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Jess Bryant

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"Jess Bryant"

The latest star of our unique Rockfeedback sessions – artists playing in a room with little more than a light bulb and their instruments for company – if Jess Bryant isn’t widely adored pretty bloody soon, we’re going to take to the street and start smacking random strangers ‘round the face. A uniquely delicate but powerful, disturbing and beautiful voice singing an array of quite haunting songs, we also chat with Jess about her music, the nature of performance and compositional ideas. - RockFeedback

"Jess Bryant"

It was a new experience tonight for headliner Jess Bryant. From what I can gather she only recently burned her bridges as she crossed her own private Rubicon. This consisted of putting aside the folk guitars and declaring that from here on it they will be electric all the way. Tonight was going to the first outing with her full electric band. Jess had sat next to us through Nadine's set, and while we chatted with promoter Ant Chalmers, she wasn't to be drawn much into conversation, except to note a sticker someone had stuck on a mic stand, which read 'relax', and was clearly the wrong way round as it really needed to be facing the band not the audience! The girl was clearly nervous and told us as much when they got up to perform. Jess is a slight person, very young looking, and it was quite a surprise to hear this strong, even, and resonant voice coming out of her. She sings pure sounds, if it was a painting it would be blocks of colour, subtle but even. I've read a suggestion somewhere that her 'new' sound was going to a little Cocteau-like. Maybe it was my ears tonight, but the vibe I was getting was more Jazz Cafe than Electric Ballroom, especially with the horns effects coming out of the synth like we were in Atlanta. They are a relaxed and impressive band, at once an effective platform and foil to Jess' voice. It was quite a short set, or maybe just felt like that because I was enjoying it. She had spent most of the set eyes shut or looking down, but as she closed, Jess gave a huge brilliant grin of happiness and perhaps more than a little relief that all had gone well. It would have been impressive even if she hadn't shared with us that she was breaking her 'full-band' duck. She is going to be worth following as they get fully under steam in their new guise - Catshoegazing

"New Artist: Jess Bryant"

"As well you know, modern folk(y) music can be a treacherous place. A lot of it is designed for Radio 2 and leaves you thinking of Horlicks rather than something weirder, more earthy... more ethereal. Well, one of the best... and most unique voices in the World of Wool is Jess Bryant who has been knocking my socks off for the best part of 3 years.

With a voice like absolutely no-one else in gramophonic history, Bryant creates bewitching, fragile songs that conjure up images of late nights in dark wooded places, black magick, ancient folk tales and... somethin' else. Something you can't put your finger on at all.

Years ago, I hear a song called 'Swallow' of hers and I'm still reeling from it. It's staggeringly beautiful and haunted. Her voice has something of the opera about it... but instead of being overblown and pompous, it's measured, controlled and can colour a melody with aching gorgeousness. Like I said, this is a unique voice with controls set to 'Blow Mind'.

Her latest crop of songs are just as good as the ones I heard all that time ago. 'The Crossing' is the highlight and could be the soundtrack to some unsettling Finnish folk tail recreated in felt. Once again, Jess' voice is the star, swooping and soaring over harps, picked guitar... man... her music is a place you don't so much listen to, but rather, a place you can visit.

'Emerald' is another corker that leaves you wondering just where this music comes from. There really is no-one like her... if you wanna likeness, then it's easier to go to film than record. There's something of the Coen Brothers in her approach... maybe Scando Art House films that you've invented in your head because you never got 'round to going to that weird little cinema that shows all the brilliantly odd films.

Fact is, Jess Bryant is getting a record out and you're going to buy it. Why? Because it'll be beautiful, brilliant and like nothing you've ever heard in you life"

Mof Gimmers - Electric Roulette


Dusk EP available on iTunes



Classically trained in voice as a child I picked up the guitar and taught myself at 15. From then on I've played many folky venues across Edinburgh and London. I've been lucky enough to support 3 of my musical heroines in the past few years when they've played in London: Kaki King, Cortney Tidwell and My Brightest Diamond (who i am also supporting this November in London). My EP 'Dusk' (self released) is on iTunes. Having played solo for many years I now have a band and hope to release my new album Silvern in March 2012 on Red Deer Club recordings. The three songs here are taken from Silvern.