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Jessica Speziale

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Rock Adult Contemporary




"Exclusive Interview with Singer/Songwriter, Jessica Speziale"

On March 22 at Cherry Cola’s, singer/songwriter, Jessica Speziale, had a screening for her new music video, “Brace Yourself.” The screening was part of the Queen Street Festival hosted by Music City North.

Matt Green Media caught up with Speziale a week later; they discussed the screening of her video, her EP and the plans for her next record. “I’m still flying,” Speziale said. “That was one of my favourite nights of the year for sure.”

Speziale began working on the music video in June 2012. “It took us quite a while to get the whole thing together,” Speziale said. “I’m thrilled and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. It was really cool and it was such a neat experience.”

The venue was filled with several of Speziale’s friends and family. Speziale describes how she felt that evening. “It was magic and it was just a room full of love,” Speziale said. “It was so awesome; it was great. I was totally overwhelmed all night.”

Speziale’s music features “pop/rock with a bit of soul.” “Sometimes I say, ‘I do powerhouse vocals with the intent of Serena Ryder and the soul of Alicia Keys,” Speziale said.

Speziale released her EP, “Dear Reverie,” on November 12, 2011. In the spring of 2012 she went on an 11 date solo tour to support the EP. Five of the six tracks are in rotation at college and university radio stations throughout Ontario and the UK. “I stopped at all the colleges and universities in every city and gave them copies of my EP,” Speziale said. “I met as many people as I could, and then I e-mailed different places and some podcasts picked me up just based on stumbling upon me.”

In her lyrics, Speziale tries to write from other peoples perspectives. “I’ll hear somebody’s story and try to get in to that head space and write from there,” Speziale said. “I like to mix it up, because you get different creative results when you take a different approach.”

Speziale’s song, “How to Be a Man,” was included in a compilation CD by “One Fire Movement,” a non-profit arts based organization she works with. “This year, we all wrote a song together as a One Fire artist,” Speziale said. “My band and I are in rehearsals to get a new song together for the next compilation.”

Speziale is currently working on her next record. She says her new music is going to be “groovier.” “I’m starting to grow in to my writing process,” Speziale said. “I’m really starting to figure out how to get the sound that I hear in my head to come out in to the real world.”

Check out Speziale’s website here: - Matt Green Media

"Jessica Speziale and Lora Bidner LIVE"

Folk music filled the Free Times Café on College St. where performers Jessica Speziale, Lora Bidner, Kathryn Merriam, and L.O.D took the stage. Serenading the crowd with both original music and sing-along covers, Jessica’s rendition of Alanis Morisette was definitely a crowd pleaser. Fans and friends nibbled on appetizers and sipped on pints as they enjoyed an intimate night of local music by the four talented bands. To see what else is coming up at Free Times Café visit: - SNAP Downtown Toronto

"Video: Marlon Chaplin – Don’t You Fall (Feat. Jessica Speziale)"

Toronto singer/songwriter MARLON CHAPLIN has been on our radar for some time now. He’s all over the music scene in the city, playing with incredible acts like BROKEN BRICKS, FREEMAN DRE & THE KITCHEN PARTY, and ADA DAHLI & THE PALLBEARERS.

Recently, with the help of the very talented JESSICA SPEZIALE, he dropped a new video for the song Don’t You Fall; check it out in the embed below. And, while you’re at it, he’s got a rather infectious cover of LADY GAGA’s Telephone over at the Bandcamp link above.

Marlon plays March 28th at Not My Dog, April 19th at Kensington Lodge and April 29th at C’est What. So… you have no reason not to catch him live. - The Indie Machine

"“Brace Yourself” – Interview with singer/songwriter Jessica Speziale"

Jessica Speziale is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter whose powerful vocals easily shift between kick-ass beats and sultry ballads, with R&B-inspired pop/rock sounds. I had the pleasure of attending the launch of her CD Dear Reverie, featuring the rockin’ out, guitar-driven “Brace Yourself,” which has now become Speziale’s first official music video. With some new recordings under her belt, Speziale is now looking ahead to the video launch, happening Saturday, March 22 at Cherry Colas in Toronto, during the Music City North music fest.

