Jess Clinton

Jess Clinton


Jess Clinton's sound is a throwback to old folk and somehow completely unique. Soprano vocals fall between classical and craggy old-time are paired with creative finger-picking acoustic guitar. The sound is bardic, maidenly honest and full of blue-eyed soul.


Jess grew up in sunny Los Angeles in a very musical household, the daughter of film composer George S. Clinton. After toddling around recording studios, she sprouted into a teenager and began training as a vocalist. In junior high she fell in love with composer Danny Elfman and tried to form a one-woman-Oingo Boingo coverband. But it was not to be. After trying on every other musical genre in high school (jazz, opera, Guns N Roses), in 2008, she moved to New York to become a music student at NYU where she fell in love with Celtic music and songwriting. Fortunately for us all, this is where her musical journey has settled thus far.

Though she just started performing her original material last year, her years of performing and playing give her a siren stage presence, a young veteran of sorts.

She is in the process of collaborating with other musicians to expand the instrumentation of her work. But for now, her guitar is her first and only, a blue Yamaha dreadnought named Blue.

Set List

Sets range from 30-50 min
Mostly original, with a cover thrown in for variety.

Flexible, depending on venue and time available.

Original songs:
Gladly Go Down
Converging of the Senses
Can I
Of This Shore (The Mermaid Song)
No Blue Without You
First Day of the New Year

Once I Had A Sweetheart
The First Time Ever
Little Green