Jess Abran

Jess Abran

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Fan of the Bristol era? Ever wondered where those alternative Trip/Hop bands from the 90's went? Well Jess Abran is here to bring back the ever missed nostalgia. The 22 year old, Montreal artist and her band are here to spike your senses, and raise hair on the back of your necks. A chilling, textured voice that will haunt your dreams and make you swoon the Ambient, trip/hop, rock musician is Montreal's urban pirate.


Singer / Songwriter | Indie music | Acoustic |Montreal

"The young up-and-coming musician looks to have banished any limitations thrown her way and is seriously pushing the envelope of what it means to be an independent artist."

"Jess Abran works hard at her musical career, but The Montreal musician hasnt limited her art to only guitar strumming and singing. Abran is a double-threat, and no, not in the intimidating violent sort of way."
- MTL Blog

A voice raised in Quebecs Laurentians that now calls Montreal home, is having quite an impact on Montreals music scene, especially after the buzz about her new EP "NAIVE"

Jess Abran, as an actor and musician since the age of 10, and a composer from the age of 12, has been entering local competitions and talent shows until being discovered by music producer Paul Northfield, a respected man in the music industry who has worked with rock giants such as RUSH, Dream Theater, Moist, Black Sabbath, David Usher, and Courtney Love. She was approached by Northfield in her graduating year of High School while performing in a fundraiser for the Montreal Childrens Hospital.

While recording with Mr. Northfield in her spare time, Ms. Abran composed and produced [The Closet Album] in 2010, which was an Experimental/Acoustic album that was greatly improvised and based purely on emotion. An initial work that paved the way for November 1st EP drop date for "Naive" 2013
Her EP consists of a mix of Collaborations, originals, and inspiring covers.

Presently playing in and around Montreal, now has Jess concentrating on her next CD and the impending Canadian, US, and European tour. Following a tour in Germany last year, and her recent trip to Los Angeles, Hollywood, now has her wanting to return for more. Her travels, along with other traits, have garnered her the nickname "The Pirate".


Stop Right There

Written By: Jess Abran

Stop right there I see you
Can't see me.
worked too hard to watch you shit on me.
Hey, what's that sound, that sounds like
Close your eye's to better view this plane.
Let it fall like humid, acid rain.
Exhale, breathe and let it scream my name.

If I saw you that night,
Turning back on what was right. Yeah..
And if I saw you that night, would have even bothered putting up a fight.

Look past 5, i'm stuck on the same line.
Took two hits to grind my teeth down fine.
Stop exceeding, breathing free, you're mine.

Hold on tight this rides not right for you.

If I saw you that night,
Turning back on what was right. Yeah..
And if I saw you that night, would have even bothered putting up a fight.

Stop right there I see you
Can't see me.

Set List

Stop Right There
Robs Song (Our Story)
Seven Seas
No Turning Back - Cover
Glory Box - Cover