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our home

Written By: jesh de rox

our home

some men would cry, i just stand here
motionless with you
my first love, my pretender
and this question

our home, is no longer, our home

burn everything i remember.
broken like a crime,
i refuse to surrender
my love for you

our home, is no longer, our home
i would face, the longest road, alone

in the light of october, a dark-haired saviour.
her gentle persuasion, makes me feel braver.
and the quiet genius, leaves me in wonder.
i am a 10 but you're a new number,
you're a new number.

find in these eyes, a true companion.
all i have is yours
to caress, or abandon.

our home, i will build with my own hands,
to be stronger than, the winters of this land.
and i will keep you in, the pattern of my plans.
if you only knew how much,
you are loved by this man.

jesh de rox