I won’t be able to attend the launch, but got a sneak peek at the video got in touch with Jessica Speziale for an interview over email.

LWMC: First off, congrats on the music video for “Brace Yourself”! Its fast-paced editing, and evocative locations, moments and images really illustrate the song well. What made you decide to go with “Brace Yourself” for your first official music video?

JS: Thank you so much! When I met with director/screenwriter/videographer Bruce Nagy, it came down to three songs. We decided on “Brace Yourself” because of the storyline. Bruce felt it was the strongest and came up with the idea right off the bat! I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out.

LWMC: Can you tell us a bit about the process of putting the video together? Who wrote the script for you/envisioned the story, and who shot and edited it?

JS: It was all Bruce Nagy!! (laughs) When we first selected the song, we talked about some of the themes in the song, the origin of the song, and the visual that I see when I play the song. Bruce used that imagery to enhance a jilted love storyline that he came up with. We met for coffee and listened to the song and went through the lyrics piece by piece. He then took all the ideas from that meeting and drafted the storyboard so that I could properly visualize what was in his mind. Once the storyboard was fully discussed and edited and approved by us both, I set out to assemble the cast and the scheduling! When it came to editing, Bruce did all of the technical work, and we went back and forth with ideas and drafts. Bruce is an incredible person to work with. He is incredibly patient and focused, and he made sure that I was part of the entire process.

LWMC: What was your favourite part of that process? And your least favourite part?

JS: I have to say my favourite part was the actual filming!! One day, we shot the full cast and extras in the Distillery District and at Bruce’s place. It was just such a fun day with amazingly talented friends! My least favourite was probably the editing! (laughs) It took so much longer than I imagined it would! And it’s the nit-picky part, so it can be tedious.

LWMC: Without giving too much away (I’m not down with spoilers), I really love the Tarot reading scenes and the Tarot card imagery that was used throughout various points of the woman’s journey in the video. The lyric that hooks me into it is in the chorus reference to April 1st, which brings to mind the Fool. How did you come to use Tarot symbolism in the video?

JS: We really needed something that tied all the scenes together! Some kind of image. The song is written about a thunderstorm and that whole notion of being reminded that we’re small beings on this planet. So, the tarot cards made sense as the, sort of, outside force that communicates with the audience to narrate the story. Fortune telling being a way that the universe communicates with humans, right? So, it was an idea that really struck a chord with us. And we used it!

LWMC: Are you planning on doing any more vids of Dear Reverie songs?

JS: I would really like to! I’m speaking with a couple different directors right now about doing another one off Dear Reverie. While that’s in the works, I am really starting to get focused on the next album, too :)

LWMC: Besides the video launch on March 22, any other upcoming gigs you’d like to shout out?

JS: If you’re in Hamilton, I’ll be at the Underground on March 28th!

LWMC: Anything else you’d like to share?

JS: I’d just like to send a huge, huge thank you out to the team that made this video possible – especially Bruce Nagy – and I really hope to see you all at the release party on March 22nd at Cherry Cola’s! 10pm screening!

LWMC: Thanks, Jessica!

JS: Thank you!!! :D:D

As for the “Brace Yourself” video itself, you’ll have to wait until Jessica Speziale makes it public on Saturday, March 22. Head on over to Cherry Colas to see that happen live, along with a live performance of the song – otherwise, drop on back here after the launch and I’ll have it posted.

In the meantime, you can check Jessica Speziale out on her YouTube and Facebook sites, and follow her on Twitter. - Life With More Cowbell

"Ask your #WCW with Jessica Speziale"

Jessica Speziale !

Jessica is a pop/rock powerhouse who draws inspirations and comparisons with the likes of Tina Turner, Amanda Marshall and Melissa Etheridge. A native Torontonian, she grew up in a musical families where car sing alongs were a regular part of life. She grew up playing guitar, writing her own music and performing in every band, choir and showcase she could find.

