JF Brooks

JF Brooks

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

BiGCiTY BiGCiTY!!!!!


We’re in a time when the Internet is king. Building a webpage to promote your own music is elementary. Music lovers are inundated with new artists vying for a spot in their music collection. It can be difficult to differentiate between cubic zirconia and a real diamond in the rough; hard to differentiate between amateurs and true Mc’s.

J.F Brooks aka JerzyfromBrooklyn is a true MC using “witty” word play, genuine subject matter and flows that would turn the toughest critic into a loyal listener. JerzfromBrooklyn is destined to be the aurora borealis of our generation, a natural wonder.

He was raised in Brooklyn and Jersey City his whole life. His art evolved from drawing to music, from playing the sax to recording music. Apart of a collective of young artist who plan to broaden horizons and assist in creating opportunities otherwise unavailable in our community. BiGCiTY BiGCiTY Inc!!!


"Without a Doubt"
"Undeniable" Album Coming Soon

Set List

Songs Varie!!

My sets are usually 10 minutes