Jesse Rubenfeld

Jesse Rubenfeld


I combine the keyboard influences of many piano-rock greats with melody and harmony driven rock groups such as Crosby Stills and Nash, Styx, and Toto. My lyrics are honest and sophisticated yet accesible with universal themes.


Jesse Rubenfeld was still a student at the University of Pennsylvania in 2001 when a once in a lifetime opportunity came his way. Aspiring singer-songwriters everywhere would love the chance to take a master class from one of their musical heroes—in Rubenfeld’s case, the legendary Billy Joel—but few possess the kind of courage the young singer and pianist summoned when he took the stage before Joel and 1,200 others and performed “A Friend In Bill� as a tribute to the Piano Man. Joel saw a kindred spirit, everyone stood and cheered and Rubenfeld has been pumped ever since to rise to the great potential of that life and career defining moment.

A few short years later, the Houston bred, New York based artist is living his dream, building a grass roots fan base with regular gigs with his band throughout Manhattan, from legendary venues like The Bitter End to The Triad, Don Hill’s and Rockwood Music Hall. Focusing on his trademark strengths of emotional honesty, piano and retro-keyboard (Rhodes, Hammond B-3) driven musical textures and colorful, Crosby, Stills & Nash type vocal harmonies, Rubenfeld follows his critically acclaimed early 2007 EP release Let It Go with his highly anticipated, provocative and compelling full length debut Silken Walls.

Silken Walls is now available on iTunes, CD Baby and emusic, and will also be featured on the new LimeWire Store. Rubenfeld’s ultra cool “day job� for the past two years has been Chief Financial Officer for the file-sharing software giant. It’s the perfect place to merge his musical passions—which began with an incredible 12 years of classical piano training—and his strong business acumen, while also putting his business degree to work. “It’s a day job that plays well into my artistic interests,� he says, “but clearly I’m focused on being able to write, record and perform music full time.�

While the Joel influence is inescapable throughout Silken Walls, Rubenfeld expresses his emotions and spirited, thoughtful reflections about romantic relationships and the pursuit of dreams with a rich originality that blends classic piano and keyboard driven pop rock with harmonic inspiration from his other favorite artists The Eagles, Maroon 5, CSNY and John Legend. “I’m very proud of the way I convey these emotional snapshots of my life over the past few years over the course of the eleven songs,� he says. “Love is certainly a dominant theme in my songs—love and women and trying to figure things out on an emotional level. There are intimate moments in all of our personal relationships that tap into universal feelings that everyone shares, and those are the emotions I love to express.�

Though some who have listened wonder if there are sexual overtones in the lyrics of the sweeping and wistfully romantic opening title track, in actuality, the “Silken Walls� refer to the lush softness of a woman’s long straight beautiful hair as a metaphor for the relationship. “Take You Home� is a funky, dynamically produced, real brass-enhanced rock tune that takes an optimistic look at the courting process. Showcasing his remarkable diversity, Rubenfeld follows the seductive, acoustic guitar enhanced James Taylor vibing “Another Touch� with “So Hot Right Now,� an explosive high energy, electric guitar propelled rock ballad that stands as a departure from the rest of Silken Walls; the energy of the track dictates that it be piano and keyboard free! Another song that takes Rubenfeld slightly out of his comfort zone is the percussive, New Orleans meets country/bluegrass flavored “When You Need My Love.�

Back to his trademark graceful piano style, Rubenfeld reaches the starry eyed romantic in all of us on the anthemic “All For Something� and taps into his classical background on the hypnotic (and vocal free) piano solo “Erev X-mas� (a lovely track perfect as background for holiday parties). Finally, he incorporates Queen-like vocal harmonies and lively, high energy Allman Brothers piano licks on “Thoughts About The Future,� which finds Rubenfeld looking back on the hardships of his musical journey, determined to forge ahead come what may. He also taps into a Southern rock front porch feeling on “Love Began,� a rich chronicle of the end of a relationship that shows the way the heart grows even when things don’t work out.

