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Stonington, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Stonington, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Americana Folk




"No Depression Review"

"Stay Here With Me is the kind of album that defines what the ablest singer/songwriter ought to aim for, that is, a set of songs tendered with heartfelt emotion and powered by earnest ambition. The melodies ring with instant accessibility and a clear connection, conveying a brilliance and clarity that most veteran artists still strive for. Endearing and engaging, songs such as “Stay Here With Me,” “Feel That Way Again,” “Marina” and “Deeper Wells” reflect Terry’s obvious MO, a sweet sentimentality that lacks any hint of pretence or posturing. With a little bit of luck and the right amount of promotion, Terry could clearly become a major star; suffice it to say he could wipe the floor with most of those placid “American Idol” finalists hands down. Not to worry. He’s reaped plenty of accolades himself, among them, a grand prize win from The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and substantial standing with The NSAI/CMT Song Contest, and The We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards. Unforced and yet clearly refined, these are songs that could only come from someone who’s mastered his skill set. The result? A wonderful album indeed." - No Depression - Lee Zimmerman

"Tony Arata Quote - 2012 Inductee Songwriters Hall of Fame"

“I have been a fan of Jesse Terry since the first time I heard him. He's a humble - and humbling - talent.” - Tony Arata

"Liz Longley Quote"

"Jesse's sweet, smooth voice takes you to another place. You'll come back to reality with his songs stuck in your head and heart." - Liz Longley

"Pollstar Interview"

"As a young artist, Terry would fit right in with the songwriters of the 1960s and ’70s. Listening to his music, it’s easy to imagine hearing his songs on the radio in between cuts by Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell." - - Jay Smith

"CMT Edge Feature and Interview"

"Jesse Terry's seamless Stay Here With Me charts compelling journeys through life and love." - CMT Edge - James T. Atkinson

"John Platt Quote - WFUV, NYC"

"...he's a force to be reckoned with. His well-crafted songs rank right there with Ryan Adams, Rhett Miller and other masters of alt-country." - John Platt, WFUV

"Acoustic Long Island Review (#1 Acoustic Podcast on iTunes)"

"Every once in a while an artist comes along and captivates our audience by inviting us into their unique lives through song and performance. Jesse Terry is one of those artists. His ability to craft memorable songs is complimented by his supreme ability to deliver them in a sometimes funny, sometimes gut wrenching, but always sincere and authentic manner. One leaves a Jesse Terry concert feeling like you've taken a road trip with him and tasted his flavor of the richness of life - both the joys and the struggles. His years in Nashville are apparent in the subtle, refined arrangements of his recorded tracks, which harken back to the days of Neil Young's "Harvest" and Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty". At the core of it all, his personality–sunny naivety meets gritty wisdom–is what sets Jesse Terry apart from the abundance of songwriting talent out there. We'd like to wish him all the best on his musical journey, but honestly, he's already arrived - it's only a matter of time before the masses catch up with him." - David Dircks

"Digital Rodeo Review"

"It’s not every day that you hear a voice like Jesse’s. His vocals are as clear as the cloudless blue sky and the lyrics flow as pure as a fresh mountain stream. He carries your emotions with a soothing flow. Jesse’s voice has been compared to that of Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Ray LaMontagne and James Taylor. Terry is the “real deal”!... Every composition on the album is well written and the production is simple and sweet." - Josie Milner

"Rapid River Arts Magazine Review"

"...a refresher course in how to make bouyant country rock sounds bright and clear and heartfelt... “Feel That Way Again” has one of the most engaging choruses I’ve heard in some time, while “Deeper Wells” and “This Should Be Home” speak directly to the hard work that helps forge a lasting relationship... Much like Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline helped reinvent our notions of country music by extracting the essence of what made it pure, Stay Here With Me gives us a glimpse of why words that strike to the heart of relationships, when set to an engaging melody and played with precision and love, can still work wonders... Jesse Terry’s 2013 gem can stake its own claim to greatness." - James Cassara - Rapid River Arts

"The Daily News, McKeesport, PA"

"Singer/songwriter Jesse Terry emerged on last year's sophomore CD "Empty Seat On A Plane" and builds on that foundation with latest efforts "Stay Here With Me." His prolific writing skills have earned Terry a handful of prestigious songwriter awards and he's come into his own as a performer in the same vein as Ryan Adams, Mason Jennings, Ray LaMontagne and Rufus Wainwright. The title track is the perfect lid lifter and Terry shines on keepers "Rattling Cage," "Don't Let Me Fall For You," "Marina," "Beekeeper" and "This Should Be Home." - Jeffrey Sisk - Managing Editor

"Todd Allison - Stonebridge Guitars"

"Stonebridge Guitars International, a line of hand built boutique guitars crafted in the heart of Europe, is proud to endorse one of today's best singer songwriters Jesse Terry. In the time we have gotten to work with and know Jesse he has shown an innate ability to create beautiful melodies and wonderful pop songs. We are glad to include Jesse in the ranks of other world-class Stonebridge artists such as Hall of Famer Thom Bresh, Richard Smith, Eddie Ferris (Ricky Skaggs) and Jon Conley (Kenny Chesney). " - Stonebridge Guitars

"Neilson Hubbard Quote"

“Jesse is a troubadour in the classic sense. His songs and voice remind me of James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, and even Ryan Adams. He writes with true craft, and his melodies linger with you long after just one listen. I have had such pleasure working with Jesse on two albums now. We have gotten to collaborate on arrangements and even do some co-writing. He sings the melodies with passion and believability every time. Each time we start working on the vocal of a song, I am struck by how great the songs are and how Jesse delivers them with such ease." - Neilson Hubbard (Kim Richey, Amy Speace, Matthew Perryman Jones, Garrison Starr)

"Bruce Swan - WPKN"

“A southern New Englander, hailing from Connecticut, Jesse Terry has crisscrossed the United States multiple times, played throughout Europe, has three albums to his name and is an overall great guy...As a radio programmer, I have enjoyed the privilege of meeting and interviewing many great performers over the years; I have met few nicer and more genuine than Jesse. Have a listen tonight and he will be a friend of yours too in no time at all... His songs are hopeful, reflective, and above all sincere." - WPKN

"Bring Me Up Reviews"

" know you have hit upon a true star when an acoustic simple set can have you wanting more. Jesse Terry has done just that with his raw emotion, exquisite vocals and prime plucking on his guitar." - Bring Me Up

"Listening Room Festival"

"Jesse Terry was a highlight of our festival. As headliner, he won over crowds at the Hideaway Cafe. As a house concert performer, he inspired several new hosts and thrilled the audiences that came to see him. In a business that often shows our flaws, Jesse brings nothing but strength to the stage... songs, voice, personality, and musicianship." - Fran Snyder

"Steve Seskin Quote"

"Jesse Terry is a true triple threat. He has a gorgeous voice and he knows how to use it to deliver his incredibly poignant, moving material." - Steve Seskin

"2012 Interview on PledgeMusic Campaign"

Guest post by Jesse Terry a nationally touring, award-winning singer-songwriter and road warrior. His music has been compared to the likes of Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Amos Lee, Neil Young and James Taylor.

