Jesse B Dawg

Jesse B Dawg

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its hip hop that is more lyrical then what you would here on mtv and a lil bit more explicit also. sometimes i do a drepressing song or sometimes i will do an upbeat one so their is a pretty good variety to choose from. i have over 90 tracks. i produce the music myself so it is all independant stuff


It all started from a couple of boys rappin in a kitchen over famous beats but has now escalated to JBD Productions a One Stop Music Spot. I currently Have 4 Groups Signed To the Label. Influences Are Mac Dre , Nwa, ICP, Brotha Lynch, Dr. Dre, and Potluck


The First Kuts 2008, The Realness 2008,Midnight Smoke sessions 2008, The Truth 2008 ,Tha Northwest Collaboration Ft.Big C Dub 2008-2009, Tha Secret Stash 2009,and soon to come "ninja crime heads" evil doers, "Tha Northwest 2" Still Killing It, and "Tha Darkside"A Jesse B Dawg Presentation
And More To Come

We Are All over the net from you tube to myspace to soundclick where we are always withen top 100 in hip hop general

Set List

West Coastin
Loves Not Here
A Tale Of Destiny
New Axe
Spoktown Body Choppas
very flexible will do anything from 5 minutes on stage to 30