“The most difficult part of being a songwriter is not that it requires a lot of self-exploration and intimacy with the subjects of the songs (which is certainly not easy), but that you must universalize that and render it unshakably sticky,� he says. “But there’s no greater feeling than overcoming creative obstacles and conveying everything I set out to say. Over the last few years I have been getting to know myself musically and learned how best to convey my feelings and thoughts in a straightforward manner within the context of accessible pop music. I’m excited about s


Silken Walls

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

Silken Walls
© 2004 Jesse Rubenfeld

At the end of the day
She’s all that I need
I’m old and I’m grey
And I have to be freed
Hours are anxious and all so heavily weighed
My nerves are split at the ends and bound in a braid
But . . .

Every time she lets it all come down
There is not another living soul around
I reach out into the falls
I used to think that I could walk away
Now I’d tell her anything to make her stay
Safe inside silken walls, silken walls

At the end of the night
As I’m rising to leave
She’ll tie herself tight
And be wound in a weave
Combing the sun from her highlights and into the sky
It curls, craving her gaze, waving goodbye
And . . .


She blows in the wind, goes by me
As the sweet salty air graces the sea



So Hot Right Now

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

So Hot Right Now
Copyright © 2005 Jesse Rubenfeld

There’s a firecracker under me
And it’s right about to blow
Everything is electric, darlin’
And I don’t wanna let it go
And it takes over me
And It spreads like something wild
Gets me connected
With that long-lost inner-child
I’d forgotten how it feels to feel this way
This is gonna be one hell of a day
‘cause it’s

So hot right now
So hot right now
Everything I ever wanted
Is just a mile away
Do you know how long
I’ve waited for this day
This is a fire on which you cannot keep a lid
This is gonna be the fastest mile I ever did
‘cause it’s


Pinch me baby ‘cause it feels so fine
And it’s mine all mine
Can you feel it too?
I want to give it to you


And as for you little lady
That my eyes do love to see
Is all this rising steam
From you or is it me
You’re all made up and oh those jeans are good and tight
This is gonna be one hell of a night
‘cause you’re
So hot right now

Thoughts About the Future

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

Thoughts About The Future
Copyright © 2006 Jesse Rubenfeld

If you’d asked ten years ago
“Where are you gonna go?”
“I don’t know but somewhere on my own.
I’m gonna learn to play guitar,
Then I’ll become a star,
And go farther than I ever could have thrown.”
I knew that no one was listening
And I wasn’t sweating getting high
I had thoughts about the future
But I waited for the world to pass me by

Now I’m sometimes out of steam
I say, “Things are never what they seem,”
And “Dreams are just the stuff of tender years.”
But then I write another word
Then a second and a third
‘Cause I’ve heard this is the way to face my fears
And maybe no one is listening
But I ain’t never goin’ dry
I’ve got thoughts about the future
And I ain’t waitin’ for the world to pass me by

(quick solo break)

Hey, stranger in the station
Have we missed the train and been left behind
Won’t you tell me your story
Now that you’ve heard mine

and Ten years from today
I can look you in the eyes and say
“I made it just as far as I could go”
And if you still are not listening
Well I ain’t one to sit and cry
I’ve got thoughts about the future
And I ain’t waitin’ for the world to pass me by

Love Began

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

Love Began
© 2007 Jesse Rubenfeld

Short summer days on the beach
Together and far out out of reach
We lay between water and sand
The only two creatures on land
We swore we would be
Forever and free
And go all the way to the sun

Love began as just a spark
And grew to light
Wandered off into the dark
And ended tonight

My drunken heart so sweetly spent
Can I return to where it went?

Long winter nights on my own
Silence and tears on the phone
The good words got harder to say
Something we had just slipped away
We tried to be true
To the love that we knew
The kisses that kept us alive

Love began . . .

My drunken heart . . .

