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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Brandon Caldwell - Day And A Dream: Dig Into Jesse Myles Humpday Series"

Ever since my travels in New Orleans earlier this month(July 2013), I’ve found myself waiting for the latest track in Jesse Myles HumpDay series. His name came from a bit of interaction with a good friend I’ve interacted with more than a few times on Twitter(djCloud_IMG), plus his neat way of telling me how insane JAX was during festival week. The real prize through those conversations was Myles’, a slick talking New Orleanian who pushed and jerked around with his production to the point where it was almost impossible to tune him out. So it stretched from the mid-tempo bounce of “Here I Am” to this week’s latest entry “Adrenaline Rush”. All quite loud and responsive. We’ve only got a week left in HumpDay, its probably for the best that we cherish every bit of it. - Day And A Dream

"Brandon Caldwell - Day And A Dream: Jesse Myles - Wake Up"

Ah, it’s the last Wednesday of the month. Meaning Jesse Myles’ “Hump Day” series sadly has come to a conclusion. So how do you run to the finish line with a successful buzz building series? You sample Katy Perry’s “TGIF” for a budding track entitled “Wake Up” that maintains the fun charm of KP’s original while Myles sways around enjoying life. - Day And A Dream

"Joe Bayer - You Heard That New: Jesse Myles - Rolling Stone"

For the final installment of the Clouded Thoughts series, Jesse Myles ends it on a high note with “Rolling Stone.” The production is more than easy to listen to and with the laid back flow that Myles provides, there’s not really much to complain about.

Jesse Myles has made great headway around these parts and he continues to blossom as a young artist. After wrapping his HumpDay series, Jesse has started on a trek with a brand new venture. Last weeks release must’ve been lost in the madness that I call my inbox, but you can listen to “Ain’t It Funny” below and “Memory” after the break.

- You Heard That New

"Quinelle Holder - Hip Hop Since 1987"

Check out Jesse Myles last installment of the Clouded Thoughts series in a track titled “Rolling Stone”. - Hip Hop Since 1987


HumpDay with Jesse Myles

Clouded Thoughts



Meet Jesse Myles, an indie producer, rapper, and engineer from New Orleans, LA. Myles took the name of his great-great-grandfather, an Indian Chief who had 21 children with 12 different women. He grew up in a music rich environment, as both of his parents are active professional musicians. Picking up the keyboard in 8th grade, he realized his natural musical abilities. Then, while experimenting with rap for the first time in high school, fans applauded his raw talent for creating catchy hooks. After dedicating himself to his craft and honing his skills, Jesse Myles is prepared to introduce himself to the music industry with his debut mixtape, Positive Feedback.