Jesse LeBourdais

Jesse LeBourdais

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Jesse LeBourdais plays acoustic folk/punk with heavy nods to the bluegrass styles he was raised on. Simple, honest music that rings with truth and passion, and reminds you why you like music in the first place.


Born in folk & bluegrass-strong small town BC, but coming out of the Vancouver Punk Rock scene as lead singer & guitar player for the melodic/hardcore band Cambridge, Jesse is no stranger to letting his opinions and his voice be heard. Mixing melody, social politics, gravitas and honesty into a raw expression, his solo acoustic performance is no different. Combining traditional Folk and Bluegrass styles with Punk Rock ethics and passion, the result is a sound all to his own, but you can sing along. As loud as you can.


The Worst Kind of Ambition - LP - Released May 5th, 2009
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Little Mountain - EP - Released March 22, 2011
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