Oh can't we return
Do you think that we can
I ache and I burn
For where love began

Somethin' Else

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

Somethin' Else
© 2002 Jesse Rubenfeld

[Verse 1]
Once I was a man who thought he'd seen it all
There and that I'd been and done
Seems that I was losing
The drive to keep it cruising
Then I came across you, woman...
Straight away I knew that you were somethin' else
Radiated crazy heat
Thought that somethin' bit me
Didn't know what hit me
When you swept me off my feet

Hey now, Baby, Dance with me
Don't wanna wait another song
Let me set that Body Free
Hurry before the moment's gone
Everybody knows that you know your game
So come on girl show me your
I wanna be with you because you're somethin' else
Come and let's get on the floor

[Verse 2]
Party's not a party till you show your face
Looking all so tall and thin
A scene that needs revival
Is ripe for your arrival
And when you go it's time for closin'
Don't know what to call you but your somethin' else
I don't need to know much more
The jaws keep droppin'
And hearts keep stoppin'
When you saunter through the door

(chorus then instrumental)

[Verse 3]
Gotta get my arms around you once again
Find a quiet place to go
Then we'll close our eyes n'
Broaden our horizons
Livin' like there's no tomorrow
I'll remember you because you're somethin' else
Oh you make the people stare
All o'you is very
I would take you anywhere


Nose to the Grindstone

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

Nose to the Grindstone
Copyright © 2007 Jesse Rubenfeld

I'm diggin' for gold
But nothin' comes free
The dark and the cold
Are diggin' through me
I work like a slave
With freedom in sight
Crawlin' this cave
Lookin' for light

And I'm blazin' my trail
Not to be bound
Refusing to fail
Standin' my ground

I got no easy out
Nowhere to turn
No room for doubt
Or time to burn
I gotta keep to myself
All on my own
Pride on the shelf
Nose to the grindstone

There's dues I must pay
Wheels to be spun
I can’t stop to play
I got things to be done
When I'm comin' untied
Goin' out of my head
I think of what I'd
Be doin' instead

And I keep blazin' . . .

I got no easy out . . .

I roll by the graveyard
See what awaits
My will is my safeguard
Gonna get me through the gates

I got no easy out . . .

I Know

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

I Know
© 2007 Jesse Rubenfeld

How can you say nothing's wrong
You know that I've heard this tired song
Why do you keep these things from me
You know we don't need no secrecy

And you wouldn't want me for your man
If you didn't think I'd understand


I know when you're high
I know when you're aching
I know that goodbye
Brings you closer to breaking
I know where you run
When I push you away though
I know you're the one
And you just want me to say so

So you cannot hide from me, my love
And there ain't no reason to
You just tell me what it is you need
And I'll be there for you


Where do you keep those quiet tears
You know I could ease those ancient fears
Who is the stranger in my bed
You know that my shoulder's for your head

And you wouldn't want to set your sights
On someone who could not share your nights

I know when you're high . . .

How many times will I look into your eyes
Tell me how many times will it take you to realize

I know when you're high . . .

Let It Go

Written By: Jesse Rubenfeld

Let it Go
© 2003 Jesse Rubenfeld

All I wanted was to sing for you
With a voice so soft and sweet
Soaring high and drifting low for you
All my melodies complete
But I’m holding back the truth
And I’m spending all my youth
On a dream, on a dream

And it’s time to let it go
Walk on home and go to sleep
I already know that this path is just too steep
And for you, my love, I only want to win
But I’ve worn myself too thin
And tonight I must breath in
Some tomorrow
And then move from where I’ve been
Feel the morning in my skin
And find it to begin
Something new

Elders talk of chasing dreams to me
As their eyes fill up with time
Well perhaps it wasn’t meant to be
Say the younger in their prime
And the street musicians buzz
And I feel as if I was
One of them, one of them

And it’s time to let it go
Walk on home and go to sleep
I already know that this water’s just too deep
And on my life, I only want to win
But I’ve worn myself too thin
And tonight I must breath in
Some tomorrow
And then move from where I’ve been
Feel the morning in my skin
And find it to begin
Something new

It was all laid out and neatly planned
There was just to follow through
Learn the words that people understand
And to sing the music too
I would use it all for good
I was sure I understood
What to do, what to do

But it’s time to let it go
Walk on home and go to sleep
I already know that my faith can no more leap
And Oh My Lord, I only want to win
But I’ve worn myself too thin
And tonight I must breath in
Some tomorrow
And then move from where I’ve been
Feel the morning in my skin
And find it to begin
Something new


Let It Go - EP (4 tracks) 2007
Silken Walls (11 tracks) 2008

Set List

Silken Walls
Another Touch
Nose to the Grindstone
Love Began
Let It Go
I Know
Erev X-mas
Somethin' Else
When You Need My Love
Thoughts About the Future
All For Something