Jesse's new LP "Empty Seat On A Plane" (iTunes ~ NoiseTrade) was completed as a result of his successful PledgeMusic campaign. The album was released to critical acclaim, being featured both on and as a 'New & Noteworthy' album on the iTunes store. In June of 2012 the esteemed New Music Seminar nominated Jesse as one of the Top 100 "Artists On The Verge". Most recently, Jesse has been endorsed by Stonebridge Guitars and LR Baggs.

And here's Jesse:

Hey there, my name is Jesse Terry and I'm a full time singer/songwriter/touring artist. I sometimes have some help from amazing friends in the music business, but essentially I'm a one-man operation; I self manage, book and market myself. I manage my social media and find a way to make my own recordings. Most of these skills did not come naturally to me and I had to learn a ton to make this career work (and I'm still learning a ton - always!). I have hired some amazing publicists, lawyers and radio promoters along the way who have helped me so much, but I had to build it from the ground up first.

The main thing I've learned in the last several years is: It's all about your fans!! You have to have that genuine connection to your fan-base and it has to be real. The gratitude has to be authentic or else people will see through it. As artists, we need our fans much more than they need us. I try to remember that every time I walk into a venue I'm playing.. or anytime someone messages me on facebook and I'd rather watch the tube. It's still crucial to produce our art (and shut down at times) but we have to take care of our fans and our business too.

Making my second record through PledgeMusic was an amazing experience. I realized that the extra time I had taken to connect with my fans (that extra five minutes talking to a perfect stranger after a show or that cd I gave to a nice kid etc. etc.) had built real relationships. And now these people wanted to help me. Yes, they enjoyed my music, but more than that, I think they wanted to help me because I showed them my genuine gratitude. As a result, over 200 people funded a record that I'm extremely proud of. And some amazing things have happened as a result of that record being born.

Relationship With Fans

My relationship with my fans is always paramount to me and my PledgeMusic campaign was the pinnacle of that. After each pledge I immediately wrote thank you emails to each and every pledger. During fulfillment I sent thank you notes and stickers to everyone that pledged at the CD level or higher (even if that technically wasn't a part of their exclusive). I bought cool stamps and personalized everything - postcards, tour posters, cds etc. I wanted it to be a unique, personal experience for my fans and I wanted to give them great value for their pledges and support.

I always aim to give my fans something of value in each monthly newsletter for free. In a sense it's not truly free. I just gave away a "free" live ep in my last newsletter. Instead of asking folks to pay for a download on iTunes I simply asked my fans to share that ep with their friends and family. They share the ep and then I'm collecting emails and hopefully gaining new fans all across the country/globe. So the next time I'm touring through Ohio I may have some new folks in the seats!

That right there is how I'm making a living, not from digital downloads. Their support is so valuable and I love seeing folks out on the road. I want folks to spread the word and know that I'm grateful for their help and for showing up. Personal relationships are everything and how I sustain my career. I still have my music available for purchase online but I don't focus on sell, sell, sell!

Budgeting and Pricing

I always leaned towards the lower price if I was struggling with a price. I wanted my Pledgers to feel like they got a great deal through my campaign:) I also stressed how valuable sharing and spreading the word was to me and the success of the campaign. I admit on the back end the budget was a bit tight!

I probably should have researched shipping and insurance costs a bit more for items like large framed prints. But oh well, we made it. And a lot of Pledgers hung up those prints on their walls and tagged us in the photographs (my wife is a photographer and we sold twenty of her framed prints). We've even sold some more of her prints since the campaign has ended. That was a very popular item. The $50-$100 exclusives are some of the most popular so be really creative and diverse at those price points. The $200 price point is nowhere near as popular but can make a huge difference if you have some cool exclusives in that range.

Marketing the Campaign

PledgeMusic helped me grow my em - Crowd Funding For Musicians

"Matheson's Entertainment "Empty Seat On A Plane" Record Review"

Take a little bit of Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Paul Simon and you get some idea of what singer-songwriter Jesse Terry sounds like. The folk/pop music that Jesse Terry creates feels right at home when played alongside the music of any of the aforementioned musicians. After garnering some well-deserved attention for his music including winning the Grand Prize for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Jesse Terry has taken more of his music and created his newest album entitled Empty Seat on a Plane.

In order to bring his music to life, Jesse Terry assembled a band that includes the multi-talented Neilson Hubbard, guitarist Kris Donegan, Pianist Danny Mitchell, drummer Evan Hutchings, singer Hannah Miller who added harmonies to the songs on the album, and Eamon McLoughlin and David Henry who added strings. Together with with Jim DeMain who mastered the album, the aforementioned musicians helped Empty Seat on a Plane by Jesse Terry to be a solid listening experience.

The title track begins the newest release from Jesse Terry. “Empty Seat on a Plane” is a track that has a sound that will remind some of songs by the Alternate Routes. In fact, “Empty Seat on a Plane” would feel very much at home on that band’s album Good and Reckless and True. The relaxing beat on the beautiful track by Terry makes for a very nice, easy way to get into the new release. The light playing of the guitar, piano, bass and drums create a folk-flavored track that has a sound that will have many sitting back and enjoying the music.

While Jesse Terry keeps the light feeling of “Empty Seat on a Plane” continue on the second track, that track, “Let the Blue Skies Go to Your Head,” has a slightly more energetic feel than the first track. The piano of Danny Mitchell and the guitar of Kris Donegan on the track work well together to give the song a timeless sound as it seems to fall anywhere from the seventies into the eighties.

There seems to be a theme of travelling running through the songs of Jesse Terry. Like on the title track of “Empty Seat on a Plane,” the song “Grace on a Train” contains slight references to travel as the singer finds someone who was beautifully different. This particular track brings back the sound of people like Jim Croce and especially John Sebastian, as the song “Grace on a Train” will no doubt remind you of the song “Darling Be Home Soon” from The Lovin’ Spoonful. All of the players in the band come together to create a song that blend the elements of the song into a track that sounds readymade for radio play. With the commercial quality of this song, “Grace on a Train” could be one of the songs that people will gravitate to.

The track “Bitterroot Valley” adds just a little bluesy feel to the release. The piano/organ from Danny Mitchell really gives the song some soulful feeling as do the background singers. The song sort of stands out from the other tracks because of the soul flavor but it still has enough familiarity to it that it doesn’t stray far from the sound of the rest of the release.

