Jesse Schwartz

Jesse Schwartz


I'm influenced by prominent singer/songwriters such as Neil Young and Jeff Tweedy. I've written my songs for acoustic guitar, partly because I have no band to play with, but more importantly because I feel that the songs are meant for acoutsic. I feel it's most important to stay sincere when writing


I've been involved with making music ever since I learned to play drums at thirteen. In high school, I continued drumming with a band dubbed by my friends and I as Abington Court. I also played around with electronic dance music with some friends in a project we called Shnaus Mouse, but it wasn't until senior year at high school that I wrote my first song on acoustic guitar. Finding songwriting the most rewarding and appealing form of music, for me, I continued writing songs and eventually learned how to record songs using nothing but a computer. Now I'm in Boston and I'm a freshman at BU looking to play around the city. I'm influenced by the melodies and riffs of acoustic country music, John Prine being a prime example. My songwriting is mostly personal and usually describes the thoughts and feelings I'm having at the time I write the song. I feel that if a song isn't complete in its truth and sincerity, then it has defeated its own purpose of self-expression. I feel I am set apart from other bands in he same way I am set apart by any living person. No one's thoughts or ideas other than my own are used in creating my songs, therefore my music is basically a direct incarnation of myself, mentally and emotionally. Everything that distinguishes me from anyone else in the world is what distinguishes me from any other musician.


You or the Longing

Written By: Jesse Schwartz

i miss the longing that i used to know
for every time you would pass me by
just wishin that you could understand
that i could care more than any man
with a single crushing look into my eye

but that eye that once was wild
has grown jaded and mild
and wanders nervously when youre around
so what you have become
is the hammer of a gun
that pulled away, youre coming to shoot me down

i remember lying on the floor thinkin about what it would be like for you just to know my name
i revelled in feelin sorry for myself
and i didnt care about anything else
but that single longing for you to feel the same

just then a thought came dancing through my head
that i never dared to think before
was it you who i adored,
who crushed me to the core,
or was it the longing that left me lying on my bedroom floor

You Don't Think I'm Missing You

Written By: Jesse Schwartz

Come on, baby, dont be rude
you dont know what im going through without you
you dont think im missin you
what can i do to show to you the truth

when youre not on my mind i can feel you in my chest like a sickness
baby im restless
and it hurts the worst to wake up in the middle of the night
and not see you by my side

every night that i cant sleep i hope youre thinkin about me
baby you can call me anytime youd like
but a cell phone tower wont substitute
the recieving end cannot produce
the way i feel when im holding you

maybe you could come home in the
morning the way you used to
and wake me from my sleep
throw your purse on the floor
bury it with your clothes and
lie so warmly next to me

every so often when i cant sleep,
sometimes i call just to make it better for me
and if it doesnt go away
i swear baby i feel the pain
though i usually tne to just suk around, stay up all night and write a song about it


Written By: Jesse Schwartz

There was once a valley
where my family hunted gazelle
Now I spend my dollar bills on
the shit at taco bell

they stapled signs in the forest
where you have to walk through
all their trails
and now all of the hunters are in jail

there was once a boy i knew
who laughed with me back home
we talked about the local girls
when my parents weren't around

now ive got some friends who laugh
everytime i sing them my songs
friday well all chip in
for the methadone

once i had a father who showed me the good in man
now i have a dad who teaches me
to fake who i am

he says ill have to grow up
else ill be stuck right where i stand
now im the manager
at target greatland


Five Songs EP, Home EP

Set List

Don't Come Down, You or the Longing, I Hurt You, Bear Hug, You Don't Think I Miss You, Greatland, Long Black Veil (cover of an aold folk song), Breed, Please Don't Bury Me (John Prine cover), Further Away From You, Harvest (Neil Young cover), Could've Fooled Myself. Sets can run over an hour.