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Jesse Boykins III
Dopamine: My Life On My Back
(NomaDic MuSic : 2008)
Posted on 05/29/2008
The E.P. by local artist by way of Chicago, Jamaica and Miami, Jesse Boykins III is 23 minutes and 7 seconds of soul brilliance. This album entitled Dopamine: My Life On My Back is the sharing of a very personal experience. Jesse bears his soul in all its dualistic realities. The album is a paradox of being raw and polished…insightful and idiomatic…sweet and dirty…and I was left wanting more.

Jesse Boykins III is more than a great singer and songwriter, he produced, mixed and engineered all songs on the album which was put together seamlessly. His versatile voice transitions between butter smooth, grimy grit and flawless falsetto and his compositions are tight. The musicians that collaborated on this EP are phenomenal and compliment Jesse’s vocal arrangements perfectly. There are few albums I can listen to without skipping at least one track and this one has made that list. My favorite track is “Tabloids,� which is a mellow groove with a drum rhythm that rolls the hips unconsciously and showcases Jesse’s incredible vocal range and control.

Jesse’s lyrics highlight the correlation between love and addiction. The EP takes you on a journey of love and love lost and inspires you to close your eyes and let the grooves naturally sway you. Featured on the EP are New Jersey Hip Hop artist J.A.M.E.S Watts and Washington D.C. Spoken Word artist Jade Foster, who increase the intensity of the album with their emblematic messages and captivating deliveries.

Jesse Boykins III is often compared to artists like Bilal, Musiq Soulchild and Eric Roberson, although his sound and style are all his own. This album is staying in my rotation and my only disappointment was the brief nature of an EP cause I really couldn’t get enough…luckily Jesse has his full length album My Notebook and I ready and waiting for eager ears.

- Sabrina C. - Sabrina C from OKAY PLAYER

"Jesse Boykins III-Dopamine My life on My Back"

While the Motown generation continually berates contemporary R&B and Soul as having lost its authenticity and creativity, an underground movement has emerged to address the need for a soulful sound that is more about music and feeling and less about image. The result is neo-soul- a hybrid of 1970s-influenced soul music with influences from jazz, funk, hip hop and house music that entered mainstream culture in the 1990s. In his EP, Dopamine: My Life On My Back, Jesse Boykins III follows in the footsteps of veterans like Maxwell and Musiq Soulchild to present a jazzy sound that is distinctly old-school, yet modern.

Although only 22 years-old, Boykins has been writing, performing, and producing music for most of his life. Growing up in Chicago, Jamaica, and Miami, he developed a taste for Motown Classics, R&B, reggae, hip-hop and salsa. Boykins cites Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Sizzla, Bilal, D’Angelo, and Musiq Soulchild as his influences; he undeniably channels the energy of Musiq Soulchild, as many tracks on “Dopamine” are reminiscent of Soulchild’s past work. However, through innovative musical arrangements and a soothing voice, Boykins successfully creates a sound of his own.

Boykins’ first track, “Tabloids,” introduces us to the artist’s unique sound with a combination of tribal sounding drumbeats and electronic sound effects. A playful trumpet highlights the fluidity of Boykin’s voice as he sings about escaping life’s complications. Another notable track is “Baby I Don’t Know,” which features an interesting blend of guitar, trumpet, and beat-boxing as he wistfully sings of lost love, while displaying the range of his voice. In “The Sea,” Boykins demonstrates his ability to create moods and emotions, as he croons about going “deeper into the sea;” the listener actually gets the feeling of sinking deep into oblivion. “Sobriety” and “Amorous” are also solid tracks that display his signature sound and unique combination of modern electronic and old-school jazz. Boykins does an excellent job of fusing various types of sound into one that is his own. - By: Deyoir Dunbar,

"Jesse Boykins III in Honey Soul"

There is a shift in what use to be called music and what is called music today! Instead of great ears telling artist they sound flat or very pitchy, machines do it. Instead of real artist getting the great deal with a wonderful label who is will to help them grow, models get the crappy deals. As soon as their finished, they’re tossed out, and the process starts all over again.

We’ve seemed to have lost the art form of music; a way to express ourselves like Pattie and Aretha and Donny. Now days, there is a major disconnect!