One of the prettiest songs on the new album from Jesse Terry is the track “Coyotes”. The acoustic guitars featured on the song help create a beautiful approach to the music and the vocals of singer Hannah Miller add an even stronger feeling of beauty to lyrics that aren’t so beautiful in their nature. “Coyotes” is not only beautiful; it’s also one of the strongest tracks of the twelve that create the setlist of the album.

Jesse Terry seems to have the talent to write in a way to make his songs seem more like stories. One of the songs on Empty Seat on a Plane that seems like a story because of the way Terry wrote the lyrics is the song “Barefoot Child”. The narrator in the song seems to tell the subject of the song to live in a carefree manner and don’t let things that don’t matter bother you.

The new release from Jesse Terry stays within a folk/rock sound throughout the twelve tracks that make up the album. Each song - Matheson's Entertainment Blog

"No Depression "Empty Seat On A Plane" Record Review"

Jesse Terry’s the kind of artist whose music can quickly grow on you, and it offers every indication of that fact even at the outset. With traces of John Mayer and more than a hint of Paul Simon, it comes across with a supple sound, one that’s both delicate and alluring and while still suggesting an intrinsic element that’s much deeper. The fact that Neilson Hubbard is at the helm as producer and primary instrumental accomplice lends its own measure of credibility, but Terry doesn’t seem to cry out for any assist, choosing instead to rely on meditative melodies like the title track, “Wishful Thinking” and “Grace On A Train.” Each is a glorious, gorgeous example of what can result when a songwriter is well versed in the delicate art of creating lilting refrains and tunes that ruminate and meditate as they get under the skin. That, of course, is part of the art of seduction, and it’s that breezy, unhurried approach and thoughtful manner that sets Terry apart. It also creates the impresstion that he’s an artist with potential staying power. Ultimately, Empty Seat On A Plane is a charmer of an album and one well worth falling for. - No Depression - Lee Zimmerman

"Jesse Terry’s Planes, Trains, And Automobiles - Record Review"

Reading Jesse Terry’s list of tour dates from the past few years is a lot like looking at an actual calendar. Almost every single day corresponds with yet another gig, often in an area hundreds of miles away from the previous night’s show. A self-described “road warrior,” Terry has played his way across the contiguous United States multiple times by now, and the wanderlust evident in his musical travels plays a major role on his new LP Empty Seat on a Plane. Whether he’s describing Montana’s Bitterroot Valley or the dusty back roads of Tennessee, it’s clear that Terry isn’t merely going through the lyrical motions. He’s been to each place, soaked up its essence, and reproduced it in the form of gorgeously sung folk songs. Even if he isn’t doing the traveling himself, Terry is busy imagining the voyages of others to far-away locales like Portugal, Spain, or France. He envisions cars, trains, and planes carrying people off to the bright new lives they want, or at least think they want.
That is not to say that Terry doesn’t maintain a strong sense of groundedness amidst his travels. Woven throughout the various narratives on Empty Seat on a Plane is an enduring sense of Americana. In Terry’s lyrics, home is less a single place than a group of ideas and images (ballparks, carnival rides, and wide-open roads) that conjure the unified feeling of America as one expansive home. Specific nods to gospel, funk, and blues instrumentally achieve a similar effect, compressing America’s vast musical history into portable tuneful mementos that give listeners a coherent sense of place no matter where they might be. Never crowded or ostentatious, Terry’s arrangements give each instrument just enough space to make these musical influences clear, and his soothing vocal delivery is calming without being sleep–inducing, which is a rare feat. While Terry has been accurately compared to the likes of Ryan Adams and James Taylor, Empty Seat on a Plane shows that now he may be well on the way to becoming a reference point for other up-and-coming singer-songwriters himself. -

"CMT July 2012 Feature on Notable New Releases"

The Zac Brown Band's Uncaged and Hank Williams Jr.'s Old School, New Rules lead the list of new country releases on Tuesday (July 10). The Zac Brown Band's new album includes their current single, "The Wind." It is their first project with their newest member, percussionist Daniel de los Reyes. Meanwhile, Williams' project includes "That Ain't Good" as well as duets with Merle Haggard and Brad Paisley. Other new releases include L.A. singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell's I Can See the Future, Red Dirt band Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition's Incommunicado, Nashville singer-songwriter Jesse Terry's Empty Seat on a Plane and bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent's Sunday Mornin' Singin' Live. -

"Story About Performing For Troops in Greenland"

Greenwich, CT—After a thorough and extremely competitive selection process in which thousands of applicants were hopeful of being chosen, Connecticut’s award-winning Jesse Terry was selected by Armed Forced Entertainment (AFE) to fly to Greenland to entertain military troops stationed there. Beginning next Wednesday, June 29 and through July 8, Terry and the stellar group of players he selected will perform and also teach and talk about music for troops stationed at the Thule Air Base, which is about 900 miles from the North Pole.

“I'm so honored to be giving a little something back to the troops,” said Terry. “I think we'll all let loose, play some rock n' roll and have a great time. Hopefully our performances will give them a little taste of home.”

He is also excited that there will be not only American troops, but also Danish and Greenlandic military personnel. Thule is in a remote part of Greenland that no commercial airlines fly into, so very few people outside of the military get to experience what Terry and his band will.

“Our military escort will be taking us on hikes and excursions on our days off,” he said. “We'll get to see vast ice sheets, glaciers, fly over the polar ice cap and hike up mountains. It should be an epic adventure.”

Along with Terry, he’s assembled an extremely talented cast that includes Matthew Pynn, Matt Tahaney, Peter Remm and David Brophy—all members of both Will Dailey and the Rivals as well as The Candles. Rounding out the group is Russell Chudnofsky, who has toured extensively with Lori McKenna and Catie Curtis.

“I'm excited to be taking this extremely talented band with me,” beamed Terry. “These are some of the best players and dudes in the Northeast. I can't wait to take this trip with them.”

On some of their non-performance days Terry and his band mates will be conducting workshops and clinics for the troops. He will be doing a songwriting/guitar workshop, and the rest of the band will be contributing with panels, workshops and lessons.

But ask Terry if he’s ever ventured to this part of the world, and he’ll tell you what many Americans might: “The farthest north I've ever been is Canada!” Soon he will be able to say just how close he was to the North Pole, but most of all, about how he was able to give back to those who protect us every day.

