Jesse Statman

Jesse Statman

 New York City, New York, USA

A 16-year old singer/songwriter whose work covers styles from folk to metal to experimental. The idea of fitting a style, however, is less important to him than simply doing what fits the music best. His sound changes from album to album, but always remains his own.


Jesse Statman started playing guitar when he was ten years old. For awhile, he made countless extremely lo-fi tapes with friends, which was a harbinger of his very prolific style. After that, he stopped playing guitar regularly until the summer of '09, when he picked it up again and began recording various instrumentals not influenced by any particular band, but by various chord progressions and riffs he couldn't stop playing. He eventually recorded enough for an album, "The Nightmare Station", and an album with vocals, "Campaigning in Empty Apartments (From Room To Room)".

He later became influenced by many other lo-fi and outsider artists ranging from Pavement to The Microphones to Daniel Johnston. He recorded several albums from '09 to '10 covering a wide range of styles, from "Driving at Night On The Highway", which was folk with experimental elements, to "Space Travel", an album released for free off of his website, which is mainly rock music, with some folk added to the mix.

What sets Jesse Statman apart from other musicians is that he combines everything you're used to with everything you're not used to. He's young, but his influence comes from a wide variety of artists dating back to before his parent's generation. He's smart, and his music can be smart, but you don't need to be a genius to enjoy it. He's fast on the guitar, but that doesn't mean he has to play fast all the time.


The Nightmare Station (LP) (2009)
Campaigning in Empty Apartments (From Room To Room) (LP) (2009)
Driving at Night On The Highway (LP) (2010)
The Cave Of Snow (Single) (2010)
For Your Listening Pleasure (LP) (2010) (released on June 21st)

Set List

1. I Walk Outside
2. Stranger Dreams
3. Laws Of Physics
4. The End Of The Day
5. Rockport, ME
6. Midnight In Kingston