Jerry Montano

Jerry Montano


I play solo acoustic folk/pop/rock music that sounds laid back, yet energetic.


I've played electric guitar when I was in high school and acoustic guitar off and on for the past several years, but became deeply interested in acoustic guitar after listening to Jack Johnson, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews (w/Tim Reynolds), and other acoustic-guitar driven musicians a couple of years ago. So I began writing music in late 2007 just for the enjoyment of it. I decided to start playing my songs live in early 2009, and now have played several open mics and a few shows. It is still very fun, and I love to share my songs with others whenever I get a chance!


None yet, besides my self-produced Demo that's available on CD and some songs on MySpace:

Set List

My setlist currently includes between 7 and 9 songs, which lasts between 30-45 minutes. The songs are: Angel, Passing By, Just A Phrase, Rendezvous, Can't Wait, Day Away, It'll Be Okay, Confused, I'll Be Around. I have 3 songs that I'm almost finished writing, as well as about 7 other finished recorded songs that I don't play live, since they seem to me not to be good for live settings. I also recently added one cover to my setlist: Empty (Ray LaMontagne).