About Jesse Terry
With his down-to-earth appeal and deceptively sharp writing, Jesse Terry plants himself firmly among the most promising singer-songwriters of his generation. His 2009 debut, The Runner, which was licensed to popular MTV shows The Hills and The City, introduced him as an inspired prodigy with the potential to score big on the Americana scene. Michael McCall of Nashville Scene lauded Terry for offering "a sophisticated melodic touch to his tender musings about love and finding his place in the world." While the sounds of popular music become increasingly inflated, he wades into the fray with graceful, understated arrangements that embrace his ambitious songs. Jesse recently performed a Premiere Showcase at Far West Folk Alliance and is a regular at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville's premiere venue for emerging musical talent. He also recently performed at Florida’s prestigious 30A Songwriting Festival, alongside such songwriting luminaries as Rodney Crowell, Dar Williams, Mary Gauthier and Mat Kearney. He will be one of the headlining acts for this year’s Plymouth Folk and Blues Festival, held in Plymouth Notch, VT. Jesse is currently finishing up the songs for his second album, which will be recorded by heralded producer/engineer/mixer/artist Neilson Hubbard (Kim Richey, Matthew Perryman Jones, Amy Speace, Glen Phillips).

For more information, please visit - Revelations from Rebel Rod

"Billy Bop "Empty Seat On A Plane" Record Review"

Singer Songwriter Jesse Terry returns on this album to the basics of songwriting and embraces the roots of being a troubadour again. On this album produced by Neilson Hubbard, the songs are stripped down and brought to you without bells and whistles.

It is what I’m raised on according to Jesse and that is where my biggest influences are!

Tracks like “Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head”, “Wishful Thinking” or the incredibly strong “Bitterroot Valley” are only a handful of tracks that are worth listening to. It are also those tunes that shows you why Jesse has won a series of prizes on various contests across the US. With “Blue Touches Blue” Jesse Terry comes dangerously close with pop music, but fortunately it is only one sidestep on this album and it’s also a very good one!

“Empty Seat on a Plane” is without doubt a nice album for the coming summer! Something that will fit wonderful combined with a cold beer and a hot snack

Mr Blue Boogie - Billy Bop CD Reviews (Belgium)

"Article About Successful Pledge Music Campaign and Supporting Animal Rescue"

Jesse Terry, a singer and songwriter and Greenwich native, has sung in notable venues worldwide. In just this past year, he’s played at the 30A Songwriters festival, opened for Darrell Scott in Massachusetts, and even traveling to Greenland to perform for the troops. Currently, he’s on a tour of Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Despite his hectic schedule, he finds time to return to his roots. He has been a mainstayperformer at the Old Greenwich Farmers Market and has also put on fund-raising concerts for the Armstrong Court Community Garden, where his mother, Patty Sechi, is a director.

Aside from playing locally, he makes strong efforts to help out causes such as the humane treatment of animals. His second album is scheduled for release in 2012, and after the first $12,000 is raised, he will be donating 10% of the proceeds to the Connecticut Humane Society.

As a longtime lover of dogs, and proud owner of rescue dog, Mr. Terry had been on the lookout for an animal rescue organization to partner with. Upon learning about the work that the humane society does, and that it saves more than 6,500 animals a year, he knew he wanted to get involved, and support the charity in any way he could.

“I’ve always had a huge passion for animals, especially animals in need of rescuing. There are so many great causes out there and I’m lucky to perform at many different fund-raisers,” he said. “But this cause is especially dear to me. This organization gives animals a voice that wouldn’t have one otherwise. Someone needs to stand up for these animals and make sure that they are cared for. That’s what I think the Connecticut Humane Society does.”

Mr. Terry is raising funds for his album and the Connecticut Humane Society through Pledge Music, a music platform for independent artists. Through the sale of preordered albums and exclusive deals such as a private house concert and even a custom-written song, Mr. Terry hopes to surpass his target amount. In addition, he praises the platform’s incredibly interactive nature, which stresses a more intimate relationship with his fans. Pledgers gain access to exclusive updates such as free downloads, videos, blog posts, photos and behind the scenes footage.

“This whole experience has given me such a deep connection to my fans and friends and I’m so grateful for that,” Mr. Terry said. “Pledge Music essentially puts the power of the music business back in the hands of the people who truly matter: The fans. It also gives fans a unique opportunity to experience the entire journey with the artist.”

Another perk for pledgers is an earlier release date of Mr. Terry’s hotly anticipated second album. He estimates that the album will be fully mastered in December, and available for download on Pledge Music. However, due to major publicity campaigns, the official release date will be delayed several months, most likely in April 2012.

His passion for animal rights goes hand in hand with his philosophy about music. He describes his songs as a mixture of folk, rock and Americana, and with every song he writes, he strives for it to be truthful and timeless. He views music as a means of expressing truth and connecting with others. He believes that music is an efficient way of supporting a cause such as the humane society.

“I view music and performance as ideal vehicles to support wonderful causes, such as the Connecticut Humane Society. I think music is one of the most positive, universal forces in the world. When it is paired with a great cause that is truly a beautiful thing. I want my music to have a positive effect on the world and make a difference,” said Mr. Terry.
- The Greenwich Post

"Scrink: Bring Me Up "Empty Seat On A Plane" Record Review"

Here we have an artist who genuinely has individual artistic talent. Of course a backing band is always helpful, but I think you know you have hit upon a true star when an acoustic simple set can have you wanting more. Jesse Terry has done just that with his raw emotion, exquisite vocals and prime plucking on his guitar. This is perfect summer music, windows down music and something you’d like to have on while sipping lemonade outside at the beach.

On July 10th critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Jesse Terry releases his most courageously emotional music, Empty Seat on a Plane. “Songwriting is a healing force for me. I’ve used it to talk about my turbulent childhood, and to express emotions about love, loss, and hope. Songwriting saved my life—I was in a dark place before it found me,” the NYC-based troubadour reveals. Terry refined his songcraft at Berklee College Of Music, where he studied songwriting and performance. Upon graduation, he landed a plum gig as a staff songwriter for a respected publishing house in Nashville, and dove into Music City’s vibrant local scene.

His music reminds me a little bit of Matt Nathanson and Ryan Adams combined; both of which are a very good thing in my mind and to my ears. His music is definitely worthy of using the repeat button.

