Jerusalem Syndrome

Jerusalem Syndrome

 Eeklo, Flanders, BEL

A young band from Belgium with worldwide potential. Made it to the semi-finals of Humo's Rock Rally and recorded a single with Luc Crabbé. Single releases beginning 2012!


Jerusalem Syndrome consists of 5 young guys from Belgium. After winning a few contests and playing a lot of gigs they won a 'Bandslam' on music channel Jim TV in 2009. They went in the studio with Luc Crabbe (Betty Goes Green, Freaky Age,...) to record a few songs like 'Juliet', 'One More Night', 'Vampire City', 'Go' and 'The Road'. A videoclip for ‘Juliet’ was made at the RTL-studios in Brussels ...thanks to Jim TV. In 2010 they were selected for ‘Humo’s Rock Rally’, the prestigious music contest that has introduced many notable bands, such as dEUS, The Black Box Revelation, Novastar, and so on. They made it to the semi-finals, held at ‘Vooruit’ Ghent. In the summer of 2010 they also played Suikerrock (with Golden Earring, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, etc.) and Boomtown Festival (with The Van Jets). With the start of 2011 also came a record deal from the innovative new label "SonicAngel" founded by Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan, Lords of Acid) and Bart Becks.
They keep on writing infectious grooves and hope to see you at one of their gigs. They're always willing to climb up on the stage and play their heart out.
“It’s only Rock ‘n Roll… But we like it !”


Single "Juliet": beginning 2012