Jesse Cobb

Jesse Cobb


Powerful, passionate, intentional, and flowing from the deepest parts of me is how I want my music to be known and remembered. I've spent years plying my trade in bands touring all over the world. Now I have a chance to say everything I've always wanted, and to truly connect with an audience in my own way. I am grateful and I hope you enjoy my sounds.

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Searching For The Truth

Written By: Jesse Cobb

Oh the waves crash in and they tell a story,
‘Bout a young man went searchin’ for glory
He was almost eighteen when he set out on his own

He didn’t know what but he was searching for something
To take his mind off the hurt and the sufferin’
Growing up wasn’t easy, the way his daddy chose

But he can’t hate him, ‘cause he never knew better
He finally understood when he read those old letters
He was searching for the truth, he lost in his youth
I hope he when found it in the end

He went sailing all alone on a boat to nowhere
Searching all around the world, for someone who might care
Enough for him, to make him care for his ownself

He tried everything he could to fill the hole in his heart
Sex, drugs, Rock ‘n Roll his life slowly fell apart
When he finally hit the bottom, he didn’t have too much to show

But, dontcha hate on him, for the things he didn’t know
Some folks learn fast, others learn slower
He was searching for the truth, that he lost in his youth
I hope he finds it once again

That boy that once was eighteen, is now nearing forty
Lived a hell of a life, even glimpsed a bit of glory
He’s been knocked down to the ground but he always rises up again

I wish that I could say he had it all figured out
He doesn’t know it all but there’s no more doubt
The life he’s a living gets better every day

This ain’t meant to be sad, or a plea for your pity
Just a story of a life, that’s been a bit gritty
Spent searching for the truth, that he lost in his youth
But he has found it once again