Jesse Dangerously

Jesse Dangerously

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN
SoloHip HopAlternative

"Wiz Khalifa meets Pat Califia;" "Sapphire meets Sappho meets Saafir meets Jonathan Saffron Foer;" "not the Black Frank White, just the white Frank Black;" "the white version of a Black Zach Galifiniakis;" "like Buck 65 but faster and fat;" "like a teenage Che Guevara meets Christina Aguilara."


Jesse Dangerously has been making rap since before you can remember. He has released five solo albums, and toured Canada and the US. A disciple of 1988 to 1994 "golden era" hip hop, Dangerously's influences include the lilting hyperspeed of Chip Fu; the pop culture whirlwind of Das Efx; the indignant and unabashed political overtones of Public Enemy; the intricate rhyme schemes of Lord Finesse; and the cocky arrogance of teenaged LL Cool J or Fresh Prince. After more than a decade spent carving out a place for himself in the Halifax hip hop scene, Jesse relocated to Ottawa in 2007.

Finalist in the Strange Famous Records contest to remix Buck 65's "Shutterbuggin'"
Voted Best MC in The Coast's "Best Of Music" reader polls in 2006 and 2007
Won the 2005 Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia Urban/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year award
Nominated for Best Rap/Urban Single Recording by East Coast Music Association in 2007 for "Outfox'd (When Pacifists Attack)"
Finalist (top 6 of 500+ entries) in's "Power To The People And The Beats" Napster rap competition judged by Chuck D of Public Enemy, 1999
Perfect Attendance certificate from Sacred Heart School of Halifax, Grade One (1985)

North By NorthEast, June 2011 (Toronto, ON)
South By SouthWest, March 2011 (Austin, TX)
South By SouthWest, March 2010 (Austin, TX)
South By SouthWest, March 2009 (Austin, TX)
Sled Island, June 2008 (Calgary, AB)
Pop Montreal, Oct 2007 (Montreal, QC)
ECMA Urban Showcase, Feb 2007 (Halifax, NS)
Midwest Music Summit, Aug 2006 (Indianapolis, IN)
Montreal InFringeMent, Jun 2006 (Montreal, QC)
North By North East, Jun 2006 (Toronto, ON)
Montreal Fringe, Jun 2006 (Montreal, QC)
Juno No-Cases, Apr 2006 (Halifax, NS)
North By North End, Mar 2006 (Halifax, NS)
Canadian Music Week, Mar 2006 (Toronto, ON)
ECMA Urban Showcase, Feb 2006 (Charlottetown, PEI)
Halifax Pop Explosion, Oct 2005 (Halifax, NS)
Nova Scotia Music Week, Sep 2005 (Halifax, NS)

Buck 65, Eternia, Shad K, Sixtoo, mc chris, MC Lars, K'Naan, Cadence Weapon, Abdominal, More Or Les, Josh Martinez, The Dorian Three, MC Frontalot, Knowself, Tachichi & Moves, The Goods, OK Cobra, Wordburglar, Jay Bizzy, Fax 4, Littles the General, Quake, Skratch Bastid, Bleubird, JD Walker & Sontiago, K-The-I???, DJ Mayonnaise, Rebeka Higgs, Mayor McCA, BA Johnston, Wax Mannequin, A/V, Classified, Jordan Croucher, Touch & Nato, Thesis Sahib, Epic, Supreme Being Unit, Universal Soul, Atherton, C-Rayz Walz, Kool Keith, Mickey Avalon, Shock G, and many others in hundreds of shows across Canada and the USA.

-Hosted CKDU 88.1 FM's weekly hip hop show, handed down from Buck 65 and Skratch Bastid, from Summer 2004 until Spring 2007
-Toured Canada & US with the Perpetual Motion Road Show alternative reading series in 2006
-Guest lecturer at Saint Mary's University and Dalhousie University Women's Collective on the topic of gender issues in rap music
-Licensed songs to the soundtracks of celebrated independent films "Growing Op" and "Nonsense Revolution"
-Scored CBC documentary "Generation XXL," about the need to compassionately address childhood body issues without buying into the panic of the "obesity epidemic"
-Produced beats for Josh Martinez, More or Les, Passage (Restiform Bodies), Wordburglar, Thesis Sahib, Bleubird, Toolshed, Sequestrians, Johnny Hardcore and other independent rap artists.
-Played drums in jazz/rock (Radiohead meets Billie Holiday meets Ornette Coleman meets the Bomb Squad) band called Yeshe from 1997-2002
-Featured on the heavily downloaded Backburner mixtape from 2004, "What Have You Done For Rap Lately?"
-Received over 110,000 visits to between May '05 and December '08

