Jess and Dan

Jess and Dan


A singer who sounds like Renee Fleming, Patty Griffin, and Etta James were molded into one person. A guitarist who morphs from Jimmy Page to Leo Kottke and back, built his own guitar-harp and six string cello. Song writing that will make the young girls cry and the old folks dance.


Jess and Dan

In 2005 as Daniel Orcutt was recording the final touches on a CD for his group The Nick Strange Band, he by chance met Jessica Oberholtzer and she came to the studio to sing some backing vocals. This was the musical equivalent of a lighting strike. Her outstanding abilities as a vocalist and song interpreter inspired an evolutionary process culminating in the performing duo: Jess and Dan. In early 2009 they released “At the Side of the Road” a collection of songs that feature Oberholtzer singing in a stripped down acoustic musical setting. Ranging from guitar and vocal songs that ease along like slow country side stroll, to a blue grass stomp, to ethereal grooves overlaid with custom instruments designed and built by Daniel Orcutt, an Electric Guitar-Harp and Six String Electric Cello. “At the Side of the Road” takes the listener on 12 song journey through varied landscapes then finding themselves comfortably back home again. As one person put it “It’s like an awesome road trip, without the traffic and gas prices.”


Jess and Dan: At the Side of the Road, 2009 DKOrecords

Set List

Things We Wrote and Recorded:
Taking it Slow
Boys and Girls
Hwy 441
Middle of the Sun
Down to the River
The Right Girl
Surrounded by Each
No Parachute
Bridges and Canals
Love is Back
The Third Day
Mercury’s Rising
Tug of War
Don’t Tell Daddy
One Way Ticket Back
The Exhale Consensus
Genius of Love
Seventeen Paces
Take a Hint
Two Bellow Zero
Cat’s Game
Yesterday Was Better
The Truth Smiling
My Limousine
Play my Guitar
Nine Hundred …
No Place left to Run
Sylvia’s Ice Cream

Some Cover Songs:
What’s Going on
Gimme One Reason
I Go Walking
Tell Me Something Good
Stormy Monday
An’t no Sun Shine
Round Midnight
Black Coffee
The Dry Cleaner
Beat My Dog