Jerry Read

Jerry Read

 Warren, Rhode Island, USA

Our music is original mainstream rock.


Take the opportunity to hear Jerry Read's new band perform live. You'll likely find the warmth of others that you'd sought, meet a new friend, and just possibly, come away moved by his band, and feeling a little different about things. Why is that? Jerry Read writes songs that come from the gift of love.

Perhaps you hadn't heard Jerry Read's music. Somehow, you missed seeing his first two bands - Legend, and then, The Shivers. Well, guess what? Thousands of certified rock music fans have come to their shows, and stood in line to see Jerry Read live, uniquely inspire his band, bringing another group of loyal music fans a little closer together again.

"In my first band, Legend, Read tells us, "featuring Kevin Ferias, Bob Rivers, Eddie Pisano, and Brian Casey, we discovered fully, what growing up was all about". "The friendship and perseverance of that group and crew," continues Read, "are still important values to me." "The belief and unity demonstrated in the way that Legend delivered my first original songs - the way we played our music for people, is something I'll always remember and cherish." "I wanted to feel as close as The Beatles felt when they were together," and rock like The Rolling Stones rock when they perform on stage." "Every show, my hope was to play the guitar as great as Gary Rossington plays", says Read.

Jerry Read is known for working with inspired, energetic, great musicians. The second band he founded -The Shivers, in 1981, along with
Eddie Pisano, Mike Dubois, Chris Suchmann, and Craig Howell - was quietly known for their "great" songwriting abilities. With Jerry passionately committed to the band, The Shivers toured nightclubs and colleges in the Northeast, non-stop for five years, writing and recording songs together, every step of the way, believing and giving completely to their audience. The band went through changes, but continued to be awarded top honors, opening many times for
John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band,
The Jim Carroll Band, and a Providence,
Rhode Island band called The Schemers. As the turbulent 80's came to a breathtaking peak, Read forged on, into the uncertainty of the 90's.

With Jerry singing lead and playing guitar, in early 1990, The Shivers were re-born, now with newcomers from the Providence, Rhode Island area, and veteran band members joining together, composing undeniably memorable rock songs that did get played on the radio, while the group toured to new audiences with a sense of determination and showmanship that was admired by many people. The band also worked for a time with multi-platinum producer Phil Greene at Rhode Island's Normandy Sound. The Shivers team of the 90's, including Gary Alarie, Rick Davy, Fred Broadly,
Graig Silva, Ian Rondeau, and founding members Chris Suchmann, and Ed Pisano, were ultimately regarded, as one of the most consistently best-drawing live rock n' roll bands to set foot on any stage in the Northeast.

With the help of many people that have shared his vision, and, his drive to create rock music that brings a sense of unity, Jerry Read has proven himself, as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and performer. He's stood the test of time, again and again. He has survived and overcome everything, in the tough world of rock entertainment.

Recently working with several Berklee College of Music Alumnus, including drummer Chris DeRosa, who has also played drums for Debra Harry among others, Jerry Read is again writing and recording songs with a top-notch roster of musicians from New York and Boston. "I am also very, very happy to be working with songwriter-singer-guitarist Craig Howell again", says Jerry. "We compose and play music that speaks of the promise of good things tomorrow, and songs that embrace every love and tenderness we've ever felt.", says Jerry. "I am deeply grateful to so many people, for all of the help they have given to me"... "I want to thank every one of you, for loving me, for having faith in me, and I want you all to know how much I love you, and, that I will never forget you".

However unlikely it may seem, in reality, very few songwriters and rock musicians have given as much of their heart and soul to rock music as Jerry Read has. See Jerry Read and his new band perform live. This surprisingly low-key, deliver-the-goods rock unit, is well worth hearing. Among the best performances a rock band can offer.


Legend - the single, "Girl" (1976), produced by
Bob Shuman, and engineered by Bob Winsor, at Warren, Rhode Island's Normandy Sound, is first aired on Fall River's 1480 WSAR, by
Disc Jockey-Event Personality Bob Rivers and,
Music Director Curt Hanson.

Donna Soares engineers one Legend project at Normandy Sound. Numerous follow-up recordings of Legend take place at Normandy Sound, on the road, and elsewhere, during 1978, and 1979.

