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There's No Going Back

Written By: Jesse Dale Middleton

Verse 1
He stood up and said my name is Joe and I,m an alchoholic
They say that I'm the one to blame but I really can't recall it
We were headed home from work and just stopped off to shoot some pool and have a beer
I still don"t remember leaving and the fact is thats the reason that I'm here
But there's no going back
And there's no second chance
Once you've started the music
Then you just have to dance
There's no doing it over
Once the trains jumped the track
No you don't get to choose which memories you lose
No there's no going back
Verse 2
He could see the misery in her eyes
And he knew he could never make it better
He had taken the one thing that she loved
And changed her life forever
He kept saying to himself
If I could I would gladly take his place
And erase those bitter tears and the lines of sadness etched upon her face
Repeat Chorus
Repeat last three lines

Through My Eyes

Written By: Jesse Dale Middleton

If you could see her the way I do
You'd see that its heaven each day I go through
You'd know why I'll love her for the rest of my life
If you could see her through my eyes
I saw you watch her but you'll never see
The woman inside her that belongs to me
I saw that lonesome wistful look on your face
But I know you'll never ever take my place
Repeat Chorus
4 bar ride
Repeat last two lines of chorus

A Cowboys' Ride

Written By: Jesse Dale Middleton

I pulled off my shades with the setting of the sun
I was almost to Houston and my workday was done
I found me an exit and pulled off the interstate
I was hungry and thirsty but my hunger could wait
I found me a barstool and a cold Lone Star beer
As I was slammin' it down somebody whispered in my ear

She said You look familiar I've seen you before
I thought I recognized you when you walked through that door
You look a little different in that sport coat and tie
But that wrangler butt still looks the same and it made me wonder why
You won that big belt buckle at that Houston rodeo
Then you drove away and disappeared without an adios

I said yea that was me and it was back in 89
I had the world by the tail this universe was mine
But now looking back that cowboy life was tearing me apart
Till that cajun girl from Thibodaux just stole away my heart
But the last time that I saw her she was drivin' away
In her brand new candy apple red four wheel drive Chevrolet

Well I guess there's just one thing that I'll always regret
And that's givin' up that cowboy life for a woman I'd just met
Now I just turned thirty six and it's too late for me
I couldn't ride a stickhorse if it was tied to a tree

That's when she took me by the hand and led me to a booth
Said I've thought a lot about you since you left and that's the truth
I don't know if you're lookin' but you can take a chance on me
And if you want to leave right now well that suits me to a tee
There's nothing left to hold me in this town anymore
And I wondered where this ride would end as we walked out that door

Well pulling off that interstate was the best day of my life
'Cause that pretty redhaired Texas girl is now my loving wife
And we still laugh and talk about that night in Houston town
Where my thirst for a Lone Star beer turned both our lives around
If I had it to do over Lord I would'nt change a thing
I had "This ride will last forever" engraved on our wedding rings

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