Jesse Boykins III,  Singer & Songwriter

Jesse Boykins III, Singer & Songwriter


Jesse Boykins III's music possesses a jazzy and soulful sound reminiscent of early R&B acts, but his production and writing are undeniably relevant today.


Jesse Boykins III has a timeless sound. He shares a point of view that crosses all genres and generations. Every note and each word in all his recorded works to his live performance is skillfully crafted evoking emotions that move the listener to examine and acknowledge those feelings within themselves.

Jesse was born in Chicago February 20, 1985. As a toddler Jesse moved to Kingston Jamaica where he spent most of his childhood and later to Miami where he integrated the strict family values instilled in him with an adoration of music and began a journey to create what would ultimately become the Jesse Boykins III brand.

Throughout his childhood in Jamaica and Miami, Jesse spent most of his time outside of school learning valuable life lessons from his family. His aunts and uncles taught him the value of setting goals for himself; his grandmother a respect for spirituality; and his mother a sense of passion and the importance of staying dedicated and focused in order to reach them.

It was in 4th grade that Jesse began writing music. He’d pick up on everyday sounds that most people would fail to notice and use them as fuel to create melodies and write songs which he would record on his Karaoke machine. It was around this time that he realized a desperate hunger to discover music other than what he was hearing on the radio which until then had been his main source of musical inspiration. He had heard of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Cliff, The Beatles and plenty of other soul artists but it wasn’t something that he was exposed to in his everyday life. He used the internet to discover these artists and learned from them how to create depth in his lyrics. He studied their use of metaphor and imagery, examined how they used these techniques to create stories and worked these methods into his own personal style. In high school he and three friends formed a boy band called Perfect Gentlemen. The group toured local junior high schools and Jesse began developing his performing skills. Soon Jesse found himself recording with The Grammy Jazz ensemble and was recruited to attend school at The New School University in New York.

While at The New School, school Jesse perfected his skills as a writer, performer, arranger and producer and as a vocalist. He also studied with classical trainer Kamal Scott and Universal recording artist Bilal. Fueled by passion he began experimenting with various genres of music. He created bonds with other talented and dedicated musicians and formed his supporting band, The Beauty Created.

After graduation Jesse turned full focus on creating the Jesse Boykins III brand. He continued recording and began distributing music and videos, creating limited edition merchandise and touring all while maintaining a consistent brand look and feel. With a handpicked, dedicated team within less than a year he was able to self-release two albums and build a loyal fan base. With his first official video release Tabloids he achieved worldwide recognition and charted at 2 on the Billboard Video Monitor. At only 23 years old, in addition to his released music his extensive catalog spans all genres from R&B to rock. As an artist Jesse Boykins III works daily creating music for the sake of music that captures the ear and souls of his listeners.



Written By: Jesse Boykins III


By: Jesse Boykins III

Baby I would like to hold your hand

Take you to the floor for this last dance

I would like to move to the rhythms you groove (yeah)

It doesn’t really matter who sees

Close your eyes just picture

You and me

Forget the haters they can hate us

I don’t care what’s said

Forget the news, the paper, the tabloids

The classified, entertainment, the androids

Forget this dance, romance on the floor

Cuz I don’t care what’s said in the Tabloids, Tabloids

Its in the air, I can see the glares

The gossips brewing but I’m well prepared

All the noise don’t bother me

I’m right where I wanna be

I just wanna move girl

I just wanna move girl

I just wanna move girl

I just wanna move girl

Hook Out

Be All Truth

Written By: Jesse Boykins III

I could tell a story
About a girl I knew
Draw the Perfect picture
But it wouldn't be all truth

Invision every moment
Relay it back to you
Write it down in scripture
But u would know its you

A woman out for love
But gets lost along the way
Everyday grows harder
Cuz the light might dim away

I could speak the future
Speak of ur love as it were mine
Use u as my subject
but still lost as to what it is ur trynna find

A woman out for love
But gets lost along the way
U think a man is the answer
Truth is ur our only way

So Invision every moment
Relay it back to me
I'll write a song for forever.
So the light will always stay

Invision every woman
Lost in true Love
Imagine every Lover
Filled with peace and trust


Written By: Jesse Boykins III

6pm home from work
I know your feet hurt
Left ya house shoes at the door
Kick off ya heels
Unbutton ya shirt
Let ya skirt loose
Anything you ask is yours

Its been a long day for me 2
All day locked up in a booth
Singen my heart away about u

Baby I don't wanna bother
Don't wanna stress
I just like to watch u get undressed
Yea your a hard worker I'm so impressed
But I wanna see u in those Pantyhose

Tell me bout your day
While I kiss them legs
All the things you hate
While I penatrate
I do love when you vocalize
Were layin eye to eye
And my hands are riden up and done those thighs

Baby I don't wanna bother
Don't wanna stress
I just like to watch you get undressed
Yea Ur a hard worker I'm so impressed
But I wanna see you in those Pantyhose

Slide 'em off so soft slowly
I just want you to have all of me
Slide 'em off so damn silky
I just can't take it when your near me


The Beauty Created (2008)

The subjects of the literature of the Romantic Movement focused on the quest for beauty; the faraway, the long-ago, and the lurid; escapism from contemporary problems; and nature as a source of knowledge, refuge, and divinity. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Beauty Created is an opus of new classics that inspire the excitement of infatuation, the wistfulness of summer romance and the nostalgia of a Spike Lee joint. The album boasts an unabashed admiration of romance intertwined with Jesse’s organic tone, innovative sound and live instrumentals.

The Beauty Created

Come to My Room
Be All Truth
Tabloids- Machine Drum Remix (bonus)
Tabloids- Melo-X House Remix (bonus)

Dopamine: My life on my Back (2008)

Dopamine: do•pa•mine - [doh-puh-meen] (-noun) Dopamine is a endorphin that affects the brain processes that control movement, emotional response, and ability to experience pleasure and pain.

Dopamine: My Life on My Back is a soulful narrative that speaks of a relationship from beginning to end. It covers a range of candid emotion from infatuation to lust to obsession with love and the pain of love lost.

My Life On My Back ft. J.A.M.E.S Watts
Sounds Like Love
Baby I Don't Know
The Sea
All (Outro)

Set List