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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE | AFTRA

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo EDM Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"DJ Times Disconnect review"

JES Disconnect - Ultra/Magik Muzik

Trance singer JES- Who fronted Gabriel&Dresden vehicle Motorcycle-Delivers silvery, delicate, lilting vocals and sugary sweet melodies on her debut artist album. Radio friendly songs abound, though those rooted in clubland fare best. Check "Heaven", "You and Me Belong", "In Ohm" and "People Will Go", where JES evokes Bjork at moments -A potential radio hit.
-Emily Tan, DJ Times - Emily Tan

"Big Shot Mag -JES review"

On her debut solo album, Jes Brieden steps out from under impressive shadows: her past collaborations with D:Fuse, Deepsky and Gabriel & Dresden (as Motorcycle), have done
much to introduce the artist to a worldwide club crowd. But with Disconnect, fans of her impressive earlier hits (“As the Rush Comes,”
“Living the Dream,” and more) finally get the chance to hear this talented
singer/songwriter/producer on her own terms. And it’s a voice worth a listen. Indeed, while the album kicks off with the dance smash “Ghost,” it’s the second track (and new single) “Heaven” that is a phenomenal showcase for Jes’ vocals. In magazine press and music reviews, her voice has been positively referred to as
whispy, haunting, ethereal, and all the usual adjectives reserved for vocal trance divas. But what truly separates Jes from her peers is the uncommon fervor of human emotion she is able to convey; her voice is alternately soft and strong, rising, falling, lilting and choking on her confessional lyrics. Occasionally, she
sounds like Bjork might if she restrained the histrionics and stayed on the brighter side of sanity. On the album’s closer, the aptly titled “See You Soon,” she channels Fiona Apple’s croaky jazz leanings – without ever abandoning electronica elements. Comparisons end there, as Disconnect is a masterfully crafted, totally unique treat for those who like their trance-pop with a dash of alt-rock (or, as the press release
dubs the sound, “rocktronica”). Indeed, the disc updates Jes’ sing “Imagination” - previously available only in its acoustic form – with an adrenaline shot of swirling, hypnotic synths. From the explosive “In Ohm” to the funky, swaying “Stronger” or
grinding, punk-infused title track, Disconnect is packed with superb singing, songwriting and musicianship from one of the scene’s rapidly rising stars.
It’s been a while since dance fans have been able to celebrate a fun, fresh, quality artist album; the wait is over.
-Scott Kearnan (originally printed by - Big Shot Magazine

"Trance NU -Jes review"