Download & Listen:

Jesse Terry – “Grace On A Train” [mp3]

Enjoy! -

"Goodnight Hestia "Empty Seat On A Plane" Record Review"

In the life of a troubadour, is there anything more enticing than the love of a good woman and the lure of the road? The presence and promise of both loom large in singer-songwriter Jesse Terry’s sophomore album Empty Seat on a Plane, scheduled for release on July 10. The record is less a collection of songs than an invitation to join Terry on an emotional odyssey. Empty Seat on a Plane is deeply personal, but not impenetrable to an audience.
Terry’s 2009 debut The Runner was a well-crafted, accesible folk-pop album that spoke of yearning for the seemingly unattainable, whether it be affection or peace of mind. His collaborations with other talented scribes accurately captured the restlessness of a youthful soul. However, if the The Runner centered around a young man’s wandering spirit, the self-penned Empty Seat on a Plane revolves around a maturing man who’s drawn to the road, but no longer on the run.
Purposely sparse production lends Empty Seat on a Plane a light, unburdened feel. Producer Neilson Hubbard gives Terry’s lyrics and melodies plenty of room to breath and never overpowers them with heavy instrumentation. While appropriate flourishes are added to songs (the organ vamp on the soulful “Bitterroot Valley” for one) the focus is squarely on the stories that unfold over the course of the album. The vivid imagery that was also present in The Runner remains, but the physical scenery also evokes an emotional landscape. Details of Terry’s travels (both literal and figurative) over land, sea, and air provide a lens into his personal reflections on love, fear, and mercy.
While many albums begin with an uptempo number to grab an audience’s attention, Terry pointedly avoids that practice on Empty Seat on a Plane. The languid title track gives listeners their first glimpse of the woman (Terry’s wife Jess) who sets the musical journey into motion. The song is not a typical “boy meets girl” narrative; rather, the audience meets the couple at a pivotal moment in their relationship when love causes the pair to take a leap of faith. Rather than return home, a crucial decision is made to remain: “You know we’re coming up on winter/You can’t stand the cold at all/But you chose to stay, anyway,” Terry marvels. The track lazily conjures images of the couple segueing into a new life, even as the world scurries around them. The song isn’t boring, but the message to the audience is clear: Pull up a chair. This story’s going to take awhile.
The lilting “Grace on a Train” is the cornerstone of Empty Seat on a Plane. Terry acknowledges both his initial dismissal and eventual acceptance of grace: ”I know I listened to her then/But never thought of it again/Until I saw her face by chance/When my life jumped the tracks.” That realization lays the groundwork for his acceptance of all the events that will eventually occur in his life, including meeting his wife.
It’s that same grace that enables Terry to take his own leap of faith in the understated ballad “Tightrope.” A tasteful violin solo by Eamon McLoughlin underscores the beauty of the song. Emphasizing his own loss of inhibitions, Terry confesses, “In her embrace I’m left without armor.” That sentiment of embracing vulnerability in the face of love is later echoed in the sweeping number “Scared of Nothing”: “You and I we lived our whole lives, in a fortress/So I feel like I know where you’ve been /And I guess that you/Never really lose your scars from that/Until you truly find your other half.” Lyrically, Terry never settles for easy cliches about happiness, instead opting to explore the warts and rewards of relationships.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, the considerably darker “Coyotes” finds Terry coming to terms with betrayal: “I remember them smiling/When they left me for dead.” Although tempted to succumb to a desire for revenge, he ultimately opts to leave the past behind.
In the age of iTunes, the audience might be tempted to pick and choose among th - Goodnight Hestia

"Relate Magazine 2012 "Empty Seat On A Plane" Record Review"

The first time I listened to Jesse, I wasn’t completely paying attention. I knew that I wouldn’t be, but I wanted a feel for his music. On that first listen, I decided that he wasn’t going to have an easy sell, but that’s okay because music I have to work hard to understand and enjoy usually has longer longevity. So I didn’t expect to discover on my second listen that I had either paid more attention than I thought, or this album has a nice familiarity that settles into the subconscious; I was humming along to melodies and recognizing general themes that had more grip than I initially understood. I love being surprised like that.

Stand outs include “Let the Blue Skies Go To Your Head” for not only the melody but the portrait the song paints of a girl who is afraid to take chances. ”Wishful Thinking” followed close behind; I loved that he unabashedly believes anything is possible-the chorus is perfection, but so is the line “But what I fear most is waking uninspired.”. “Blue Touches Blue” is one of the songs that integrated into my head on that initial listen, and I loved the message that even if we don’t always feel as if we belong, we still have a place for us, and it’s usually accompanied by an initial realization that makes us feel truly alive and appreciative of every moment. “Barefoot Child” also deserves a mention; I love that Jesse encourages to maintain some innocence-”Go on ahead, never be touched/Don’t get caught stumblin’ with the likes of us.”

Jesse may have forgone the “bells and whistles” for this album, but Empty Seat on a Plane is anything but lacking. The piano sprinkled throughout, the hint of soul on “Bitterroot Valley,” the expanse of country encased in a song (“Coyotes”), and the beautiful simplicity of all of it make this album a pleasure to discover.

The album is scheduled to drop July 10-be sure to check it out, and for more information, please visit - Relate Magazine

""The Runner" Record Review on Melodic Sunburst"

I normally don’t write pieces off the cuff. However, according to my records I’ve had Jesse Terry’s debut record The Runner on my iPod since February 15 and I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about him for nearly two months now. With a CD release party rapidly approaching I’ve finally given up on the idea of writing a full-fledged review, even though now’s as good a time as any to ponder why he isn’t already famous.
Let’s start with the basics: He’s a singer-songwriter in Nashville by way of Connecticut. Call him folk, alt-country, Americana – just know that his music is good great. He writes intelligent songs that are thankfully devoid of any of that ludicrous “Look girls! I’m sensitive!” posturing. From the introspective title track through the bluesy swagger of “Lay Your Hands on Me” and the lush imagery of “Sedona,” The Runner is a top-notch record from beginning to end. If any of this sounds vaguely appealing, just listen to the music. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Looking for free downloads? Check out the EPK. However, it would be even better if you hop over to Amazon, iTunes, Digstation, or CDBaby, and plunk down some cash. The record is well worth your money. - Melodic Sunburst

""The Runner" Record Review on"

For the past few weeks i’ve lived in Nashville-land. Not the city itself, but the so called country music that represents it. It’s been a rough stay. I’ve got a grin plastered on my face that doesn’t at all represent my current emotional state and is making my face hurt, my teeth are dry, i’m speaking in trite cliches that make people think i’m developmentally slow, and my only topic of conversation seems to be “shallow love gone wrong” even though I currently have no reason to talk about that particular topic, nor is it at all relevant to the world at large right now. I feel stale, and cheesy, and pre-packaged… lowest-common-denominator-ish. It’s bad. I need to detox.

Needless to say i was a little apprehensive when i saw Jesse Terry had submitted to TuneJar. I was, and am, in no mood to listen to formulaic schlock. Fortunately, Jesse Terry gave me a soothing bath…ummmmm…that sounds wrong. After listening to Jesse though i feel like i’ve just been loofa’d, scrubbed clean of pop country filth, and suddenly have a renewed hope in what country can be, and should be, coming out of Nashville.

