Jesse James Kingston

Jesse James Kingston


Cinematic, bittersweet, lyrical, majestic, melodies ...


Born and raised in Woodstock, NY ... drifted and landed in LA .. toured Europe and the UK in 2008/2009...
Influences include David Gray, Ray Lamontagne, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Radiohead, Floyd, Dylan, etc ... from acoustic to electro to rock ...

I am driven by the power of melody and the art of music, unique to each individual playing and listening ... it's truly a universal experience. Currently I am also capitalizing on my extensive catalog of music in the tv/film licensing business, with a couple agencies in LA placing my songs for various usages.


Currently promoting my LP's "Line Drawings", "Beside The Rio Grande", an electro-tinged record called "Black Atlas" , an stripped-down acoustic record due this summer, and my side-project Thief & Normandie's first LP entitled "November 1980"

Set List

45 min - 2 hr set, from solo acoustic/harmonica to full-band, depending on venue and location .. I have many many covers up my sleeve .. too many to list