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Jersey Bound Trunk Crew makes psychotic but true hip hop music and short films.


Jersey Bound Trunk Crew makes psychotic but true hip hop music and short films. The Crew consists of Emcee Hype on rhymes, Party.picasso on beats, mpc2000xl, guitars, & keyboards, and DJ Gumshu on the turntables, kaos pad, keyboards, & mixing. All three members draw on an extensive list of influences including old school rap, funk, jazz, poetry, film, pop culture and literature.

JBTC is the culmination of years of musicianship, producing, live performance, and the impoverished life of the artist. Hype, Party & Gumshu all play piano, guitar, bass, and drums, and apply their individual musicianship to each track they produce. The members of Jersey Bound Trunk Crew have released five albums, (two as Jersey Bound Trunk Crew) including their latest release, Get Down Dirty Disco.

Starting the week of February 5th, 2007, Jersey Bound Trunk Crew was named MTVu's Artist of the Week in their Best Music on Campus contest. They were featured on the front page of and The music video for their 2007 song Run.Live.Love was featured on MTVu. In March of 2007, Jersey Bound was selected as one of MTVu and Epic Records' Top 50 in their Artist of the Year contest on The winner of the contest was to win a $1.5 million record deal with Epic Records. In April, by a combination of votes received and judging by a panel from MTVu and Epic Records, the group made it into the Top 15 in the MTVu and Epic Records contest. Each of the Top 15 artists signed an option deal with Epic Records. The MTVu and Epic Records contest ended in May 2007. Jersey Bound Trunk Crew signed a three month option contract with Epic Records. In September of 07 it was announced that Jersey Bound Trunk Crew was one of 25 college bands nominated for a MTVu Woodie Award this year.

In early October, the hip hop trio performed on tour dates for the MTV & EA Games "Rock Band Tour.”
Also in October 2007, the band’s single from their album, Get Down Dirty Disco, was chosen as the music for the closing credits of the upcoming documentary, Hooking up in College.

In additional film news, Jersey Bound Trunk Crew has been tapped to write & record an original score for an upcoming alien vs. predator animated short-film. The computer-generated short-film is due for release in summer 2008 thru Titan FX.
Hype, the group’s emcee and an author, is also penning two original screenplays. The first is a feature-length sci-fi thriller, also for Titan FX. The other script is co-authored by JBTC’s Party.Picasso, and will be independently produced by Jersey Bound Trunk Crew.

JBTC is currently finalizing their new album, which will be released as a double album packaged with the re-release of a touched up version of Get Down Dirty Disco.

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get down dirty disco (2006) -- tracks played on mtvU, XM radio, fearless radio (chicago), ngc podcast...

b-sides & butterfaces (2008) -- our homemade video for "" played in circulation on mtvU.

Set List

we can play between 10 and 20 songs... up to an hour.