Jerry "Pito" Javier

Jerry "Pito" Javier

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Backed by a band intent on a tight sound, Pito Javier brings a new dynamic to the live music scene with a fusion of original and classic reggae, pop, rock and hawaiian sounds.


Do you love music? I mean really love music… its resonance, its force, the ache it evokes, the way it transports one’s heart… its randomness and composition, its beats and its silences, how it can at once arouse anguish and joy, fury and wonder? If so, you have found a kindred spirit in Pito Javier. For proof of this one need only listen to his debut album, “Feels Like the First Time,” or attempt to sit still through one of his red hot live performances. In either case, one truth remains clear: Pito has a passion for music that begs to be shared.

His worth as a performer can be best described first through his work as a songwriter and recording artist. Beginning with his discovery as the 2nd place winner in the second season of “Hawaii Stars“ in 1995, Pito went on to record and perform with artists Quino (of Big Mountain), Sudden Rush, BET and others before recording his first solo project, “Feels Like the First Time.” “FLTFT” is a culmination of over three years of creative effort with O’ahu producer and musician “Radical Rob” Onekea (the imaginative force behind the success of Sudden Rush, Na Wai, and BET, among others). The project combined two very distinct-- Onekea has built his reputation solidly on blending Hip Hop and reggae grooves with characteristic island sounds while Pito first found his niche in Hawaiian falsetto and gospel-- but equally passionate artists. The resulting sound is an eclectic marriage of smooth vocals and edgy instrumentation. Easy on the ears, but never boring. The inclusion of unassuming and conscientious lyrics elevates both the album’s relevance and its sense of place.

Pito’s influences are ones that no one has to guess at, because he showcases many of them during his live performances. His set list includes standards by Bob Marley, Santana, Hall and Oates, Wailing Souls, Big Mountain, Maroon 5 ,UB40, Nasio, and many others to go along with his original works. There aren’t many concerts at which the soft, sweet sound of an Hawaiian falsetto song can be seamlessly followed by an “Exodus” intro into “Black Magic Woman.” This is one of those rare performances by one of those rare performers.


"Feels Like The First Time," debut solo album produced by WayOutWest Enterprises 2006 (radio airplay on Maui, Hilo, Kona, and Oahu stations)

2 single releases on "Pure Aloha," a compilation album produced by Vizzun Entertaiment and WayOutWest Enterprises 2003

Set List

HAWAIIAN: pohakuloa, pua Lilia
REGGAE i shot the sheriff, good situation, shark attack, hooked on you, no woman no cry, reggae party
ROCK/POP: sunday morning, black magic woman, johnny b goode, i'll be around, heaven, i need to know, this love, shambala