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"Jesse Brewster Band, Live in San Francisco"

The Jesse Brewster Band – Live in San Francisco: Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

We all know that choice we have to make when discovering a new live band – the club is dark, the band comes on stage, you’re skeptical, but open-minded. Usually, it hits you after only a few songs. You’ve made up your mind to listen in or tune out.

The Jesse Brewster Band is on a mission to make tuning out impossible. During their recent show at San Francisco’s Red Devil Lounge (their S.F. debut) the band powered through a set full of enough pop hooks to keep your ears well focused.

Easily mistaken for another “singer/songwriter” outfit, the Jesse Brewster Band avoids that stamp by showcasing the musicianship of all four members (Jesse Brewster-lead vocals and guitar; Ryan Low- drums; James Deprato- electric guitar and backing vocals; Angeline Saris- bass and backing vocals). It was apparent early in their set that all of them could really play. As a result, they pulled more out of the songs than might be expected from a band this young.

Jesse Brewster’s debut album Confessional, is a benefit for Polycystic Kidney Disease, a condition that has affected Jesse and his family. Jesse hopes that this record will help raise awareness about the world’s most common hereditary disease, and hopefully lead to finding a cure.

They mostly played material off of Confessional, yet some of the new material (The Perfect Fool, How Can I Live?) revealed that their sights are set on an even more accessible sound. It appears they won’t throw away the emotional depth found on Confessional, but the hooks will be coming in even bigger doses.

Wednesday’s show was an impressive San Francisco debut for a band on the rise. A larger following is sure to come for these Bay Area locals. Discover them now and be witness to their ascent. The debut CD, Jesse Brewster: Confessional, can be purchased at For show dates, photos and more, visit

-S. Kenneth
San Francisco New Music Review
- San Francisco New Music Review


2007: New 4-song EP
2006: Jesse Brewster Band (EP)
2005: Jesse Brewster-"Confessional": A record to benefit Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)



San Francisco Bay Area native Jesse Brewster began his music career touring, writing, and performing as a guitarist, riff crafter, and background singer for many Northern California rock bands from the mid 90’s to early 2000’s. His ability to create the right part, sing the right harmony and always maintain a positive and professional attitude made him a favorite in the Bay Area music scene.
After losing his brother to the world’s most common hereditary disease, PKD, in 1998, Jesse’s inspiration as a lyricist, lead singer and front man began to take shape. In late 2002 he began work on a new record with the sole purpose of raising awareness and funds for research in finding a cure for the deadly disease that affects him and his family so profoundly. Appropriately entitled Confessional, the record was to be a collection of powerful ballads, catchy melodies, and touching lyrics with an intimate acoustic feel. Jesse brought together some of the best musicians the west coast has to offer to play, sing and co-write on his philanthropic debut CD. “Every part of the process in putting this record together was a positive and powerful experience. From the fund raising and logistics to the writing, producing and recording, everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly”, says Brewster of Confessional. Upon the release of the record in late 2004, Jesse, working closely with the PKD Foundation, set out on a mission of promoting and playing out in support of the record, which has consequently raised thousands of dollars for the foundation, and continues to raise awareness to a growing number of fans from across the country. “The response was great, especially from many of the estimated 600,000+ people who suffer from PKD (in the U.S. alone), they seemed to connect with the raw emotional place that all of the songs came from, and were extremely supportive and appreciative of my efforts to raise awareness to help find a cure. I was getting emails from everywhere from Alaska to Florida, which at first was a bit overwhelming,” he admits. Jesse has appeared at dozens of events and benefits for PKD, traveling out of state several times to help spread the word about his album and cause.

In mid 2005, Jesse’s love of an edgier rock sound started to make it’s way back into his songwriting. The live shows slowly started to take on a different vibe. “I wanted to play my new material, and to be known as ‘the musician who also has PKD’ rather than ‘the PKD patient who is also a musician’. Playing only the songs from Confessional started to get tiring emotionally, and I was anxious to get back to a more raw electric sound.”
And get back to it he did. With a solid and consistent cast of band mates behind him (drummer Ryan low, guitarist James Deprato, and bassist Angeline Saris), Jesse went back into the studio again in late 2005 to begin work on a new 7 song EP. His ability to write and produce had grown since the last record, and so had his ability as a bandleader.
Entitled simply “Jesse Brewster Band”, this second effort was noticeably different than the first record. With a more aggressive and edgy sound, many of the songs from the EP are reminiscent of the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and Incubus. There were still remnants of Confessional, however, and songs such as “Long Enough” and “Used Up” reflect the same emotion and intimacy of many of the songs on that first record. “The album was a growing process for me that completely reflected the change I was going through as a musician. Both from the desperation and emotion of Confessional to a more raw, rock sound, and also from being a one-time singer/producer, primarily guitarist, to a front man and lead singer.” The record helped galvanize the band into a whole new type of live performance. If Confessional was about emotion and intimacy, then the new sound was all about energy and feel. From the opening track “You Will Lie”, a rock powerhouse filled with aggressiveness and grit, to “The Perfect Fool”, a funky irreverent pop song with an infectious melody, the new direction was unmistakably the right one for Jesse as well as the band. The EP was released in June of 2006 at Slim’s in San Francisco, one of the Bay Area’s premiere live venues.
Since then Jesse and the band have continued to hone their sound. With each show getting more electrifying and powerful than the last, Jesse and the band have a new found confidence. Jesse, never one to rest on his laurels, has a new album in the works, with new songs to add to his ever-growing catalog. His ability to create catchy hooks with infectious melodies over solid musicianship is undeniable, as all of the new material reflects. “I finally feel like the pieces have fallen into place,” says Brewster of the current state of his music and the band. “With this new record, people won’t wonder for a minute what kind of sound I’m going for.”
For Brewster, the future is bright as his songs continue to mature, the venues get la