Jesse MacLeod

Jesse MacLeod

 Fullerton, California, USA

Picture a glass of Amos Lee and Ray Lamontagne on the rocks with a splash of John Mayer. My music is a natural, soulful and honest portrayal of my life experiences.


Drawing inspiration from the soulful, earnest croons of Amos Lee and the vulnerable, honest confessions of Ray Lamontagne, Jesse MacLeod has developed a voice heavily influenced by the contemporary singer/songwriters of today. Yet he still pays homage to the folk artists of previous generations. As a child he remembers falling asleep to the sound of his old man playing guitar in the living room. The voices and guitar licks from legends such as Muddy Waters, Son House and Pee Wee Crayton are very familiar to him. Being the son of bluesman Doug MacLeod, Jesse can proudly and honestly say the Blues is large part of who he is.

Jesse spent the first 18 years of his life growing up in North Torrance in the South Bay area of LA county. The hip-hop culture and influence was strong in his hometown. He realized he had a voice when he spit his first rhyme in freestyle session at a house party in high school. He moved to Orange County in 2002 to attend Cal State Fullerton and quickly noticed a drastic change in culture. While studying at the university, he gradually took his craft as an emcee/producer more seriously. By the time he turned 23, he had a group and solo project under his belt and was relatively well known in the Orange County underground hip-hop scene. However, he began to feel limited in the way he expressed himself through the form of hip-hop and had reached a turning point.

In the Fall of 2006, Jesse began attending the Microphone Sessions, a weekly artist workshop led by Leila Steinberg, former mentor of Tupac Shakur. She saw the potential in Jesse’s voice and consistently encouraged him to sing. Her persistence finally paid off and made an impact. The most defining moment of his life (aside from right now) had to be in October of 2007 when he decided to pick up the guitar. Since receiving his BA in Communications from CSUF in 2008, he has put all of his effort into making a living as a musician.

Since then, Jesse has had the honor of receiving the award of Best Performer in the Westcoast Songwriters February 2009 Songwriter Competition in Hollywood and was a Top Three Male Finalist in the 2009 So Cal Music Live Competition. He released his first commercial recording, the “In Between Homes EP” in early 2010 with the help of producer, musician, engineer Michael Starr. With the EP in hand, he plans on becoming a regular face in the LA singer/songwriter scene in 2010.



Written By: Jesse MacLeod

Verse 1
Sunlight sparkling off the ocean surface
Waves brushing gently up against the shore
I start to sense that I’ve become a different person
With yet so many places left to explore
So I’m picking up speed in the fast lane
Just south of Santa Barbara on the 101
I’ve grown accustomed to these highway lanes
Though this lifelong road trip has just begun

So I’m heading southbound down the California coastline
I’m just heading southbound down this California coastline
Would it be too farfetched for me to ever assume
That you feel exactly the same way that I do?
Would I be completely out of line if I were to say
That you’re more than enough for me, yes you’re more than enough for me

Verse 2
The Channel Islands beckon my name in the distance
This is almost how I want to live
But see there’s something that I’ve been missing
And that’s a woman to share these moments with
So why’d you rent some space inside my head again?
At least you’ve given me a song to sing
Though I still long for the time, when your road intersects with mine
Thinking just maybe you belong with me


As The Summer Wanes

Written By: Jesse MacLeod

The air smells different and the leaves are turning brown/
It’s hard to deny that things are changing/
It’s been some time since you’ve been around/
Something tells me you’re worth the wait so I’ll stay patient/

Lately the ground’s been wet and the sun’s been acting shy/
The night arrives before the day has a chance to say goodbye/
You give a taste of your love that’s just enough but doesn’t last for long/
You’ve done a fine job of making me wonder what the hell is going on/

I still feel the warmth from yesterday/
But as the summer wanes, you seem to move further away/
You’ve put me aside though my will to stay is strong/
Don’t leave me here to long or I’ll be gone/

You’re cautious with your step, there ain’t no reason why you shouldn’t be/
I can sense it in the way you kiss and the way you look at me/
It’s clear to me that this is going to take some time/
At least I have this song to sing to get me by/

I still feel the warmth from yesterday/
But as the summer wanes, you seem to move further away/
You’ve put me aside though my will to stay is strong/
Don’t leave me here to long or I’ll be gone/


In Between Homes EP (March 2010)

Set List

Sets range anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours depending on the setting. The majority of the songs are original with a few covers sprinkled throughout the set.

Original Tunes: Southbound, Only For The Night, Eyes On The Horizon, As The Summer Wanes, In Between Homes, When The River Bends, Foolin' Yourself, Nothing At All.

Covers: Southern Cross (CS&N), Jolene (Ray Lamontagne), Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight (Amos Lee), Karma Police (Radiohead), Message In A Bottle (The Police), Walk Away (Ben Harper), etc.