Jesse Weeks

Jesse Weeks

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN


Weeks continues to prove that he is among Canada's elite songwriters. After winning this years Radiostar National Songwriting Competition, Weeks released his debut album "Somewhere In The Distance" to excellent reviews. Toronto Star gave 3/4 stars and TorontoNew24 identified Jesse as one of Canada's powerful new songwriters.

Jesse's first single, the albums title track, received significant radio, satellite & Galaxie airplay. The song was also embraced by the Christian community, reaching #18 on the Canadian Christian Radio Chart alongside Switchfoot and Jars Of Clay.

"Answers" was another song of Jesse's which received preferential attention. After being featured on CTV in association with the series finale of the hit TV show "LOST", the music video has been remade into a vivid and haunting dedication to members of the Canadian Forces and their families. "Answers" was also licensed to the CBC for a new show entitled "Village On A Diet".

Jesse has been performing in and around Toronto this year as well as traveling to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Tokyo to promote his music.

Jesse is currently writing with Hawksley Workman and preparing to record some new material with Bill Bell (Justin Nozuka).


Bloodshed In Our Streets

Written By: Jesse David Weeks

Bloodshed In Our Streets

The Sunday Sun headline reads “HOMICIDE”

The front page picture shows a mother as she cried

She’s missing her son who should be by her side

It’s that, oh too familiar story of city gunfire in the night

So comfort me as I weep, I shed a tear over the bloodshed in our street


Don’t have to go around the world no; don’t have to go to USA

Don’t have to go to Middle East, There’s bloodshed in our streets.


Tender age of 15 and Michael’s got a gun

He carries it in his waistband for his protection

He’s fighting a battle that can not be won

And there’s plenty of jobs in this big town oh please lay your weapons down

And forgive me in my rage, we need strong leadership to help us make a change


And selflessness over selfishness will lead to a brighter future

Servant hood over self serving will make the world a better place

And I know, I know, I’ve seen it work before

Humility and love open the door

But on the streets there’s still a war


Pull Over To The Right

Written By: Jesse David Weeks

When you hear the siren, pull-over to the right
When you see the red lights, pull-over to the right
I’m right behind you, pull-over to the right
Your in my way in my lane so pull-over

Verse 1
It’s my job to serve and protect,
The neighborhood slept as the criminal crept
I’m about to head over and take a look,
If I get there quick enough I may catch the crook
If not that’s ok, I still get paid,
They’ll strike again and get caught another day
Cause if it wasn’t for greed, there wouldn’t be many,
But as it stands now we catch plenty
There’s young kids and teenagers who steal the bling,
Then career criminals who’re just doing their thing.
There’s passion crimes by normal people just living
Burnt to the end of their fuse and made a real bad decision
There’s the homeless and poor who steal to live
Its too bad cause there’s many places willing to give
There’s so many other reasons man, that’s just a few
But I gotta go to a shooting now what’s new

Hook x 2

Verse 2

Out on the street these kids are getting restless,
Out all night up at lunch to eat breakfast
All day clown around here and there without a care,
Getting bored so they snatch that ladies purse over there
That’s when I get upset and gotta put down my food
Try to talk some sense into some kid whose rude
Hey man I’m you age, I’m just like you,
I like girls, cars, bikes and fun things to do
Now you know this is wrong, you know its crime,
It’s too bad cause you didn’t have to cross the line
There’s lots of oppourutnities out there, you gotta look
Why not start your own business or read a book
Now I’ll take you to the station and probably jail
I just hope you smarten up when you get out on bail
I had to lock him up now matter how bad I felt
Put that behind and onto the next call for help


Can you hear me, I said pull-over
Pull-over to the right hand shoulder
Can you hear me, I said pull-over
Get out the way or it’s over


Verse 3

There’s tons of guns getting strapped,
Tons of guns you gotta watch the way you act
Tons of guns to say the least, there’s no lack
Tons of guns on the streets that a fact
But fortunately for the city’s citizens and civilians,
Good guys on the street got guns by the millions
Don’t wanna use them but we will if we must
That the time we fly by leaving you in the dust
I gotta life to save, I gotta save the day
I gotta soul to pave, I gotta pave the way
I do it for the people, try not to fuss
About actors who play cops and make millions of bucks
I don’t mind that much but you know what sucks
It seems like everybody’s always against us
But forget that, cause this ain’t a serious song
Remember, look to the rear when your driving along

Hook x 2


Written By: Jesse David Weeks/Doug Romanow



Did you ever get the feeling you were fighting a war?

Did you ever wonder what on earth are you fighting for?

I, I’ve fallen behind more than once before, but now

It’s time to settle the score. And I can feel it, feel it, feel it x2

Lift you’re hands up, show me you’re fists, Lift you’re hands up, we’re fighting for this

I know, I know, we’ll gain victory


We’ll be Victorious over the foe, strike ‘em down with a mighty blow

We got an all star team and the glory’s with us, we’re gunna be Victorious


Ain’t no runner up, don’t mention second place.

Where has your hope gone? Boy, take that frown off your face.

Time to hussle up cause I won’t stand for being disgraced.

No time to waste cause time can’t be replaced


Have you ever felt pain and agony?

Have you known what it’s like to be locked up instead of free?

I, I’ve got this burning within me, I wanna win, I want victory

Pick your heart up, give it your best, don’t stop till you drop, don’t settle for less

I know, I know we’ll gain Victory

Follow The Melody

Written By: Jesse Weeks

Follow The Melody

Everybody’s got something that’s close to the heart, part of personality
I know I found something that’s real; I can feel it every time I breathe
Overflowing from my soul

I cruise down the street
Nod to the beat
Feeling the vibe of the music through my seat
I don’t know where life will take me
But I know I’ll follow the melody
Down the street
Hits on repeat
Feeling the pulse of the concrete through my feet
I don’t know where life will take me
But I know I’ll follow the melody

Everybody’s got a song inside; they can hide or make reality
Mine’s a flame that’s burning bright, shine a light for everyone to see
I grab the wheel and take control

I cruise down the street
Nod to the beat
Feeling the vibe of the music through my seat
I don’t know where life will take me
But I know I’ll follow the melody
Down the street
Hits on repeat
Feeling the pulse of the concrete through my feet
I don’t know where life will take me
But I know I’ll follow the melody

I’ll drive until I come to crossroads I don’t understand
I’ll pull onto the shoulder, clear my head and take your hand
Together we can find the answer to this mystery
Together we can speed away