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Jesse Moor



Hailed as the kid most likely to catch the first bus out of town on graduation day. jesse moor did just that. Finding himself in Boston. Jesse spent the next four years honing his craft at songwriting and learning to play that six string hed been carrying around for the past five years at Berklee College of Music while working on a fishing boat in Gloucester. After Boston had nothing more to offer, Moor found his way back on the blacktop. This time he headed straight for the big apple with hopes to pursue his music career further. Pausing to record his first album nostalgia in CT at the Grand Street Motel. Moor headed for NYC with all the hope and vigor of a college graduate whos yet to start paying his student loans back. But after eight months of starving just to survive, Jesse found himself still without a band, commuting to a dead-end job in Jersey everyday, and no hope of a gig anywhere in sight. So with failure staring him straight in the eyes like a loaded sawed off. Jesse packed up his new found drinking habit, his guitar, and, with the change he had in his pocket, hit the road. Traveling the country by whatever means necessary the short changed vagabond found himself sniffing in the sunshine perfume of California. Refusing to succumb again to the blue-collar working man mentality that he was raised with. Moor decided not to get a job, and to spend his forty hour work week writing, and playing instead. Living the role of a broke musician, Moor crashed on couches, played for change in the street, and documented the depths of truth that are hidden inside of pain, loss and despair. But the madness got to be too much. So with his tail tucked between his legs Moor wondered back to his hometown. Once back he started performing local gigs, and writing new material. In the winter of 06 jesse moor started to record the demos for the upcoming full length album “the hangman”. With a sound that is part hope, part beauty, part heartache, and part satire. Moor has found his niche in not playing to a mold. He can whisp a waltz, croon a ballad, scream a tyrant, or just give in to the madness and self-destruct right before your eyes. Set to start recording the album in summer of ‘06 with indie and alternative mastermind producer and engineer Blue from Trilateral Commission. Moor is starting to set up plans to hit the road again. So keep your eyes and your ears out for Jesse Moor playing in support of Akashik Records new upcoming release "The Hangman".


Stupid Bird

Written By: Jesse Moor

hey stupid bird
why don't you fly away
you just sit there on the ledge
for reasons I can't say
cause I'm stuck here with no choice
but your free to fly the sky
if I were you I'd take flight
before I died

hey stupid face
looking back at me
with your sunken shallow eyes
your a saddened comedy
your just staring out that window
feeling sorry for yourself
if I were you I tie a noose and
hang myself

hey mr. hobo
may i offer you some wine
even though my mama always
said don't give a hobo anytime
cause my father was a drunkard
and always on the run
but he'll never be a hobo
no he'll always be a bum

hey stupid boss
I'm taking a day off
I'm gonna have a beer for breakfast
and smoke until I cough
if I find that I enjoy this
I may just try a switch
and you'll just have to find yourself
another bitch


Written By: Jesse Moore

How come I could never truely say
how I felt to your face
but now that your 3000 miles away
it all feels like such a waste of pain
cause now my pain
sets with the sun
as the cold snows coming down
chances lost and chances one
gonna cash my cheak
in on a greyhound

Kalifornia I'm coming for ya
your sweet sunshine perfume
Kalifornia I'm coming for ya
and when I do you know I'm gonna ever want to leave you again

Looking out from my window seat
sippin' a flask that I keep
I daydream that I'll surprise
you on the street and you'll be so happy you can't speak
then all our sorrows will be lost
we'll hitch hike all along the coast
we'll let our pains grow like a moss
then kill them quickly
when the rain comes


Start Over

Written By: Jesse Moor

now i’m cutting out
before darkness closes in
before i lose my mind again
it’s time to start over
your generosity
was supposed to be
a two way street
but like taking a penny
and leaving a penny
i took um all and didn’t leave any
gotta start over
my band fell apart
now i’m singing solo again
i’m in a drunken bar
with this ol’ guitar
and no one’s listening
it’s time to start over

it’s time to start over again

all my philosophies
all my addictions
my mediocrity
they’ve all gone mainstream
with no identity
nothing worth fighting for any more
in this generation of communication
i’ve never met so many people
so lonely
so lonely

it’s time to start over again


nostalgia - 2004 Rench Records LP
(availible at and all over the internet including itunes, amazon, musicnet, tower records and more.)

Set List

Mistakes and Masquerades
Stupid Bird
Monday Mourning
Kid From Niantic
Lonliest of the Lonely
Folsom Prison Blues
Come Pick Me Up

The set usually depends on if it's a band show or a solo show. Both sets are about 1 to 2 hours, and if we do any covers it's usually in the vein of Nirvana, Johnny Cash, The Band, and medley's of old motown songs.