Now Jessica has an EP and a full length album under her belt, 2011’s Dear Reverie, and Shine, in 2014. Both albums earned her accolades, airplay and audiences for her increasing number of live shows. She’s toured accross Canada multiple times, and has played festivals like Newmarket Jazz Festival, Indie Week Canada, VIA Rail’s Artist On Board Program, Canadian Music Week and NXNE.

A passionate soul with a love for music, we couldn’t resist Jessica Speziale.

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?

Hair – great hair goes a long way! I love someone who wears their hair with a healthy dose of rebellious attitude.

What is your ideal first date/what’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

My favourite first date involves playing pool and eating chicken wings. It’s my go-to because it’s a great activity to fill any awkward silences and allows my date and I to get to know each other over a fun, competitive game. And chicken wings are the best – there’s no hiding or holding back when you’re both covered in wing sauce!

If there was one piece of advice you could give to other men/women out there, what would it be?

Find your best friend. I made a trillion mistakes constantly chasing the same type of person over and over again – the intoxicating, but completely unavailable guy. Finally, I met someone that I get along with on all levels. We like the same songwriters, we’re into similar creative interests, we can travel together, and we can sit there and do nothing and it feels like family. The best friend. That, so far, is my best piece of advice. Obviously, there has to be that spark of lust, but my favourite love grows out of friendship.

How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?

It’s constantly changing! Sometimes, it’s all about fun date nights that remind us to loosen up. Other times, it’s a crazy getaway, high-intensity tour, or recording project (my boyfriend’s in music, too) that brings us together and reminds us that we’re a killer team. Most of the time though, it’s just about getting out of the house and out of our routines. I think that might be the answer for us.
Describe your love life in one word.

Inspiring. - Addicted Magazine

"Goodnight, Sunrise Live at The Horseshoe Tavern"

Toronto’s indie-rock-and-roll-super-fun-dance-party band, Goodnight, Sunrise came to The Horseshoe Tavern on Thursday night for a live music party.

On the bill with The Honeyrunners, Dead Projectionists, and Jessica Speziale, GNSR looked eager to play for the local crowd on the legendary stage. In fact, the band looked festival season ready with their gold leaf accents and party noise makers handed out to audience members. It was a welcome sight and vibe as the winter weather appeared outside.

Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018

Speziale kicked off the Thursday night show with an immediate shot of energy and rock and roll off the top.

The Toronto singer is billed on her Facebook page as Powerhouse Pop-Rock Poet – and as we watched her and the band perform on stage, the description made more and more sense.

With a combination of rock and pop sensibilities, Jessica Speziale showed off her range throughout her set. She also went to both ends of her spectrum, playing a slowed down, acoustic rendition of her song, Stay, as well as a rousing cover of own of her favourite female fronted rock acts, Halestorm.

Speziale’s set also included a brand new track, The Feels, which she’s in the studio working on now, and after our first listen Thursday night, we can tell you that fans should be excited to hear it too.

Check out more photos from Jessica Speziale’s set at the bottom of the post…

Jessica Speziale at The Horseshoe February 2018

After a changeover on stage, Goodnight, Sunrise came up, plugged in, and got right to it!

We had the chance to work with the band on a contest and merch giveaway from the show, and it was great to be there to see the Thursday night set along with our winner.

Note: The toque that Nicholas got, is awesome, and we were jealous of it as we left the show and walked out into the snowy night on Queen Street.

The GNSR set proved to us again that the combination of Vanessa and David’s vocals is a winner. And as much as that works, the energy, fun, and good time vibes that the band projects from the stage feel just as important to the overall punch of the show.

Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018

The set included selections from Goodnight, Sunrise’s 2016 album, Falling Awake, as well as a performance of the late-2017 single, Remember Now, firing up the Toronto crowd track-by-track.

