Jerry Leger & The Situation

Jerry Leger & The Situation

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Highly acclaimed young, Toronto singer-songwriter who has a dedicated and growing following. So far, at age 27, he has recorded five full length albums and a mini LP. His original folk-roots-rock sound is captivating on record and energetic on stage - solo or with his backing band, The Situation.


The best part about being a music fan is experiencing the growth of an artist you really care about with each new release. When you take that often-inevitable next step from being a fan to becoming a critic, those personal relationships with a favourite artist’s songs commonly break down. Part of a critic’s job entails pinpointing flaws—moments that, for whatever reason, do not provide the same rush that made an artist interesting in the first place. In some cases these flaws painfully reveal that said artist’s true intentions were not as noble as initially thought. From there, it’s up to the marketplace to judge.
The great artists aspire first and foremost to create a lasting body of work, and after hearing Jerry Leger’s sixth release, Some Folks Know, I am convinced more than ever he is well on his way to achieving that goal. The field of singer-songwriters continues to attract scores of kids infatuated with the troubadour lifestyle. But folk and country music is in Jerry Leger’s blood. His songs have always revered the past even as they paint vivid pictures of not only his life, but more importantly, yours as a listener.
It’s redundant to say that Some Folks Know is Jerry’s best album to date. That’s as it should be. I said it about his previous full length, Traveling Grey, which in places expressed truth in ways that moved me more than anyone else had in a long time. Perhaps the last was Fred Eaglesmith, since we all three share a rural Ontario sensibility. I heard Fred once say during a solo concert in a small church auditorium that one day southern Ontario songwriters will be regarded in the same way Texas songwriters are. I’m sure Fred would include Jerry in that group.
Another way of looking at it is what Daniel Lanois once called “the tobacco belt sound,” that is, the legacy of music made by the men—men filled with conflicted emotions—to alleviate the strain of the backbreaking work in the once-expansive Ontario tobacco fields. It was the part of the province where The Band’s Rick Danko and Richard Manuel were raised, and it became their filter to interpret the mysteries of the American music they heard over the airwaves in their youth. Jerry Leger’s songs all contain that essence of rowdy Saturday nights in the tavern, followed by repentant Sunday mornings.
Even though Jerry has never sounded more assured as a writer as he does on Some Folks Know, the characters who populate the album seem dangerously unsatisfied, being pushed to the brink, if not already there. Getting to know these people led me to realize for the first time the twisted irony of Jerry dubbing his backing group “The Situation.” But multi-instrumentalist James McKie, bassist Dan Mock and drummer Kyle Sullivan have clearly matched Jerry’s development stride for stride. Whether it’s laying down an easy-swinging groove on “When The Master Calls” (on which McKie particularly shines on violin), or digging deeper on bluesier numbers like “Midnight Ride,” the group proudly wears its badges earned through countless tours and one-nighters around North America.
It’s a fiercely competitive singer-songwriter scene in Toronto, possibly more so than anywhere else in North America other than Nashville or Austin, and Jerry has applied the lessons he’s learned here toward making serious inroads south of the border where he’s forged alliances with singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale and Nashville’s leading Americana radio station WSM. That’s on top of his strong Canadian ties to Ron Sexsmith, whose longtime guitarist Tim Bovaconti has become Jerry’s trusted producer. Sexsmith also plays piano on “Den of Sin” which opens Some Folks Know, reprising a role he filled on Jerry’s second album, Farewell Ghost Town.
Another of Jerry’s close friends is Atlantic Records recording artist Serena Ryder, and their collaboration “All Over Again” is sure to be among the first tracks on Some Folks Know that radio programmers will notice. While that song is an unflinching rumination on long-term love that swells like a classic Gram Parsons-Emmylou Harris duet (or perhaps more accurately, a Bob Dylan-Emmylou duet from Desire), the signs of Jerry’s brimming confidence and maturity don’t stop there.
I admittedly had high expectations for Some Folks Know after Jerry’s last release, a seven-song mini-LP entitled The Good Old Days Are Back In Drag. On it, he and Bovaconti experimented with a small combo sound seemingly transported directly from Memphis, circa 1955. It was an invigorating blast that fully exposed something that was always lurking just below the surface of Jerry’s songs. The ripples of that experience are evident all over Some Folks Know, most prominently on “Motel Letter Blues.”
In a more subtle way, it’s also at the heart of the album’s centerpiece, “Filthy Mouth,” a song that’s been the highlight of Jerry’s live shows for some time. Again, it’s a common small-town tale: a guy returns home after time away to discover his former love has been engagi