Jesse Boykins III has found a way to reconnect us. His music possesses a jazzy and soulful sound reminiscent of early R&B acts, but his production and writing are undeniably relevant today.

A graduate of New School University, this vocalist, performer, writer, arranger, and producer has studied with classical trainer Kamal Scott and Universal Music recording artist, Bilal. I recently had an opportunity to talk with Jesse about his life growing up in Jamaica, his time at New School University and how he is bridging the gap for a newer generation of vocalist…

Dan: What’s going on Jesse?

Jesse: Oh, I’m good. How you feelin’ man?

Dan: I’m pretty good man, thanks for taking this interview with me, I really appreciate it.

Jesse: Thanks for having me, appreciate it.

Dan: Now reading over you bio, the one thing that stood out to me is your age. Just let everyone know how old you are.

Jesse: I’m actually 22 years old.

Dan: Being 22 and doing the style of music you do, does that tend to throw people?

Jesse: I mean, it’s like, I find that a lot people, it takes a little more time believing that I am so young… It’s like I’m not the first cat that’s young out here in soul music… Bilal’s first album came out when he was like 22 and his album is a classic. So I feel like, people shouldn’t take advantage of what younger cats have to say, as far as soul music.

Dan: Right. Now, some of your influences include Stevie Wonder, Bilal, D’Angelo, and Marvin Gaye. Is there anyone else you’d like to add to that list?

Jesse: Oh, most definitely…there’s PJ Morton, Eric Roberson, Raheem DeVaughn…a lot of independent soul cats that are out right now are inspiring to me as far as their hustle and everything…Tank as far as songwriting…I say those cats right there.

Dan: You started singing at 9?

Jesse: uh huh…Everybody has there little church stories and then I did my little elementary school choir, had a couple solos…couple people paying attention, still talking about days later so I was like I should be a singer.

Dan: So it sounds like you just woke up one morning with a voice.

Jesse: Actually, I grew up in Jamaica and my family is a very musical family on my mother’s side, so growing up me and all my cousins had to learn and musical instrument. We had to take music lessons no matter what. So one of my cousins played drums, another one played piano and I was trying to learn how to play guitar and I wasn’t feeling it so I started singing and my aunt was like you should take voice lessons, so I was like aiight. So that’s kind of how it came across.

Dan: You go to New School, which is in New York City?

Jesse: Yeah, I graduated New School in 2006.

Dan: Okay, now New School is known for producing some hot talent (Bilal, Tiombe Lockhart and Heavy) what was that like being in that atmosphere and also as an artist how did the environment help your skills and talent?

Jesse: It was actually a great experience. It’s a jazz school, so it wasn’t teaching you how to be an artist so much…you pretty much learned that from your fellow classmates who were out on the scene, on tours, doing their own thing then coming back to class telling up stories about artist development and everything like that so that was a good experience. I kind of learned the business aspect while I was learning the jazz aspect.

Dan: It is said that you are “bridging the gap” between the older generation of singers and newer generation. Explain that.

Jesse: I feel like there’s this phase where people aren’t true singers. Like now, cat just talk into a mic and it can sound as if they’re a pro. I’m not saying I am the best singer but I care about my craft.

Dan: If you weren’t writing or singing, what would you be doing?

Jesse: Recording, I guess or engineering, something to do with music.

Dan: “Dopamine” is coming out on Valentine’s Day, was the reason for this release date?

Jesse: Dopamine is the hormone in your body that is released when you’re in love. That’s pretty much why I wanted to put it out on Valentine’s Day. Also, it’s that thing that makes you crazy. When you break up with somebody but you still call and show up at their house, so that’s pretty much what the whole EP is about.

Dan: I want to thank you again for taking the time to talk with us here at Honeysoul and we are looking forward to hearing great things from you.

Jesse: Thanks man, appreciate it.

“Dopamine: - Daniel Harris, Honey Soul Online

"Jesse Boykins III"

Jesse Boykins III !!!
On his youtube page, someone commented that JB III is the next Bilal. A lot of comparisons like that could be made, he could really be the next big voice in neo soul. But I say it’s more accurate to call him the next D’Angelo, because along with the amazing voice, he’s also sexy as hell. Really though.

