Jessa Shown

Jessa Shown


Jessa is a Celtic/World/Rock act with an airy voice that hints of Evanescence, Enya and Peter Gabriel Rhythms. Her style is a vibey "Lord of the Rings" persona.


Jessa Shown’s variety of Eclectic Celtic music is a fusion of her nurturing in renaissance poetry, theater, and music theory. Her passion for cross-cultural nuance is quite evident in her blending of Gaelic and Classical Latin studies, combined in her music with a taste of refined Goth rock. Jessa has performed in a variety of multicultural musical venues, colleges, and festivals. Now teamed with the Nashville based independent record label, Gambit Music Group, Jessa’s debut record, “Broken Fairy Tale” presents an unprecedented mix of style, maturity, marvel, and child-like curiosity. Blending the sounds of Celtic and Gaelic instruments with a mainstream appeal akin to Enya playing with Evanescence, “Broken Fairy Tale” brings a bright new flavor to an incredibly new and popular alternative genre. Jessa will be touring colleges and festivals in promotion for the Spring 2007 national release of “Broken Fairy Tale”.


Broken Fairytale. Releases Spring 2007

Set List

Broken Fairytale
Rose Wears Thorns
The Water is Wide
Wedding Dress
Please Don't Leave
Personent Hodie
Oikan Ayns Bethlehem