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See You Blue

Written By: James Church

See You Blue
Copyright 2007 by
James Church

I want to see you blue.
I want you crying too.
I want to see your tears come down
Like rain falling on the ground.
I want to see you blue.

They say forget and forgive
Is the best way to live,
Just let your pain go by.
But I cannot forget the pain you brought to me
Or forgive you for making me cry.


I’ve heard that time wounds all heels
And the way that I feel,
I hope crying time is coming your way.
No, revenge isn’t sweet, it’s a cold, bitter meat,
But my broken heart just has to say


Folks say that every day has a dog of its own,
And you must have been my hound.
Well you bit my hand,
So I’m taking a stand,
But it’s not enough to just put you down.


I want to see you blue.
I want to see you blue.