Related: Goodnight, Sunrise – Remember Now Video Release

Goodnight, Sunrise has shows booked for Guelph, Barrie, Sudbury, Windsor, Peterborough and more in the coming weeks, and if you’re going to be near those shows, we highly recommend that you check them out!

Thanks to the band for having us out on Thursday, and for putting on a fun set. We can’t wait to do it again soon!

Photos of Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe Tavern
Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018 Goodnight, Sunrise at The Horseshoe February 2018

Photos of Jessica Speziale at The Horseshoe Tavern
Jessica Speziale at The Horseshoe February 2018 Jessica Speziale at The Horseshoe February 2018 Jessica Speziale at The Horseshoe February 2018 Jessica Speziale at The Horseshoe February 2018 - The Reviews are In



March 16, 2018.
Natalie Ogilvie 
Victoria, BC, Canada.
Music Artist Review Blogger.
Twitter and Instagram:   @countrynatblogs

* In photo: Jessica Speziale.

Welcome to Natalie’s Countrynatblogs Music Artist Review.  I am honored to bring you some Canadian music, and an outstanding talented Music Artist!  Professional Singer; Songwriter, from the big Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A Rock/Soul/and Blues music, inspired musician. I am proud to introduce you to one of my favorite Canadian female singers in Canada! Please welcome: Jessica Speziale!

I have had the pleasure to chat with Jessica and her wonderful Public Relations Team, over the past few weeks. I have learned that Jessica has some new music coming out this Spring 2018 ( Stay tuned for details in Jessica’s second review in April/May).   I also found out;  that Jessica and her band, are currently on a cross country Tour at the moment!  In Jessica’s own words: “We’re playing music on the VIA train, from Toronto to Vancouver!!”  How cool is that!?  I’m wondering if Jessica is writing more of her own original music and songs, while she is on her Canadian Adventure!?  
We will have to find out soon, and perhaps in another review of her journey across our country!  Has anyone else been on a train across Canada?  You might want to offer to carry her luggage!

Jessica’s Public Relations Team, has asked me to let you all know, of Jessica’s important music event dates:   
Have a pen or your cell phone calendar, ready:
 End of March: Jessica Speziale is in BC! Tour dates on her Facebook page:  VICTORIA BC:  Jessica is in our harbour city!  *  3:00 pm,  March 20th, Serious Coffee, Cook Street Village, Victoria BC!!  Come grab some coffee and snacks, and listen to this amazing artist... LIVE!! * Bring a notebook, for an autograph!
April 7th is the release of Jessica’s single: “The Feels”.  Stay tuned for details and updates, on her Instagram, and her Twitter accounts.

I’m excited about her new music, and I’m really thrilled to share her interview with you. Enjoy!

Where do you currently live now?
I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), and have lived here most of my life!  I took 5 years off to explore Guelph, Ontario for university.  Now, I'm back in Toronto again and I love this city.  I love the ability to find quiet residential neighbourhoods to sleep in, and loud, raucous ones to play in. 

2.       Who are your music influences that you admire?
Alanis Morissette's “Jagged Little Pill” and Amanda Marshall's self-titled album were HUGE inspirations for me.  It was the first time I realized someone had to write the songs!! Growing up I listened to a lot of Hanson and Silverchair - I loved Daniel Johns' moody poetry. However, my biggest influences by far are my parents.  My parents taught me how to harmonize along to the car radio and my Dad gave me my first taste of songwriting and recording when we'd make demos at the kitchen table.

3.       What type of genre of music would you describe your sound and interests? 
I'm a huge music fan and I listen to all kinds of music from reggaeton to classical, to metal, to top 40.  My serious love however is rock, especially modern heavy rock like Bring Me The Horizon, Nickelback and The Pretty Reckless.  It all creeps into the music I write.  I'm completely enamored with heavy guitar riffs, powerhouse vocals and cool vocal harmonies.  I would describe my sound as rock, with the spirit of Tina Turner, Alanis Morissette and Amanda Marshall.

