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"Daily Beacon- University of Tennessee(April 2007)"

"Jescoe is a prime example of a homegrown band that is making its way to bigger things while remaining loyal to its Knoxville supporters... Just a couple days ago, Jescoe received news that it is has been added to this summer’s Bonnaroo lineup. Now that the members will be performing at such a popular music festival, they hope to have a CD of new music to put out at Bonnaroo." - Local Band Jescoe Goes Big

"The Daily Beacon- University of Tennessee(January 2005)"

"Musical influences that helped to shape jescoe include classic groups such as Led Zeppelin and Phish. Mixed with melodies and jazz progressions all their own, they play for their audience with a spiritual candor." - Funk show opens semester

"Tennessee Journalist (December 2006)"

"As I watch jescoe perform their first set, I am surprised at the the talent I hear. It is a band unlike any other in that their music is so diversified. Jescoe's sound is one that is vibrant and alive but soothing at the same time." - Jescoe brings jazz to life

" (January 2007)"

"The eclectic sounds of Jescoe have been echoing around Knoxville for the last few years, evolving into a huge resonance that is part soul, part funk, and part rock." - Back to School Weekend at the World Grotto

"The Daily Times (April 2005)"

"...Not that jescoe is sweeping the airwaves just yet. Give them time though-- any band with the chutzpah to work Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' into one of its extended jams knows no boundaries. Which is pretty much how jescoe got started-- by refusing to adhear to conventional wisdom of how a band is suppose to sound." - Jescoe Jams Are Music To Many Ears

"Weekly Hangover (August 2006)"

"There are a handful of great local bands to check out this semester... but my favorite local band...jescoe will be @ Barley's... Fresh off a summer of jamming around Knoxville and an appearance at Sundown in the City, the quintet that encompasses rock, funk, a little grit and some quality hard jamming, will put on quite the party." - Semester return

"Metro Pulse (October 2005)"

"In the mood for a natural blend of funky jazz, classic rock and an all-out jam session to boot? Look no further than the Knoxville-based, six-man ensemble Jescoe. With its rock/jazz melodies and an unbelievably lively horn section, jescoe could best be described as Phish meets the Black Crowes." - Jescoe

"Knoxville News Sentinel (Sept. 2007)"

"...the band is solidly rooted in the jam-band aesthetic and Southern blues-based rock. However, having a saxophone and trumpet in the mix sets Jescoe apart from acts who might have similar influences." - Outfit still cultivating its eclectic rock sound

"Metro Pulse (September 2007)"

"This groove-happy local sextet draws inspiration from all of the right places- Hendrix and the Allmans and Sly and Zep and the Dead- but don't write them off as just another jam band. Fattening their epic blues-rock excursions with horns and just a touch of pastel keys, Jescoe rock hard in a funky place and do that long-form groove thang with more spirit and deft musicianship than any other Knoxville band in recent memory. J isn't for "jam band" anymore; J is for Jescoe. Be sure to pick up their latest album, 'Microbrew,' a nine-track, high-speeed and jam-packed collection of Jescoe's finest works to date." - jescoe review


jescoe- Self-titled EP
jescoe- Live at Blue Cats
jescoe- Unzipped 1 Night
jescoe- Microbrew



What is jescoe?
jescoe is a groove-driven rock band that cranks out both original music and their own musical renderings of tunes from bands like the Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, and The Black Crowes.

jescoe's sound is pure rock'n'roll, featuring electric guitar work that ranges from all out screaming blues to subtle twin-lead melodies, a bass line that moves faster than a New York Minute, a percussion and drum section that leaves no room for sleep or hearing, vocals that sound like someone is delivering a sermon on the mount, and occasionally keys and horns to give some extra flavor.

Where can you find jescoe?
jescoe calls Knoxville, TN home, and can be found gigging around the local scene when they take some time from road performances in the southeastern US. When they arent at home, jescoe can be found hitting anywhere from a small club to a major music festival, rubbing elbows with bands like Tea Leaf Green, The Phix, Perpetual Groove, the Loft, and American Bang.

What can you hear from jescoe?
jescoe has released a self-titled 3-track demo, and two live EPs- Live at Blue Cats and Unzipped. jescoe just recently released its first full-length album entitled "Microbrew" in the fall of 2007. The first studio album, 'what does freedom buy?' is slated for release in May of 2009.

For booking and management, contact Kris Colbert, (aka K-swift) at 770-826-5745 or email at, or e-mail at