Jersey Hurtt

Jersey Hurtt


don't fall victim to his boyish good looks Jersey will hurt you and write a song about it in the process... spawning from hand-outs, poverty and malnourishment this Ottawa based skum will take your heart and throw it out like all the trash he's used to being delt...


So from a young age Ive always had a desire to play guitar and with no money growing up chances of getting my hands on one were pretty slim. I remember asking my mother for a guitar I saw in a bargain store and was shot down and she said it would probably just collect dust. About a decade had past since then and I found myself struggling with attendance in high school, and this went on for two or three more years. Wanting to just drop-out at this point due to lack of interest I heard of a class my school was offering. With hardly no credits to actually get myself enrolled in the class, the teachers just let it slip. I found a guitar class! Went home every night a practiced and practiced, actually started to go back to school. I eventually was ok enough to maybe start a band and asked around the school to find a drummer. It happened, I started a punk band and we played a few gigs. With my few simply power chords I was starting to get noticed in the Ottawa underground punk scene, Thus making new friends and new bands/projects. I played for a few years with a band I had started and had to let it go, things were not working out and we all were on different pages of what we wanted to do and play. So I started up another band and jammed with a few more people. Things again were going great and people enjoyed coming out to our sets for what they were, but its hard to deal with so many people sometimes with different schedules and plans they have outside the band. So there I was again, no punk band, friends who wanted to jam but had no time and others just moving away. I remember just saying "fuck it!" as much as I enjoy making music with people, its just not happening right now, I know how to play guitar and sing so I'll just writing some songs myself! That's what I did and here I am, didn't know how my punk scene was gonna take to me playing now folk-punk styled sounds but didn't care. I am one man with a harmonica, tambourine, a steel guitar, some songs your all gonna love and I'm here to stay!


a d.i.y. released 6 song demo "sorry for the crackles and scratches" by Jersey Hurtt

Set List

I can play for an hour or less, I play a death cab for cutie cover and know a few elliot smith songs.