Jesse Daniel & The Reckoning

Jesse Daniel & The Reckoning

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Indie rock. Angsty, thoughtful, spiritual yet dark lyrics foment with sometimes elegant and soaring, sometimes angry guitar and bass structures. Heavily rhythmic; JDR tell stories about murder-suicides, stupid people, pain, mental illness, God and great snakes.


Jesse Daniel & The Reckoning (JDR) was born in early 2010. Initially, JDR performed mostly songs already written by Jesse Daniel Chatham. However, the songwriting quickly became a group effort and has evolved to over 20 songs in early 2011.

JDR's sound is eclectic, intense and often captivating. Genre-spanning, JDR's sound is hard to pin down but is influenced by psychedelic, folk, stadium rock and grunge.

JDR has opened for numerous national acts including Thrift Store Cowboys, Nicole Atkins and the Sea and Infantree. Jesse Daniel & The Reckoning has enjoyed the privilege of playing some of Denver's best rock venues including Meadowlark, Hi Dive, Larimer Lounge and headlining at Walnut Room. Jesse Daniel & The Reckoning has also had the pleasure of working with the Vinefield Agency.

An EP is in the works with release, hopefully, at the end of summer, 2011.



Written By: Jesse Daniel


Pour it on, light it up, burn it down to the ground.

Tear off the head, cut out the heart and hang it upside down.

Divide up the treasure and the keepsake memories, you can keep the nice ones and I'll take the ones that are bloody...

Cross your heart and hope to die, well, I hope that I live.

Out of the ashes of this old town and all of this old shit.

Call it a bed of dead red roses or a circumvention of truth.

You can feel emancipated and I'll feel just what I do...

Cold and jagged is this wind on my skin.

Twisted is the state of mind I'm in.

Black is the blood that beats through my heart.

And white is your face in the trunk of my car.

Ending part:

Hells bells, well, well, well, well; you poison one part, it dries up the well.

And now everyone's gonna talk and tell, I don't care anymore they can scream in hell.

I never wanted it to end like this but things don't always happen as we wish.

Well I am your husband and you are my wife and we'll have to try again in the afterlife.


What I'd Do

Written By: Jesse Daniel

If I was a cowboy, this is what I'd do.
I'd strap some six shooters on and
come hunting after you.
Probably find you drinking in an old west saloon.

Playing poker with the boys and passing out by noon.
Why do you lead me
down such a tremulous trail.

Why do you hate me so, fall in love with
everybody else.
I don't think I deserve this kind of sadistic cruelty.

When all I ever did was love you truly but you never loved me now, did you baby?

If I was a rich man this is what I'd do.

I'd buy you a castle with
its own exotic animal petting zoo.

Then I'd stock it with lions and tigers and a wide variety of
scary snakes.

I wouldn't want you to feel to home sick for your
own natural habitat.


Goddamit why'd you treat me like that when all I did was love you, always did good to you.

Baby, baby why'd you leave me like that, you stole all my money, stole my car keys too bitch.

If I ever see you running around town with another man on your arms, I'm going to beat his ass down.

Baby, baby, baby this is goodbye, I hope I never see you again, I hope that you just...

This is a song I wrote for you. I hope you enjoyed it. This is what I'd do.

God Bless You

Written By: Jesse Daniel

Wake up, put my shoes on, put my pants on, put my shirt on.

Walk down the hall, through the door, get in my car and drive, drive really far.

Turn the radio on. Flip through the stations, try to find a song.

But what they're playing, I don't understand; it's like I popped a pill, it's like I'm in Neverland.


And if you feel like I do, God help you.

It's the same thing at the same time, I swear it happens to me all the time.

It's a feeling that I've felt before; never goes away, always comes back for more.

It's a demon in my head; I try to fight it but it always seems to win.

It's a rope around my neck; it's an angry monkey on my back.


And if you feel like I do, God help you. And if you see what I see, lady pray for me. And if you feel like I do, God help you. And if you feel like I do, man, you're fucked too.

Set List

Western Sunrise
It's So Amusing
The Great Snake is Coming
What I'd Do
The Gospel Truth
God Bless You
Never Easy
Army of Cool