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"Jesper Fries - I Would Do Anything"

A love song, that doesn't take with it all the boring and overused cliches from past love themes. Jesper Fries here truly proves that a grown up love song, with the blue note added, can also be a winner... Highly Recommended!

- Christian Lowensprung.


This song is all about the vibe, and the voice. That voice. Mysterious, enigmatic, just slightly quirky enough to not fit, to not be "right." I don't like love songs. I don't like these sophomoric lyrics. But I love the mood, the voice ... that voice ... this shit's gonna haunt me all freakin' day now.

- Chris K.
- Consensus Music Reviews - May, 2006

"Jesper Fries - featured artist of the week."

Jesper Fries has released two EPs, "Broken Dream Satellite Boy" and "This Here Heart". He shows very strong song-writing skills and good production and has a distinguishable voice that will improve with age. Not that there is anything wrong with his voice now.

"Happy New Years, Baby" and "Not Like This" is Jesper unplugged with acoustic guitar. And he displays his skills admirably. They are mature pieces and Jesper can really show his range of vocal techniques.

"I Would Do Anything" is Jesper verging into almost R.E.M territory. And here he fits most comfortable. I don't know how he would feel about this comparison. But it's something he might consider. He has the voice, the talent, ear and penmanship to pull this off, but he might be lacking a band that could supply the various edges that are not as rugged as they could be.

Of course he is well capable of doing this all by himself, it just might take a bit longer. "Real Enough To Fake" reminds me of Neil Young and Crazy Horse or Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

"Stupid Cupid" is Jesper over a drum machine complete with analogue pads and other groovy electronic sounds. Shows Jesper can use any technique that comes his way and still maintain the Jesper Fries sound.

"Summer on the Radio" is not one of my favourites, though of course I do like any tune that mentions a radio. This time Jesper sings over electric guitar, and I've a feeling this is one of the tunes best performed live. But once again it does show the effort he puts into variety of arrangement, without loss of coherency.

And we'll finish of with "The Death of the Party", restrained almost caged, once again very much in R.E.M. territory.

E=MC² ³
- EMC Radio - January, 2006

"Jesper Fries - Broken Dream Satellite Boy"

Jesper Fries is one of MWB’s International artists! He hails from Malmö, Sweden, and plays music that is dubbed ‘Alternative/Pop/Rock/Lo-Fi’. Though it’s not something that I would actively seek out as a form of entertainment, I must admit that Jesper has written a decent collection of songs.

Though the music isn’t to my taste, the songwriting is! I like the lyrical content of the songs that I heard, and felt that their quality definitely carries the project. Perhaps that is what I’m missing in the ‘lo-fi’ movement; perhaps the songwriting is supposed to be the thing that appeals to the fans, and not flashy musical ability. I must admit, my immediate reaction was to be very negative regarding Jesper’s music. I found, though, that I couldn’t be, because I ended up really liking the songs! Good job!

It’s really difficult to be totally objective when reviewing music and musicians, so I’m just not going to try! Jesper is a good songwriter, and in the end, that is the quality that wins out over everything else. He is a hard-working guy, getting his music out to anyone and everyone that will take a listen! And, it’s being heard in a lot of places!

I don’t like the lo-fi approach to performing music, and I probably never will! However, I am aware that not everyone shares my opinion! those who don't will definitely enjoy Jesper’s music! A gentleman by the name of Neil Young still has a rabid fan base, and Jesper actually reminds me a lot of Neil Young and his music! That fact, coupled with the fact that a lot of people seem to really like Jesper’s songs, convinces me that he should be regarded as a man who is able to entertain! Have a listen for yourself, and let me know what you think!

Favorite Tracks:

Stupid Cupid
Blah, Blah, Blah
Not Like This

- Mark Lush,, 11/4/04 (*Listen to Jesper Fries on MWB Radio!) - - November, 2004


This Here Heart - EP (MeowMonkey, 2005)
Broken Dream Satellite Boy - Ep (MeowMonkey, 2004)

Both are available at iTunes, Emusic, Napster, Rhapsody and Sony Connect.


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