4.  What type of Transportation do you use, while on Tours?  Where do you stay while on your tours? 
Planes, trains, and automobiles!!!  Also, a lot of subways, streetcars, and buses - I don't have a car of my own, so for local shows, we travel on public transit.  Helicopter once or twice, too!  I've been a Via Rail Artist on Board a few times where we play on the train from Toronto to Vancouver for other passengers.  It's an amazing way to get across the country for touring.  We're getting back on the train this month to get to JUNO events in Vancouver as well as a tour from Victoria to Prince George, BC. 

5.       What is the hardest part about performing for a crowd?   What are your challenges, if any? 
The hardest part for me is waiting for show time, I absolutely love performing!  I love connecting with a crowd of people - eye contact, singing together - just dancing and rocking out with everyone.  It's magic.  I've been really lucky;  not to have stage fright, although, I do get a bit nervous before show time.

6.       Who’s on your team?  Do you have a music manager, producer, record label, personal hairdresser, wardrobe designer, personal shopper, publicist?
I love that you asked this question – because my team is AMAZING, and I wouldn't be able to do half of what I do without them.  I work with MC2 Music Media for all my music production, video production, and social media content management.  Evolution PR for publicity and branding, and VEC Entertainment for bookings.  These people blow my mind.  They're top notch and totally keep me in line.

7.       What are you future goals for your music career?  Where do you see yourself one day, musically?  
My goal is to be touring the world and writing and recording with lots of amazing people!  My dream is to be rock music’s Taylor Swift.
 Thank you so much for having me in!

I bet you fans;  are all excited and eager, to have a listen to Jessica’s Canadian music/songs!  Let’s talk song reviews:

1) Everything -
Music video in link.
A pop beat, of fresh new original sound! 
A blend of Jazz and RnB music;  with enjoyable soprano vibrato vocals, and with a background strum of soft metal riffs. An under tone of 80’s and 90’s rock piece!
Keyboard, and drum fills, add to this rocking song. 
If you love The Black Crows, then you’ll love this upbeat, dancing on your feet, Canadian music song!

Shine -
Music video in link.
Trumpet and drums, marching band beats, throughout the high energy song!
Jazz and Soul composition, with an 80’s pitch musical flare.
Perfect high octave singing, with a catchy mixed chorus.
A family song for all ages! 
I can picture this happy song, in a children’s tv show, movie and children’s commercials! Movie Directors and Screen Writers, here’s your 2018 ‘winning’ , Oscars party song!

Stay -
This is my absolute favorite song! 
This song is a super star combination of musical icons like Mary J. Blige, Lady Gaga, and Jessica’s Favourite Singer, Alanis Morissette.
A beautiful; feel good ballad, with expressive, and  inspiring calming vocals. 
Poetic Chorus, piano background.
 A soft tone to the musical notes, with mixed tracks of strong rock Genre, and powerhouse lyrics!
A captivating voice, that will attract your attention and take you away on a magical musical journey. Need to escape the city life!? Listen to this tune!

I would like to Thank Jessica and her amazing Team at Evolution Public Relations!
Thank You, for giving me this fabulous opportunity, to write and share Jessica’s music review story. It has been so much singing and dancing ( I mean writing)  fun!!
 I’m blessed to be able to have a sneak peek, of the life, behind the scenes, of a Canadian musician. 

Thank You to my Countrynatblogs Fans!
Jessica would like to Thank her fans for their support!
Thank You fans, for reading our story, written together, with the creative collaboration of Jessica’s PR Team.  We all look forward to sharing Jessica’s next review, part two! The next review will include:  Jessica’s new music updates, and hopefully a blog about her cross country musical train ride journey!
Part two review:  Coming to you, this Spring 2018!  Stay tuned for my review updates, on my Twitter and my Instagram!

“Together, we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!” ~Natalie Ogilvie.

