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Jerzeez Dirtiest

Roselle, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Roselle, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Still working on that hot first release.




“If you are truly hungry, you can never be full” is a quote that stays lodged in the back of C@V’s mind as he sits in silence, ever contemplating how he is going to pull this trick out of his sleeve that he so proudly calls, GET 2 KNO ME (The Debut).

With so much talent on the rise in today’s rap game, 23 year old C@V aka Jerzeez Dirtiest, seems to have no trouble with finding and carving his own niche.

So WHO IS C@V??? Born to the world as Robert Scott, young C@V wasn’t always an aspiring rap superstar. However, he was always a multi-talented individual. From football to basketball to baseball to running track to laying tracks down, C@V has proven time & again that he can be whatever he wants to be. Influenced mainly by such artists as Nas, Jay-Z, The Lox, Eminem, Big L, Big Daddy Kane, and the “Late Great” Notorious BIG, C@V wrote his first rhymes at the age of 12. “It all started out as some bug out/have fun type sh!t,” C@V admits. Although the thought of people ever spitting his lyrics hadn’t crossed his mind until about eight years later, young C@V stayed dedicated to what was once a hidden talent. “I never thought of being a rapper. I mean, not seriously anyway, but I kept writin’ to pass the time.

All my life, I went to Catholic private schools, nah mean? But I still lived in the hood and I seen alotta foul sh!t go on. I always managed to stay out of trouble. I got descent grades, I was nice in sports, but I never really knew what I wanted to do with myself. Feel me? So after high school, I ended up going to Montclair State on a minor football scholarship. Early in the season, I got sidelined due to a shoulder injury and had to get surgery. So, my freshman year was pretty much shot from the jump. I started smoking’, drinkin’, and other types of crazy sh!t that first year college students do. During that time, I started writing more. I noticed my writing ability and creativity had gone to a new level and I was starting to feel like I could compete with some of my favorite artists that I grew up listening to. From then on, I pretty much forgot about school and started reading books on the music industry. I knew that f I was going to make a serious run at this thing, I had to use my time wisely and gain more knowledge. Both knowledge of music as a business, as well as knowledge of self.
I believe that “patience is the truest virtue” and that “the cream always rises to the top.” I sat back and had time to analyze the game and its present status. Nowadays, everybody is “gangsta”. Everybody is “packin’”. Now, like I said, I’m IN the hood, I KNOW whats goin’ on. I’ve HAD money. I’ve BEEN dead broke. So I definitely relate to the struggle and what my people go through. At the same time, I ain’t no gangtsa. So I hope people don’t take what I do the wrong way. I talk about it because I DO have friends in those situations, and I’ve been blessed with the ability to articulate stressful situations in a inspirational manner that a lot of people can relate to.

Throughout his debut, GET 2 KNO ME (The Debut), you will definitely be able to tell the difference between being a rapper and a true artist. With such soul-touching lyrics as displayed on songs like “If I Should Die”, Jewlz & Diamondz, and“My Black People”, C@V seem ready to take his shots at the league. He still also manages to shake up any room with joints like Superfly feat. Grand Larciny. “Wats Good Daddy?” is that joint that bridges the gap between past and present/Risk vs. Reward…”So I tried to prepare yall to get accustomed to me./ Damn, yall niggaz wouldn’t listen, my parents wouldn’t have it./ Same day the album dropped, they still went and grabbed it./ That just shows the faith they had in the kid, even tho they didn’t even kno he would rap like he did…”
“GET 2 KNO ME is very personal to me…” says C@V about his upcoming release…”and I think a lot of people are going to wake up when they hear it. And even the people that’s closest to me; from my family to my friends, are going to understand me a lot better.”