Buy his album (actually it’s more like an EP, only 20 minutes) from his myspace; it's well worth it. He’s doing the smart thing for artists now, meaning he's putting music out without the help of labels. And check out his version of Andre’s “Prototype” from The Love Below. That might be one of my favorite lyrics ever: (“I hope that you’re the one / If not, you are the prototype”)

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The Beauty Created (2008)

The subjects of the literature of the Romantic Movement focused on the quest for beauty; the faraway, the long-ago, and the lurid; escapism from contemporary problems; and nature as a source of knowledge, refuge, and divinity. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Beauty Created is an opus of new classics that inspire the excitement of infatuation, the wistfulness of summer romance and the nostalgia of a Spike Lee joint. The album boasts an unabashed admiration of romance intertwined with Jesse’s organic tone, innovative sound and live instrumentals.

The Beauty Created

Come to My Room
Be All Truth
Tabloids- Machine Drum Remix (bonus)
Tabloids- Melo-X House Remix (bonus)

Dopamine: My life on my Back (2008)

Dopamine: do•pa•mine - [doh-puh-meen] (-noun) Dopamine is a endorphin that affects the brain processes that control movement, emotional response, and ability to experience pleasure and pain.

Dopamine: My Life on My Back is a soulful narrative that speaks of a relationship from beginning to end. It covers a range of candid emotion from infatuation to lust to obsession with love and the pain of love lost.

My Life On My Back ft. J.A.M.E.S Watts
Sounds Like Love
Baby I Don't Know
The Sea
All (Outro)



Jesse Boykins III has a timeless sound. He shares a point of view that crosses all genres and generations. Every note and each word in all his recorded works to his live performance is skillfully crafted evoking emotions that move the listener to examine and acknowledge those feelings within themselves.

Jesse was born in Chicago February 20, 1985. As a toddler Jesse moved to Kingston Jamaica where he spent most of his childhood and later to Miami where he integrated the strict family values instilled in him with an adoration of music and began a journey to create what would ultimately become the Jesse Boykins III brand.

Throughout his childhood in Jamaica and Miami, Jesse spent most of his time outside of school learning valuable life lessons from his family. His aunts and uncles taught him the value of setting goals for himself; his grandmother a respect for spirituality; and his mother a sense of passion and the importance of staying dedicated and focused in order to reach them.

It was in 4th grade that Jesse began writing music. He’d pick up on everyday sounds that most people would fail to notice and use them as fuel to create melodies and write songs which he would record on his Karaoke machine. It was around this time that he realized a desperate hunger to discover music other than what he was hearing on the radio which until then had been his main source of musical inspiration. He had heard of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Cliff, The Beatles and plenty of other soul artists but it wasn’t something that he was exposed to in his everyday life. He used the internet to discover these artists and learned from them how to create depth in his lyrics. He studied their use of metaphor and imagery, examined how they used these techniques to create stories and worked these methods into his own personal style. In high school he and three friends formed a boy band called Perfect Gentlemen. The group toured local junior high schools and Jesse began developing his performing skills. Soon Jesse found himself recording with The Grammy Jazz ensemble and was recruited to attend school at The New School University in New York.

While at The New School, school Jesse perfected his skills as a writer, performer, arranger and producer and as a vocalist. He also studied with classical trainer Kamal Scott and Universal recording artist Bilal. Fueled by passion he began experimenting with various genres of music. He created bonds with other talented and dedicated musicians and formed his supporting band, The Beauty Created.

After graduation Jesse turned full focus on creating the Jesse Boykins III brand. He continued recording and began distributing music and videos, creating limited edition merchandise and touring all while maintaining a consistent brand look and feel. With a handpicked, dedicated team within less than a year he was able to self-release two albums and build a loyal fan base. With his first official video release Tabloids he achieved worldwide recognition and charted at 2 on the Billboard Video Monitor. At only 23 years old, in addition to his released music his extensive catalog spans all genres from R&B to rock. As an artist Jesse Boykins III works daily creating music for the sake of music that captures the ear and souls of his listeners.