Jes Brieden is well-known as the “voice of Motorcycle” and with the success of “As The Rush Comes”, surely is not a newcomer. Furthermore she has done collaborations with Deepsky and
Solarstone. She has recently released her debut solo album “Disconnect”, which is said to be a daring style-combining, boundaries-breaking CD.
So let’s see what ms. Brieden has been up to musically.
“Ghost” is a great opener for the CD. Previously released with Deepsky,
Jes has a new album version ready for your listening pleasure. Jes’ signature sound has been given the wide space of a lush, deep production,
where all elements support and enrich each other. A smooth “trancer” if you could call it that, with pieces of chilled out atmospheric progressive pop trance house.
Straight away “Heaven” steps it up, with more energetic beats, with a
rocky edge. First thing that springs to mind is a theme of an 80ies TV-
show, where the backing instrumental, hints this musical era.
“One Moon Circling”, reminds of a long gone classic trance era, where
subtle beats and atmospherical synths ruled, smoothly running around the vocals. Guitars and the sound of waves rolling ashore, add to the summer feeling you instantly get from listening to this tune.
We hit the first non-directly-trance track, with “Want My Love”. This
soulful down tempo ballad, shows Jes’ versatility. In this song the vocals
are beautifully crafted on top of dark and moody piano lines and deep
break beats. Hypnotic arpeggios drag you straight into “You And Me Belong”. Firm kicks surrounded by a tight set of distorted 303’s and rough sounds. Slow yet energetic, hypnotic yet atmospheric.
“In Ohm” brings a steady pop-trancer, with a nice build up, a great chord progression and a lovely use of the vocals, which are haunting through the track. Bringing the sounds of Solarstone, in the form of “Like A Waterfall”, perfectly fitting the profile. A running rock bassline, combined with trance beats. Summer feelings come oozing through the speakers, hence its feature on the Tiesto’s “In Search Of Sunrise” series.
Starting as a pop laden track, “Imagination” quickly surprises the
listeners by its firm trancy foundation. Great harmonies follow great chord progression and smooth sounds all around.
Title track “Disconnect” slows down the pace of the CD again, with slow
and moody beats, almost synthpop sounding instrumental. Soulful vocals
grab you; make you feel the emotion, which is put in place oh-so skillfully.
Rocking guitars take front row seats in the climax of the song.
Smooth sounds and lush pads bring back the trance. “People Will Go”,
softly running bassline underlines the great feeling Jes’ vocals bring.
Previously unreleased Motorcycle single, is found here on the album in a different interpretation. “Around You” brings hit-potential, a big sing-a-
long factor, combining trance with subtle trance sounds.
“Stronger” starts throwing slow percussive hip-hop beats slightly
reminiscent of the Black-Eyed Peas or alike. Nothing alike any other track
on the album, yet this is one of the favorites in terms of musicality and
production. Absolutely a stunning piece. Guitars, electro pop beats and filtered vocals are on the menu for “My Blue Heart”. Lovely Coldplay-ish guitar riffs and piano melodies are
supporting the lovely punk rock style vocals.
“See You Soon” closes the journey through different styles, and showing
once again, Jes is perfectly capable of working in different styles. Slow
guitar pop, driven by emotional vocals.
Jes has combined trance, and other EDM styles and pop, rock, down
tempo music into one big hybrid of styles; to great success, with the love
for music in general as the winner. All songs seem to work in their own
way, all very vocally driven and not directly aimed at dance floors. And
that is where the power of this Album is. It’s absolutely perfectly suited for everyone is open to any vocal
interpretation of the broadest boundaries of EDM, combined in very
listenable songs, through a wide spectrum of music in general.
Jes Brieden's newest album called “Disconnect” on Magik Muzik / Black
Hole Recordings is out now.
Written by: Paul Moelands
for dancemania
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"Style Traxx Disconnect Review"

Jes delivers her glittery, hypnotic; soul-possessing voice on her first solo CD “Disconected”. Singer, songwriter and producer Jes has been connected with everyone Gabriel & Dresden, Paul Van Dyke to the Number #1 DJ in the world – Tiesto. Jes produced the track Like A Waterfall (Solarstone w/JES), which appears on international superstar DJ Tiesto’s “In Search of Sunrise 4”. She has appears alongside Tiesto on select tour dates around the world. Standout tracks are: “Heaven” and the addictive “You and Me Belong”. “Disconnected” was produced by Steve Sidelnyk and Sean Spuehler and was released under Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings. You gotta get it – NOW!!! - Armani Exchange

"Noize Magazine Disconnect Review"

Jes Brieden has undergone a true renaissance. From her gritty indie rocker ways she’s made a complete transformation, of both sound and image, to a powerhouse dance floor singer/songwriter. But it’s her innate rock sensibilities that separate her from the trademark blonde dance vocalist: she’s rougher, rawer, and more ragged, which translates to a sound that touches emotional crannies not usually accessible by way of the 4-4 beat. Her voice has no ego, no fear of overexposure, an honesty that sounds like a naked body standing before you, arms outstretched and eyes to the heavens, laying bare all they are and believe. I know that’s dramatic, but really, her delivery’s unrivaled; she’s like no one else out there.

Jes’s transformation began when “Starchildren”, an hit from her band Guardians of the Earth, was picked up by Paul Van Dyk and reworked for the first volume of his groundbreaking Politics of Dancing series. Inspired by the new version of herself she heard, she began working with more DJs and producers and went on to form Motorcycle with Gabriel & Dresden and voice the instant club hit and Billboard No.1 “As The Rush Comes”. Overnight, Jes became clubland’s Evan Rachel Wood, a fresh “previously unknown” with the talent of a superstar and the momentum to become one. She went on to work with such renowned producers as Solarstone, Deepsky, D:Fuse, and most recently Tiesto, who she toured with promoting his Elements of Life album, the first vocal track of which Jes is responsible for.