This is honestly some of the best country music i’ve heard in awhile. The three songs you’ll hear here are the epitome of showing diversity in style, pristine musicianship, and excellent songwriting while still staying true to country roots. “The Runner” sounds like The Eagles if they had originated about a 1000 miles east of Colorado, “Pray It’s not the Delta” is country through and through, and “Lay Your Hands On Me” brings soul into a music genre that often should be the most soulful but unfortunately isn’t. Jesse wraps all of this in a voice that is actually…well…good. That’s hard to come by in country music. There is no affectation in the southern lilt. It’s honest and effortless. Unlike the Chesney’s and Atkin’s of the country world, he doesn’t hide a bad voice with a ridiculous twangy delivery. This is real.

Here’ the thing that’s extremely telling and sad to me though. It may have been a necessity of the form he had to fill out, but you’ll notice Jess clarified his sub-genre as being Alt-Country. This stuff shouldn’t be the alternative, it should be the heart of the genre. The should BE the genre. Unfortunately it’s not. Hopefully Jesse will change that.

TJ Stafford

- Tunejar

"Nashville Notes in Berklee Today"

By week's end, students and faculty alike had showed signs of fatigue, but the Alumni Showcase at the local hot spot 12th & Porter changed all that. The group was treated to three hours of phenomenal music from talented Berklee alumni who have made Nashville their home. It was a great way to end the week and a perfect send-off for the students. Performers included Jesse Terry '04, Natalie Prass '05, James Ferrell, Larissa Maestro '04, Dillon Dixon '91, Emily Shackelton '07, Justin Bethune '07, Jenn Bostic '08, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas '07, Natalie Stovall '04, Dave Petrelli '05, Charlie Hutto '06, Carley Tanchon '08, Adam Ollendorff '07, Eric Massey '06, Steve Sinatra '06, and Megan James '07.

Alumni have made news beyond spring break as well. The previously mentioned Megan James recently secured her first cut as a professional songwriter-and what a cut it is! Cowritten by James, "Shine" is slated to be Jo Dee Messina's first single off her new album. Rachel Hoffman '05, Nashville director of the Music Playhouse LLC recently performed in the organization's fourth annual children's concert. The organization provides and promotes early-childhood music education. Also performing was Eve Fleishman '05, who works in children's music and recently released her first solo album of jazz-folk-pop songs titled Peace or Drama. Nomad Ovunc '04, Joseph S. Smith '05, Sarah Johnson '05, and Charlie Worsham are also featured on the disc. Songwriter Jesse Terry released his debut album, The Runner, on April 12. It features a cast of outstanding sidemen. He has started touring regionally to get the word out about the disc. - Berklee College of Music

""The Runner" Record Review from The Guest List Magazine"

When you are around Nashville and step into any of its numerous bars, honky-tonks, or clubs you are likely to find a great artist, whether it be a writer or performer, or both. In other words as said artist it is tough to make an impact in an over saturated town. However, there is that occasion when someone comes along that just simply writes great songs. Jesse Terry writes greats songs. It is rare that someone releases an album where the first song, in this case the title track "The Runner," grabs your attention due to its creative lyric and hook but then as you dig forward you literally listen to the songs just keep getting better and better from track to track. His pop driven singer/songwriter vibe is surrounded by folk and country influences as he sings songs that are simple, about real life situations that make everything on this album pretty easy to relate to. The more upbeat country driven aspects of the album like "Devil Will Dance," present a more dirt road feel to it and will likely gain comparisons to the likes of Jack Ingram. While the more pop driven side of things like "Pray It's Not The Delta," see Terry presenting a foot tapping style that begs to be compared to those late 60's/early 70's gems like "Lake Shore Drive." No matter what style it is Terry is presenting to you, this is an album that is about the song and lyric. He tells a great story with a great mainstream styled sound to it that will keep you listening and before you know it the album will come to an end and you are going to want to listen to it again. - The Guest List Magazine

"Story in the Norwalk Hour"

If you're from Wilton, you might have known Jesse Terry as the guy who worked at Picchione's deli before his graduation from Wilton High School in 1997. You might have known him as the son of composer Michael Terry and artist Patty Sechi. You might have known him as one of a number of skater kids who hung out on the high school's back wall.

This year, if everything goes according to plan, Terry will be known as the latest rising star out of Nashville. The 30-year-old Wilton native will release his first album, "The Runner," on Wednesday, April 22.

"I think my teachers would like to see that I turned out OK," said Terry, now a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and a resident of Nashville.

"The Runner" is self-released -- Terry says he's shopping it around to publishers now -- but songs from the album might be heard nationally very soon; "The Runner" was just licensed to nine television shows, including "The Hills," "The City" and "The Real World."

"It's great exposure," said Terry. The singer-songwriter admits that he's not a huge "Hills" fan, but says he's looking forward to watching the show if his music is going to be featured this season.

"I can't wait to see the drama going on while my song is playing," he laughed.

Terry says he didn't really find his path until he found music. He became a songwriter at the age of 18; he spent most of his teenage years focusing on visual art instead.

"Both my parents were musicians, so I tried to avoid it," he said.

It was only after he was immobilized by pneumonia that Terry first considered music.

"My mom gave me her guitar because I was so bored," he said. "I've never stopped... I got into Berklee (College of Music) after only playing for a few years."

Terry graduated from Berklee in 2004 and moved down to Nashville shortly afterward. While he was a senior at Berklee, he won grand prize in the CMT/NSAI songwriting contest, which is sponsored by the Nashville Songwriter's Association and Country Music Television.

When he arrived in Nashville in 2004, he scored a full-time songwriting job with Masville Music. Then he began working on his own album.

Many of the songs have been in Terry's catalogue for years.

"Some of these songs are six and seven years old. Your first album is like your life, you know."

Terry refers to his genre as "Americana." There are elements of country music in his songs; but there are also elements of folk and pop. You might hear a little James Taylor in his music, you might hear some Paul Simon and you might hear some Jackson Browne. He attributes those influences to his parents.

"My parents raised me on great music," said Terry. "Listening to the Beatles and listening to James Taylor, you felt like you knew them. It was a comfort. Hopefully my music will be a comfort to other people."

For more information, or to purchase "The Runner," visit

- The Norwalk Hour

"Story about winning the CMT contest"

CMT NSAI Song Contest Underway
Last Year's Winner Already Signed to Publishing Deal
November 18, 2004; Written by Edward Morris
With the deadline fast approaching for the fifth annual CMT NSAI Song Contest, it's worth noting that last year's winning songwriter has already aligned himself with one of Nashville's most noted songwriters.

Open to amateur songwriters only, the competition offers a variety of top prizes, including a music publishing contract, a three-day trip to Nashville and the opportunity to perform on CMT's Cross Country stage during the 2005 CMA Music Festival in June. Entries will be accepted through Nov. 30.