"Dangerously drops the kind of rhymes that practically demand keeping a thesaurus handy ... he exhibit[s] stamina and playfulness, proving he could wrestle a photographer without breaking lyrical stride." - Chart Magazine
"Dangerously looks more like a Bank Clerk than a rapper but his flows are tighter than most chart acts, providing the kind of pop-culture honesty to interest MC Lars fans, yet still managing to maintain a true hip-hop swagger." - KUDOS Magazine (UK)
"Outfox'd is the hot business" - Sage Francis, Epitaph/ANTI recording artist
"i only like one [nerdy rapper] and will say his name quite happily. jesse dangerously. he's good." - mc chris, nerdcore godfather
"He puts a lot of himself into his music... Jesse Dangerously [is] one of the more original voices not only in Canadian hip-hop, but hip-hop as a whole." - John Book, The Run-Off Groove


The Prestidigitator

Written By: Jesse Dangerously

This is a song about a very special person.
Someone with many talents and a hell of a personality.
So charming! So devastating! Yeah, you guessed it...
This song is about me.

Hey girl!
You never known nobody else like me
In the world (the prestidigitator)
On the real there's no-one else like me
In the world
Oh no!
You never seen nobody else like me
In the world (the prestidigitator)
On the real there's no-one else like me
In the world

Erotic novelist plotting your body politic
Flaunting his naughty knowledges and not even acknowledging
The awesome thoughts composited or flaws in his plans
To get you off in your pants 'til you're massagin' his hands
Not a jot monogamous nor a misogynist man
The charms are hard to withstand when the parts are hard and expanding
The artist, commanding a pallette of potent practises
And habits. Find yourself a mattress and grab it!
And that's it (that's it) that's all (that's all)
And what? (what?) what? (what?) and that's that! (YEAH) when you
React to the frantic madness, panic and grand passion
As the action of his hand splashing grabs you as FAAAAN-
TASTIC . an orgiastic experience, all
Gasping, delerious, half collapsing for serious
That's the theory, it's a . tricky one to quibble with
When strictly on the nibble tip, he gets you doing triple flips
Lick your dripping lips 'cause every little bit of moisture counts
You've forgotten why you even got them other boys around!
I enjoy the noise and sounds you make plus muscles are bound to ache
I'm down to take the heat and treat your mound like a pound of cake
(Eat it.)


fast rappers got agile lips and tongues
and drummers got real strong wrists and thumbs
chicks hum til they get some, and then they
move their hips and lose their grips and come!

Up the ante 'til your panties are freakin' soaked
With nipples like computer code, they peek and poke!
Half the time I speak I joke cleverly, not now
Though, when I say that I can never be shot down
Confidence is common sense, Compassionate and cocky
Enough to nail you to the wall like accidents in hockey
Laughing is inoccuous as long as it's obvious
To anyone that's watching us we're not knocking it
. Scoff at this if you want, we gotta not flaunt it
Tighten our belts and emboss another notch on it
Doggone it, I want it on and on and predominant
Non-anonymous, tryst or just an honest kiss from a ms. mrs. or
Miss . and this admission isn't a gift, I'm charging you for it
And even though it's hard to afford, how you adore it!
Aren't you euphoric? It's hard to ignore it!
We've started a roaring fire in the heart of the forest
Par for the course, go ahead like the cart for the horse
And I'm a look you in the eye for every bar of the chorus!


Sex bomb blasting at long last, compassionate
Contrasts the actions of the sexual activist
. Erotic novelist, work your body like nautilus
Birthday parties and parlour tricks are falling in the face of
All these little innovations like clitoral stimulation
Consider pivotal placement for digital manipulation
Kids get away with your pitiful imitations
And middle-aged men, would you take a lesson in patience!
It's prestidigitation, with magic fingers!
I'm wagging them in the air and then making them disappear and then
Taking a risk and preparing to say something in your ear
Not wishing to appear to be faking or insincere
Not bragging or bluffing or playing pranks, just brazenly
Relaying my strengths more blatantly since this year
Got you hating me in here or loving me, with your gold ring
Dudes want a piece of me - girls want the whole thing.

(Hey girl!)