Disconnect is her debut solo album boasting her new “rocktronica” sound, co-produced with a myriad of other talents and tightly wound with her latticed lyrical constructions. Tracks contained that have already scorched both mix CDs and club speakers alike are “Ghost”, “Like A Waterfall”, “Imagination”, and “People Will Go”, with the majority of the ten remaining tracks all carrying the potential to be just as big. Alice Deejay’s forgettable debut asked “Who Needs Guitars Anyway?” And the answer: those who dare to innovate. Rock on, Jes.
- Noize Magazine

"Big Shot Mag Disconnect Review"

Jes Brieden moves beyond her past collaborations with D:Fuse, Deepsky, and Gabriel & Dresden (as Motorcycle). With Disconnect, fans of her earlier hits (“As the Rush Comes,” “Living the Dream”) can finally hear her on her own terms.

While Brieden kicks her album off with the dance smash “Ghost,” it’s the second track, “Heaven,” that serves as a phenomenal showcase for her vocals. Her voice has been positively referred to as whispy, haunting, ethereal, and all the usual adjectives reserved for vocal trance divas. But what distinguishes Jes from her peers is the uncommon fervor of human emotion she is able to express; her voice is alternately soft and strong, rising, falling, lilting and choking on her confessional lyrics. Occasionally, she sounds like Björk—if she held back the histrionics and stayed on the brighter side of sanity. Comparisons end there, as Disconnect is a well-crafted, totally unique treat for those who like their trance-pop with a dash of alt-rock (that oh-so-trendy genre of rocktronica, if you will). From the explosive “In Ohm” to the funky, swaying “Stronger,” or grinding, punk-infused title track, Disconnect is packed with superb singing, songwriting and musicianship. It’s been a while since dance fans have been able to celebrate a fun, fresh, quality artist album. Thankfully the wait is over.
-Scott Kearnan - Big Shot Magazine

"JES’ Latest Unleash The Beat Compilation “Emerald Mix” Out Now!‏"

JES' Latest Unleash The Beat Compilation "Emerald Mix" Out Now!‏
Proving that a girl’s work is never done JES launches “Unleash The Beat Emerald” with Magik Muzik. Her second mix album of the year, UTB Emerald is an uplifting one hour digital only download (and continuous mix) that will nurture your summer fever long into the fall.

Launching with Dimension’s intense “Furia” JES continues to turn up the heat with Dirty Ducks & Execute’s “Trigger” and the panoramic “Ocean Drive” from Joonas Hahmo and K System. Switching effortlessly from Trance to Progressive and back again JES creates a melodic oasis with the optimistic “One Way To LA” and Moonbeams mystical “Atom”. Rising once more the mix moves through the uber Progressive beats of Jason Ross’s “Cairo” from and onto a Trance inspired finale with cuts from Alex Kunnari, Bobbina and Fisherman & Hawkins.

JES maintains her unique perspective with four of her own tracks neatly woven into the hour long mix. Fatum’s breakout remix of her song “Hold On” gives way to JES’ massive collaboration with Cosmic Gate “Yai – Here We Go Again”. Her stunning collaboration with Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd“Runaway” gets an exclusive and inventive remix from Denver’s Triad Dragons while the Fisherman & Hawkins remix of the future JES anthem “Two Souls” closes the album out.

