Portland, Oregon, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Hard hitting heavy lyrics with an original sound. Truth is the basis of the music and its evident in every line. Great stage presence with the energy of toddler. No need for a stage full of backups, Jerz holds his own as good if not BETTER than any m.c. to date. Jerz503 is guaranteed to please!


Jerz503 was raised in East Orange N.J and moved to Portland Oregon in 2006. An avid writer since the age of 7 he has turned his poem writing skills into his love for hip hop. Relevance is the name of his game, he may tend to offend but it's always TRUTH. These days hip hop has become a melting pot for fakes, the exact opposite of what it was built on. Jerz503 maintains a level of realness that is unmatched and untamed! He grew up listening to disco, and original hip hop(Public Enemy, Rakim, N.W.A., Tupac, Beastie Boys, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, and Notorious B.I.G.) These are artist that influenced him as a young man and they are still the foundation on which he creates his music. Jerz503 formed a group called the North West(NW) Wrytaz in 2005 with the intent to keep hip hop in its purest form and he has never strayed from those beliefs. Club bangers and street melodies make him an unstoppable artist!


Thorn CIty Gritty Committee -NW WRYTAZ


"Do you", "Tear it off", and "Get loose" have been played on the North West Breakout Show on 107.5 in Portland

"Get off me" and "Gimmie" are in rotation in Germany and Romania on Extasy Fm radio