was in the early eighties and it lasted for about five years. Man, every summer, what a blast. It was also where i was first introduced to the Dead. Thank you, New England!" Jerry has been influenced by rock, soul, reggae, country, pop, folk, jazz, blues, gospel you name it. His musical style is as diverse as his influences. In the early 1990's he produced and performed at a series of benefit concerts for the "Make A Wish" foundation" showcasing 12 bands in 12 hours. Always lending himself to a worthy cause. On November 29th, 2002 the day after Thanksgiving and the 1st anniversary of the death of former Beatle, George Harrison. Jerry Leeman, acting as producer, promoter, financier, and entertainer, produced what has been described as a "dead-on", balls accurate recreation of the legendary concert/movie/historical event that started his musical career. "A Tribute to the Last Waltz" took place at "The Crest Theatre" in Delray Beach. It combined an all star cast of 18 local legends on stage for two shows, one night. "hailed as more than a concert; it was a heartfelt tribute to a historical event and to music itself." It seemed as if his dream had come full circle. Lately all of his attention has been on writing and performing. "I'm getting back to my roots. Folk rock, studying old Bob Dylan, Richie Havens, my own stuff, you know, a few good chords and the truth, that sort of thing (I forget who said that first). There is a lot of stuff going on and a lot of music inside me that i need to get out". For Jerry Leeman making music is a timeless quest with no end ... Just new beginings! Jerry is a vocalist and plays guitar, six string banjo, piano, percussion, and harmonica.


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