Push back the fall with JES & “Unleash The Beat Emerald”. Essential listening for anyone whose had a summer to remember. - Electro Wow



Around You (1997)
I Need You (2000)
Don't Say (2000)
People Will Go (2006)
Ghost (2007)
Heaven (2007)
Imagination (2008)
Lovesong (2009)
Closer (2010)
Awaken (2011)
Its Too Late (2011)
Can't Stop (2012)
Before You Go (2012)

Waterfall (2006)
Everything (2007)
Hi Glow (2007)
Blossom (2008)
Allure/Show Me The Way

JES/Cosmic Gate
Flying Blind (2012)

JES/Ferry Corsten
In Your Eyes (2012)

JES/Robbie Rivera
Turn It Around (2012)

Every Other Way
The Light In Things

JES/Richard Durrand

My Love (2009)

JES/Guardians of the Earth
Star Children (2001)
One Moon Circling (2001)

As The Rush Comes (2004)
Imagination (2004)
Deep, Breath, Love (2004)

Talk Like A Stranger (2004)
Ghost (2006)

Everything With You (2004)
Into Me (2004)
Living The Dream (2005)

Like A Waterfall (2006)



Some people won't be pinned down. Just when you think you’ve got them comfortably located in one area of your music collection, they spin their creativity on its head and send your playlists into a frenzy. Is it EDM ? Is it Rock ? Is it Dance ? is it Poptronica? How do you bring all of that together and still come up with something that blows you away with every note ......... meet JES.

This chart topping, award winning New Yorker has packed four albums, two Billboard #1 singles, intercontinental touring and countless superstar DJ collaborations into five short years as a solo artist. Since her legendary release “As The Rush Comes” with Motorcycle redefined the landscape of EDM, JES has propelled an unending stream of solo hit songs and collaborations with a who’s who of the worlds most prominent DJ’s including TIesto, Armin Van Buuren, Kaskade, BT, Richard Durand and Cosmic Gate. Along the way JES has collected awards from the prestigious International Dance Music Awards at Miami’s WMC, The ISC (International Songwriting Competition ‘08’ 09 and ‘10) and topped Billboard’s “Most Played Dance Songs of the Decade” chart (2000-2010). Her tours have touched the shores of 6 continents and she was the only Coca Cola WE8 artist to be invited to perform at the Beijing Olympics. So what drives an artist to this level of quantum achievement?

“Music is a connection for me” says JES as she gets ready to perform the first of today’s two San Francisco dates on her current “Unleash The Beat” tour. “When you get on stage in front of people they can see this comes from the heart, it just connects”. Watching JES captivate the audience you get the sense that she is driven by something more than just music. “The shows are raw emotion, thats what pushes me to keep going. The messages and posts I get from people saying you inspired me or helped me through a bad time in my life. We all need that”.

Her latest album “Unleash The Beat” (Ultra Music / Magik Musik) has recently topped the UK’s Music Week Upfront Club Chart. It brings together some of JES’ favorite collaborators and includes the current radio hits “Awaken” and ”Every Other Way” (with BT). “The most important part of writing songs with other artists is that I like what they do, there has to be some chemistry there to get the fire going”. JES and BT met during Tiestos “Elements of Life Tour” in 2008 and, “we instantly understood each others creativity”. Shortly after that meeting they recorded the idea that would become “Every Other Way” at BT’s Maryland studio. “I knew it was special as soon as we started to play it” said JES, “but I never expected it to dominate dance music radio the way it has this year”.

“Awaken,” a single from last years sophomore album “High Glow” (Ultra Music / MagicMusik) has also been a staple of dance music radio’s daytime play lists. “That song has really had a life of it’s own. The lyrics seemed to touch people on a deeper level”. After receiving so much positive feedback JES decided to make the song the center of her own Awaken Campaign (, a blog and website focusing on her own charitable efforts as well as others. Public recognition of the campaign resulted in a gala performance at this years Human Rights Campaign fundraiser in Seattle. During her post show address she reflected “One positive action leads to another. [the awaken campaign] is a place where people can start to realize their own ambition to help.”

Since being signed by Tiesto to his (then) own label Black Hole Recordings in 2007 JES’ career has developed at a dizzying pace. Tour performances all over the world with every major club brand. Dance floor credibility and mainstream radio support, solo chart success and collaborative eminence have all led her to the place she is right now, tearing up the stage in front of thousands of adoring fans in San Francisco. Once again I’d like to say meet JES ... but I’m guessing you already have.

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