The Nashville Songwriters Association International, a trade group for professional and aspiring songwriters, oversees the contest, assigns judges from its ranks of professional songwriters and board members and promotes the winning entries to music publishers and recording artists via a compilation CD.

Jesse Terry, last year's winner who placed two songs in the contest's Top 20, recently signed to Masville Music, the publishing company of prize-winning songwriter Mark Alan Springer. Among Springer's own hits are Kenny Chesney's "That's Why I'm Here," Tanya Tucker's "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane" and Collin Raye's "One Boy, One Girl." He is currently co-writing with Terry.

"I went out and met with Jesse and was impressed by him," Springer says. "I realized he was a winner -- and in more than just the song contest. He's just a good guy. He's got a whole lot of potential."

Springer reports that Terry, a native of Boston, now has several songs in his company's publishing catalog.

"He's a lot further along than I was when I got here -- that's for sure," Springer notes.

Participating publishers in this year's competition include such heavy-hitters as BMG, Sony, EMI, Curb, Cal IV and Warner Chappell. Winners have the final say on which company they will sign their songs to.

The 2004 contest drew about 6,000 entries, according to NSAI marketing director Virginia Davis. The publishing prize, she says, "allows them to get their foot in the door [on Music Row] and allows their publisher to work their winning song for a year." Terry's winning song, "You're Still On My Mind," so impressed NSAI's executive director Bart Herbison, Davis adds, that he personally pitched it to Springer.

Each entrant must submit a CD or cassette recording of his or her original song, along with a lyric sheet and the specified entry fee. Davis stresses, however, that the judges take into account only the quality of the song, not the recording. The NSAI hires professional singers and musicians to record the winning entries for the compilation CD that's circulated to publishers and record labels.

The NSAI will use all proceeds from the contest to lobby for laws to protect songwriters' rights.
- CMT and Nashville Songwriters International

"Kings of A&R Feature"

Check out Devil Will Dance by Nashville’s Jesse Terry who has quickly become a KOAR favorite. Jesse just released his debut album “The Runner” which was produced by The Click Five’s bassist Ethan Mentzer. His parents infused his childhood with music and art, and exposed him to the likes of Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles. At a young age he studied with two well-known painters, both of whom encouraged him to enter art school, instead, he focused solely on music. Jesse has won a laundry list of songwriter awards and his Americana style is influenced by ’70’s pop, giving him an accessible sound that is different than everything coming out of Nashville today. Next show: Jun 11th at Third and Lindsley in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information contact - Kings of A&R

"Cardinal Playlists "Empty Seat On A Plane" - Record Review & Interview"

Posted by Cardinal Playlists on 02/01/2012 · Leave a Comment

“I guess even us ramblers have to grow up someday.”
Genre: Country/ Folk/ Acoustic
Jesse Terry is one of the premier song writers of our generation, channeling a culmination of legendary influences into one marketable package. Jesse moved to Nashville in 2004 to try his hand at song writing and live the dream, so to speak, where he found success almost immediately. After signing to Massville Music, Jesse consistently earned his place among Nashville’s notorious residents by hemorrhaging quality songs at an alarming rate. Some of his accomplishments include: winning grand prize in the 2003 CMT/NSAI song writing contest, winning grand prize in 2007's John Lennon song writing contest for country music, and winning grand prize in 2011's (round six) We Are Listening song writing awards for the title track of his new cd.
With Empty Seat On A Plane, Jesse hopes to keep up the momentum by presenting his audience with a thoughtful collection of songs that are as pretty as they are catchy. The songs are all easily relatable stories, drawing the listener in and keeping their attention through a delivery that is both powerful and moving. The intimate guitar playing and clean tone of Jesse’s voice make the album an enjoyable listen all the way through. Haunting piano parts and atmospheric string ensembles give the songs a life of their own and Jesse’s lyrical abilities transport the listener right into the thick of the stories, making them feel as though they are part of the album itself. I’m excited about this record and I see big things in the future for Jesse Terry, not only because of his masterful song writing but because he is a really honest and sincere guy. I believe that his drive, his talent, and his countenance will pave his road to success.
I’ve been in talks with Jesse for a while about the new record, his musical influences, and what comic book powers are really the coolest. Read our conversation below:
CP: What artists inspired you to write the way you are and helped develop your style?
JT: I’ve always been inspired by the classic singer/songwriters; Neil Young, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, The Band and The Beatles will probably always be my biggest influences. I started out playing guitar by learning James Taylor tunes so I’ve always had a love for finger-picking.. I use a pick too but I love the finger-picked style. I think you have to emulate your heroes for awhile and then hopefully after a while you develop your own personal and distinctive voice.
CP: What’s the coolest memory you have from a show?
JT: Tough question! I’ve had so many great shows and memories. I proposed to my wife in the middle of a sold-out round at The Bluebird Cafe ( and I think that show probably takes the cake. Magical night, great audience and she said yes. What more can you ask for?
CP: What is your favorite thing to write about? Do you have any specific memories that you pull emotion from or is it about every day, or stories?
JT: I don’t have a favorite thing. I think it just applies to what’s going on in my life at the time.. Or it could be an unresolved emotion or memory that I want to explore and heal. The only rule I have is that I must have an emotional connection to the song. I must be writing about truth. If the song is not coming from truth, then it’s all craft. And that to me is not fulfilling. There is no emotion or expression there.
CP: How has your music matured since you began playing?
JT: Hopefully I get better all of the time as a writer, singer and player. I’m always working at getting better and trying to learn from folks that I think are better than me! More than anything I think my writing is more honest and transparent than it’s ever been. I’ve opened up in songs more than I ever have in real life.
CP: What w -

"We Are Listening Music Industry Blog"

After winning The Singer/Songwriter Awards in the last quarter of 2008, Jesse Terry opted to work with We Are Listening’s accredited music supervisor and founder of Tinderbox Music, Jon Delange, as his prize package. With only ten copies of Jesse’s latest release, “The Runner”, Jon secured no less than nine network-sized television placement licenses on Jesse’s behalf, including MTV (Road Rules, The Real World, Road Rules Challenge, The Hills, The City, Human Giant, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Teen Cribs, Parental Control); E Network (Keeping Up With the Kardashians); and Oxygen Network (Bad Girls Club). The relative ease in which Jon placed “The Runner” is a reflection of Jesse’s adaptive songwriting style and compatibility with today’s leading pop-culture entertainment.