You Didn't Bury Me Deep Enough

Written By: Jerry Leger

You Didn't Bury Me Deep Enough
You didn't bury me deep enough
(you gotta dig, you gotta dig, you gotta dig, you gotta dig)
You didn't bury me deep enough
(you gotta dig, you gotta dig, you gotta dig, you gotta dig)
You didn't bury me deep enough
You gotta dig six feet in the ground
When they called for Captain James, they had to yell
Standing over his empty grave, night began to swell
When this fog feels like my whole damn fighting life
It takes me away to where I cannot die
Put your death mask back on and dance with me
Sing some old Bing Crosby
You'll see that the only dream that was walking was Rosemary
And she spat out the bullet just to let us be
What in the world, how could this be true?
But the black cat told me just how they do
Captain James is standing tall on the hill
And he'll slaughter us one by one til he gets his fill
Disturb the earth, plant some seeds
Calculate all your worth and your means
If you catch him again tie him up wrapped in chains
But make sure that he can't escape
Written by Jerry Leger

You Got Away from Me

Written By: Jerry Leger

You Got Away From Me
Take, take my sadness
To the junkyard way out of town
I’ll give you whatever you’re craving
If you can take off my judge-filled frown
You got away, you got away from me
I’ll make, I’ll make my homeland
Shine like a holy light
Shine it on my friends
Stunned with excitement
They gather all their dreams for these kinds of nights
You got away, you got away from me
Bring, bring yourself
Don’t cover up, don’t try to hide
Last night I watched a movie
Where every cool kid
Just ended up being buried alive
And the wild card moved into big hills of suffocation
Found him two weeks later
Regret falling from his skies
It made me, made me so damn angry
To read the names of my friends
In the credits rolling by
They got away, they got away from me
You got away, you got away from me…
Written by Jerry Leger
2011 Leger Music

Wrong Kind of Girl

Written By: Jerry Leger

Do you know her name?
Do you ever wonder what she's thinking?
I love the way I have her all in my mind
Sweet and cherished by her man and country
One fine day she's gonna take up most of my time

Watching her drink
Make me thinking that something's missing
The chestnut room
Don't make her eyes that hard to see
With the dim light
Dancing across the marble table
And something bad dancing all over me

She's a hero, she's a villain
She'll give you love
The way you think you need it
On the platform for an easy train
Or down the road of a hard luck pain
I know there's still beauty in this crumbling world
But she's the wrong kind of girl

Reminds me of a tall rainbow I'd been seeing
Sunshine hanging on your bedroom wall
Do you ever feel that kind of blue obsession?
Where in the end
You don't get to know anything at all

She's a believer, she's a conceiver
You'll never ever want to leave her
Alone in a carnival breeze
Handful of dollars, mind full of schemes
You won't care about all the places she'll go
When she's the wrong kind of girl

I don't know, I've just been thinking
Sometimes it feels like I'll be sinking
Down with that brittle ship
With all the chances that I missed

I know that she's not my lover
And I can feel a little undercover
Happy looking into her world
From the pages of a picture book
To me, It can be so hard to even know
And anyway, it just comes and goes
How can one ever really grow?
With the wrong kind of girl

The Joke`s on You

Written By: Jerry Leger

Gotta funny way of saying she's leaving
Like everywhere is just an open door
Gotta funny way of saying she hates me
Has me hollering for more

Sick and tired every night
She says it can be better when it don't feel right
But I'll be going and when I do
Babe, the joke's on you

Got silly notions of romance
Slaps my face 'til it's fire red
Has silly words of second-hand wisdom
Everytime she speaks
I know it's something I'll dread

Made up my mind
There's gotta be a better life
Across that river and I'll be taking my time
You tried to hurt me but I've been evil too
So babe, the joke's on you

Way there on the mountain
You wouldn't even think of rescuing me

She ain't funny but she thinks so
And everyday is just another routine
I told her I was in love with her mother
And had been since we were seventeen

She didn't laugh
I kept my straight face on
I didn't mean to hurt you, babe
Was that pushing too hard?
But I'll be going and when I do
The joke's on you
I'll be going, oh honey it's true
And ya, the joke's on you

Round Walls

Written By: Jerry Leger

Round walls are saving my soul
From the one who's hunting has come
He won't corner me and show my eyes
In his cold reflection

Just not that fair
I paid in mind
Long before he crept to hide
On the gravelled path
Where my travels were made
So cruel and painful

Round walls are saving my soul
Round walls
Round walls are saving my soul
Round walls

Walk down this gutter
With sweat and soot
Body feeling like a worn out book
With pictures of devils and crooked men

Trying to swing up to heaven
I once had a good pure heart
With the kind of warmth you read about
But a fire was burning
And I jumped right into a shivering crowd
Of begging men

Round walls are saving my soul
Round walls
Round walls are saving my soul
Round walls

Prayed for this room
Where I stand and drape
Flesh on my bones with colourful faith
It's quite the lesson when things don't pay
And you look for your own round wall one day
Round walls are saving my soul
From the one who's hunting has come
He won't corner me and show my eyes
In his cold reflection


Jerry Leger & The Situation (2005)

Farewell Ghost Town (2006)

You, Me and The Horse (2008)

Traveling Grey (2010)

The Good Old Days are Back in Drag Mini-Album (2011)

Some Folks Know (Fall 2012)

Set List

Set lists can range depending on the required length and amount of sets.
Each set includes mainly original material from the albums with a cover thrown in. The cover or two will usually be an old country, early rock 'n' roll or folk/blues number.