Jesse Nova

Jesse Nova

 San Diego, California, USA

"SoCal Chili Con Soul" a San Diego band with Texas roots! This band is unrelentingly raw, with soaring eclectic and poetic tones. They take rock back to basics and elicit visceral responses from the listeners soul...


Jesse Nova was born in the history rich town of El Paso, TX, the previous stomping grounds of such musical talents as Bobby Fuller, Adam Duritz, and Stevie Nicks. Though the parents in the Nova family were not very musically inclined, Jesse’s siblings picked up the slack.

Jesse’s oldest brother taught him his first cords on the guitar, and his younger sister recorded a Christian record when she was 14. Outside of his siblings, Jesse got an appreciation for world culture and music from growing up a military brat. He spent time bouncing back and forth between the U.S., Italy, and Panama, but it was upon his return to El Paso that his musical career would begin to take shape.

Mowing lawns gave Jesse the means he needed to buy his first drum set at the age of 15. Just a few months later he would be banging out beats for local punk bands, Dirty Redeye and Skinny Mulligan. Though his career with these groups was short lived, it helped him establish a number of musical connections.

Along with Ralph Vega and Ben Rivera, Jesse formed the band Kactus Juice. This was Jesse’s first opportunity to come out from behind the drums and in front of the mic. Kactus Juice opened for such acts as The Toadies, Tragically Hip, Cake, and 311. They would play in such locations as New Orleans, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Los Angles, San Francisco, San Diego, and had a regular gig at Long Wong’s in Tempe, AZ. Kactus Juice would stay together for eight years before the members would go their separate ways.

Jesse ended up heading to New Orleans, a place that served as the background for him to perfect his craft before becoming a soloist. He honed his guitar skills and sharpened his song writing ability before returning to Tempe.

Once in Tempe all of his hard work accumulated and Jesse recorded his first solo album, Blue Period, which was co-produced by Don Bossie and Douglas Preston, Jr. After spending several years in the Phoenix area, Jesse returned to El Paso to work on a more group-oriented project, Sol Vox. The group toured the Southwest; before Jesse decided to go out on his own again and relocate to San Diego.

Back in San Diego, Jesse has stayed true to his musical roots, while still working on an edgier sound. He has also reconnected with former Kactus Juice bass playerr Ben Rivera and added guitar virtuoso Jason Rain and Jon Price on the drums. Currently he has gigs peppered throughout the area.