BandHip Hop

They say hip is dead, but they also claim no creatvity is left. I refuse to let "HIP HOP" die cause my music has a meaning an my story has yet to be heard..There's a change in the air an I just wanna lead the charge. I AM "JESPOWERS"


My music is out of the box thinking. An if you listen with an open ear I will tickle your musical taste buds. I touch on a genere of topics and DON'T worry for all you smokers, drop it like it's hot , I got yall covered...What sets my music apart from others simple case point they alright but their not real..I give you more than life , more than a funny story I give you the true essence of a musical journey.My story starts as the child of a preacher who had to see life in the Matrix as it really is. Over time I found myself and my niche in the folds of the time stream. I developed my style from daily influences crews I ran with , friends whose lives and choices affected me, living a sheltered life that I didn't want. Helps me push my music onto new pleateau's.

Set List

My typical set is around ten minutes long but It can be extend if needed. My repertoire stats with an intro of my self wit the self title track JESPOWERS.

NO !!