“Just got news that nine TV shows (including The Hills and The City) are interested in using music from my record. I am holding the licenses in my hand!! This is all possible because of We Are Listening and your investment in my career. I’m so grateful. I feel like things are really starting to line-up…” — Jesse - We Are Listening

""The Runner" Record Review on"

Jesse Terry has a great voice and he knows how to use it, even if you're not a huge fan of Country music, his debut album "The runner" is easy to love because it's filled with heartfelt songs that are both timeless and enchanting.
It's easy to get carried away while listening to this album, Jesse truly sings from his heart and it feels like he's singing to me.
This Nashville based singer/songwriter is influenced by artists like Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, Neil Young etc.
I love his mix of Americana, country and folkrock - imagine Don Henley collaborating with Bruce Hornsby writing songs for Vince Gill and you get an idea of how "The Runner" sounds like.
There are also moments when I think Jesse is Americas answer to Sweden's Stefan Andersson, you might remember his 1992 hit "Catch the moon".
Listen to "Ghost town" which bring thoughts to Stefan Andersson a lot, another cool thing is that The Click Five's bassist Ethan Mentzer has produced this album.
Highly recommendable! -

"Review From Hardrock Haven"

Jesse Terry’s debut album, The Runner, has been years in the making. Jesse moved to Nashville in 2004 and has been networking and writing ever since.
It’s probably a telling sign to see so many musicians listed in the credits. With 16 musicians and vocalists lending their skills to the creation of this album, you would have higher than average expectations for this release. Any time you can get that kind of support, you’ve got something special.
The best way to categorize Jesse Terry’s music, would be to say it’s a mix of contemporary pop and blues rock with a country vibe. The general feel of the album reminds you of Tom Petty, the Eagles, (minus a few harmonies of course) or Paul Simon.
“Noise”, while a track with simple production, is certainly one of the highlights of the album. It’s one hundred percent love song, but the lyrics are vague enough, that it could be about a lover, parent or even God. The way Jesse paints you a picture is brilliant. He sings about not being able to hear the children laughing or hear what they’re saying and about not being able to hear the song birds singing and punctuates the theme in the phrase “Without your sweet voice, all the world is noise”.
Another hot track is “Edges”. It, like the rest of the songs on the album, has smooth, natural production values. The tempo and feel is mellow, but the chorus is really catchy.
While The Runner isn’t Hardrock Haven’s typical rock/metal genre, it is a quality album. If you like the adult contemporary or folk/rock or country styles, you’ll quickly find Jesse Terry to be a new favorite of yours. -


Jesse Terry “Stargazer” LP (August 2017)

Jesse Terry “Natural” LP (Slated for early 2018 Release)

Jesse Terry “The Calm & The Storm” EP (January 2015)

Jesse Terry "Stay Here With Me" LP (November 2013)

Jesse Terry "Empty Seat On A Plane" LP (July 2012)

Jesse Terry "The Runner" LP (2009)

Oscar Bravo "Hey Rosaline" EP (2003)

Download free music here:




2019 Keynote Speaker & Featured Artist - Singer-Songwriter of Cape May Festival

2018, 2017, 2012 & 2011 30A Songwriters Festival Artist 

2018 & 2014 CT Folk Festival Artist - Headlining Artist

2017 Americana Music Association - AMERICANAFEST - Official Showcasing Artist

2016 & 2017 Musikfest Artist

2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Artist - Club Stage (headliners include Billy Joel, Mumford and Sons & My Morning Jacket)

2015 Philadelphia Folk Festival Artist (headliners include Lyle Lovett, North Mississippi All Stars and Arlo Guthrie)

2015 Bonnaroo NoiseTrade Mixtape (alongside Brandi Carlile, Gergory Alan Isakov and Guster)

2014 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 

2014 Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival Artist

2014 International Songwriting Competition - 1st Place Americana Category

2014 Unsigned Only Competition Double Finalist 

2014 Listening Room Network Artist of the Year

2013 Folk Alliance International Formal Showcase

2013 & 2014 Martha's Vineyard Songwriter Festival Artist

TV Placements on ABC’s Forever, The CW Network's Hart of Dixie, Lufthansa Airlines In-Flight Radio, A&E's Biography, Nature Raised Farms TV Commercial, Good Morning America and PBS' Roadtrip Nation.

2012 & 2014 Northeast Folk Alliance Quad Showcase

2012 Mountain Stage Northeast NewSong Finalist

2012 New Music Seminar Top 100 "Artist on Verge

2012 Listening Room Festival Artist

2011 Armed Forces Entertainment Tour - Thule, Greenland

2010 Far West Folk Showcase

2004 to 2009 - Nashville Staff Songwriter (Masville Music)

Grand Prize Winner Of: The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, The CMT/NSAI Songwriting Contest, The We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards and the Finals.


City Winery NYC, The Bluebird Cafe, Freight and Salvage, The Alberta Rose Theatre, Eddie's Attic, Narrows Center For The Arts, Tupelo Music Hall, The Troubadour, Infinity Music Hall, Passim, Jammin' Java, Joe's Pub, Berklee Performance Center, Columbus Performing Arts Center, The Kate Theatre, Third and Lindsley, Outpost In The Burbs, Chukkar Farm, World Cafe Live, Me and Thee, Columbia City Theatre, 12th and Porter, The Pacific Jewel, Thule Air Base Greenland, Acoustic Long Island, Sanctuary Concerts, Infinite Energy Center, The Great Escape Festival, Tiree Music Festival, Dot to Dot Festival, Tiree Music Festival.


Stonebridge Guitars International
G7th Capos


Jesse Terry is an internationally touring, award-winning singer-songwriter whose intimacy with audiences, sincerity, and approachability has solidified him as a favorite at festivals and live venues nationwide. With five full-length albums under his belt, The RunnerEmpty Seat On A PlaneStay Here With Me, Stargazer & Natural, Terry's lyrical mastery, emotional depth, and soothing voice have often been compared to the likes of Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Paul McCartney and James Taylor, reaching deep into listeners’ hearts to envelope them in shared joy, sadness, love, and unrelenting hope. The Grand Prize winner of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and The CMT/NSAI Song Contest, he has garnered worldwide acclaim including the elite honor of performing for US and NATO troops stationed at Thule Air Base in Greenland, and an official endorsement by Stonebridge Guitars International. 

"His ability to craft memorable songs is complimented by his supreme ability to deliver them in a sometimes funny, sometimes gut wrenching, but always sincere and authentic manner,” praises Dave Dircks, host of the #1 Acoustic Podcast on iTunes, Acoustic Long Island. “At the core of it all, his personality – sunny naivety meets gritty wisdom – is what sets Jesse Terry apart…” Person by person, state by state, country by country, his fans, supporters, and colleagues have grown exponentially in the past few years, including at multiple gigs where he opened for major artists such as Darrell Scott, Paula Cole, Tony Lucca, Red Molly, Kim Richey, Liz Longley, and founder of Jefferson Airplane, Marty Balin.

Visit Jesse’s Official Website here for more music, press, tour dates and videos:

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