The Day-to-Daily

Written By: Jesse Dangerously

This a recording... of a full time
Job - I'm playing my hand, don't pull my
Card. I endeavour to eat as a wage earner
Which doesn't make my day to day journal a page turner
Hey burner, swing, murder things as the caged bird
sings about capers, stings and wayward things
Worse things happen to better cats than me though
I never had to steal or give myself a needle
Isn't that illegal? The question's a luxury
Depression's a luxury, stress is a luxury
Blessed reductive reasoning lets us see some things
As fearsome and they're closer than they look in the mirror son
Here are some irrefutable lyrics, I hear it's beautiful
Where it's been near unsuitable irritants, air pollutants
American retribution is careless, the destitution is
peerless, and restitution imperative, I wonder where it
Is? Pretty shameless for a shame-based
culture who rains hate wherever the blame's placed
Wish I could change fate or alter the course of events
Also enforce some intensive positive morsels of sense
Not to mention morals, I'm sorry I know it's horrible
For mortals to suppose they're objectively supportable
but in the absence of a galactic conscience
with batshit conmen spewing magic nonsense
Cats flip coins and try to get a heads up
And keep their heads up and keep defenses up
And beat their senses up.. they pay to stay
High to escape their day to day lives

I got a girl and a home and a plate with some food on it
so I've got to be thankful
like the kid who just learned that the plague wasn't bubonic
from when a rat bit his ankle
But since MY circumstances are damn near taken for granted
By myself and others like me who likely had better chances
It might seem a little rancid when we bitch on the trivial
shit that makes our privilege a wee bit less convivial
We're squeamish to the pitiful, miserable images
Of people whose invisibleness is our ignorant bliss
Even during this time, remixes and videos
seem to stir and evince even further screed material
Than seems to be supported by decency when recently
we can see the secrets leak increasingly frequently
But can these things even begin to weaken the hedonistic elite
in our resolve to retreat from what's real in the streets?
. The deal is complete, we pay to stay blithe
snug and safe in our day to day lives

The worst fashion trend in the last few years is
Not phat pants or clamdiggers
It's a the monster in American hearts when a black man
Starts calling Afghans "sandniggers"
And if I figure correctly, the next three years could be messy un-
less we get perspective and wake up, take it from Jesse
I guess we need a lesson in compassion, let's pave the way
By making space in our day to day lives

So! Much! Fun! (Unh!)

Written By: Jesse McDonald

We're gonna have so. much. fun!
You and me are gonna have so much fun!

I know it's hard right now, but
You and me are gonna have so much. fun!
I know the hurt runs deep but
You and me are gonna have so much. fun!

Yeah, you and I are headed on the right track
We're adrift, gears shift, we fight back tears
Lift black veils of clouds, part oceans of
Dark water. Hard rocks totter; we're heartbroken
Charred smoking wreckages of past lives behind us
For purity rank us minus, Security blanket Linus
The worries, they can't confine us to the surface, we stand behind us
They're certain we can't combine? Too bad! They're perfectly bats with blindness
Asinine assassins try and blast us just to pass the time
Charged with crimes of passion I'm a target you - your ass is mine!
Laugh lines drawn in the sand, we're getting on with the plan
You'll be my second in command unless you wanna demand
The starring role in our control tower. Give me a
Cold shower. What kinda power we got? (Soul power!)
No now or nevers, nah, we're too clever to sever ties
We soldier on, semper phi, we'll never die, the road we're on to
Better times ...

We're gonna have so. much. fun!
You and me gonna have so much fun!

And yo, what's done is done, we can't reverse fate
Roll back birthdays and search for the perfect first date
I'm straight, you're straight, we're straight as an arrow
But never narrow, together to weather peril and pleasure. Careful
Measure must be taken, we're lusty, brazen and plus free agents of
Such amazing substance, we must be made a fuss of
My busty babe is tough, I had a crush from day one
Raving is faint praise and frankly I ain't misbehavin'
Patiently waiting for vacancy, taking a break and seeing
For the sake of me and you, you could say it's convenient
They can be engaging reasons making me impatient, speak and
State your grievance, even if it's major league I stay believing THAT

We're gonna have so. much. fun!


B.R.E.A.K. (1997)
Eastern Canadian World Tour 2002 (2002)
How to Express Your Dissenting Political Viewpoint Through Origami (2004)
Inter Alia (2005)
Verba Volant (2007)
Humble & Brilliant (2011)

The Sentinels – The Lying City EP (1998)
Imaginary Friends – The ImF Ride b/w Even Exist 7" (2004)
Backburner – Heatwave (2011)

Set List

All original material. A typical set is between thirty minutes and an hour. (Eight to fifteen songs).

A Jesse Dangerously club show typically features a classic DJ & MC combination, or at least an MC with pre-recorded backing tracks. The Jesse Dangerously living room show features live instrumentation and acoustic elements, including: glockenspiel, chord organ, mandolin, ukulele, clarinet, human beatbox.