The Shivers, "Basement Demo at Eddie's" , live, reel to reel (1980).

The Shivers, "Hero Worship" (1981) original recordings: New songs produced by
Ron Gamache and Bob Winsor, again recorded at Normandy Sound, played on Worcester's WAAF Bay State Rock, with Bob Rivers sitting in at the studio that night.

The Shivers, "Four-Track Club Project", five songs produced and recorded by Bob Desilets in Barrington, RI (1982).

The Shivers, "Five-Songs-Live to Half-Track" produced by Phil Green's student, Tom Soares at Normandy Sound, (1984).

The Shivers, "Basement-Demo", seven new songs at Everett and Elaine's, recorded by Jerry Read live, reel to reel, with founding and new members of The Shivers (1985).

Rock Alliance "85" to benefit Meeting Street School is recorded live by Full Channel Television in Warren, Rhode. The three band concert sponsored by "94" WHJY, is organized by Jerry Read and friends, Everette and Elaine Goncalo, and Michael Tanner, as a charity event to benefit the school (1985). The bands appearing at the charity event are MX, No Secrets, and The Shivers. $1000.00 is raised by the community, and given to Meeting Street School.

Jerry Read with Bristol, Rhode Island guitarist
Joe Scallaro, recorded at John Lamoia's Studio, Groovetracks, in Cranston, Rhode Island (1989).

"The New Shivers" recorded by John Lamoia at Groovetracks Studio, in Cranston, Rhode Island, (1990).

The Shivers (1991) - "Disciple of Love" series, recorded at Normandy Sound, featuring
"Can't Pretend", aired numerous times by students at 95.5 WBRU radio, located at
Rhode Island's Brown University.

"The Shivers recorded at Downtown Recorders", Boston, (1992).

The Shivers "Live to Half-Track, Five New Songs", recorded at Lyx Studios, Worcester, MA. (1993).

The Shivers, "Two Songs" at Scott Marshalls Studio, Pawtucket, RI (1994).

The Shivers record at Newbury Sound, Boston, for upcoming CD. Steve Revilak engineers. Ed Pisano has recently rejoined on the bass. Read, Alarie and Revilak co-produce together (1994).

The Shivers record additional tracks at CBGB's Studio in New York City, for upcoming CD. Tom Furry engineers (1995).

The Shivers - The Shivers CD, (1994) released nationally by Genya Raven Promotions to college radio stations throughout The USA and Cananda, and is reported as added.

The Shivers record new songs with Mario Pregonni engineering at First Note Studios in Providence, Rhode Island, during early 1996.

Follow-up recordings (1994) produced at CBGB's Studio in New York City, songs from The Shivers (1994), and the First Note Studios Project are featured on a one-hour special program (2001) at "94" WHJY in Providence, Rhode Island. Both Gary Alarie and Jerry Read sit in at the studio for an interview with DJ Tim, about the progress of the band.

Restuarant owner and music lover Ron Ferris returns a call from Jerry Read and tells him "Jerry, come on over here" and so, The Shivers set a date, and record live to 24 track A-Dat, in front of an audience, in The Chariot Room, at The Venus Di Milo in Swansea, Massachusetts. The band gets warm and loud applause. Frank Sinatra accepted an invitation, and made a personal appearence in the Ballroom at The Venus Di Milo.

Jerry Read & Friends - Miracle Super Girl CD, (2002) , songwriters compilation with selections written by Craig Howell, Chris Suchmann,
Eddie Pisano, Gary Alarie, and Jerry Read, originally recorded live before family and friends, is released by Read.
Gary Alarie on drums, Bob Desilets on piano and organ, Berklee Graduate John Heinmarsh plays the bass. Four hundred copies of the CD are given away to people all over The United States and in The UK, personally, by Read. Included in the giveaway are members of the press, radio stations, and many, many music fans.

Jerry Read, single on CD - Turn Me On Again,
Standing in the Rain (September, 2008)
Rich Crowley, Berklee graduate plays the drums on
"Turn Me On Again" , and Ed Lucie, Berklee Alumnus plays bass on the track. Original Shivers guitarist Craig Howell comes in to play lead guitar.

You are welcome to send an e-mail, concerning obtaining a copy of any of the music listed above.

Set List

One hour set of original songs. We do play one or two covers.