Contact Information: 
Jessica Speziale:
Twitter: Spezzie
Instagram: SpezSings
Facebook: JessicaSpezialeMusic - Country Nat Blogs

"Speziale bringing Awakening to stage"

Jessica Speziale has a special connection to Prince George. She has family relations here, it is like a western home away from home for the Toronto pop-rocker, but the best part for her is the audience base that has welcomed her music. Her show here tonight is essentially sold out, just like the others have been in recent years. She is excited to meet that extended family at Nancy O's.

Speziale is bringing a special gift. Her new EP of original songs is at the front of this concert appearance.

"This particular project has been 100 per cent the result of twists and turns, soul searching, getting to know myself, getting over fear," she said. "I look at every single song on this record and remember having to go back and re-work it because what we had wasn't right so we had to go through it all again. There was some identity crisis for me and my sound, and it all came out in the making of this record, and the whole project is so much stronger for having to break through all that. We are calling the EP Awakening and that's because it truly was, and I'm so proud of it and passionate about it."

Her life-partner and music-partner, Darnell Toth, agreed that this project was more labour than most. Speziale is such an effortless power-vocalist and such a dexterous musician that no one style seemed to predominate. As a studio producer, Toth is used to building a sound around the natural fits and feels of the artist at the microphone but Speziale kept defying genre logic. A lot of people offered advice. There were many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.

Finally, he said, it was time to make some difficult decisions. The most important one turned out to be shutting off the outside input and looking inward.

"There was a lot of trial and error, a lot of experimentation, but eventually we just said 'why don't we all just let Jess do what she wants to do?' and that worked every time."

It wasn't so much a compromise as it was a practical reality that they recorded two versions of each song. Part of the genre confusion had to do with presenting the songs in concert, since many shows could only be done in an acoustic and intimate format even though she kept gravitating in the studio to big, loud blasts. So they concluded it would be smarter and more authentic to give both those mirror images on the EP.

She used Dave Grohl's acoustic version of Everlong performed live on the Howard Stern Show as her inspiration for turning a growly, gravelly rock tune into an unplugged alternate that audiences re-loved or discovered for different reasons than the original.

The stripped down version is what Canada got to hear on their trip from Toronto. Toth and Speziale were the onboard entertainers on the Via Rail journey that wended all the way to Vancouver where they shifted gears and dove into the tumult of Juno Week.

"We are seeing it happen, but rock kinda disappeared for awhile and it's getting stronger again," said Toth. "Jess is bringing rock back. Whenever people at Juno Week would ask her what her genre was, she'd say rock and everyone would say 'thank you, finally, yes, do that, we need it' so everything is lining up."

"It's such a beautiful time for music," Speziale said. "There's nothing standing between the artist and the audience anymore. We have all the communication tools to meet each other and share the experience. People will find the stuff they like."

She makes it easy for her fans to find her. In the modern music world of streaming platforms and social media, the word 'fan' doesn't even apply like it did when the music star was an alter-ego up on a disconnected stage or impersonal screen. Speziale hosts a weekly internet show where she plays whatever music happens to be on her mind and the fans can make comments, she can make responses, all in real time. She calls it Sunday Chunes, and it's like inviting the world into her living room each weekend. It is still TV, in a sense, but it has portals through the so-called "fourth wall" of theatre.

"I used to go to the MuchMusic studios when I was young and watch their Intimate & Interactive performances," Speziale said. "I loved being there," up close with the acts and usually hearing a stripped-down version of the big hits, and when she fashioned Sunday Chunes those memories were on her mind.

"How do we have a fan experience that is connected to the music? How do we interact with fans when we aren't out on tour?," she wondered, and these conversational social media broadcasts were the answer.

Via Rail was another kind of answer, getting to perform sometimes multiple times to the same people in a venue as big as a condo kitchen. Even people's breathing could be detected as she performed on the rails. Some artists might find that setting to be claustrophobic or too vulnerable, but Speziale and Toth were energized by the closeness.

It even inspired them to work on a song, as they wheeled westward through Canada. Prince George will get the first sample of a tune called The Orchid that they composed on the roll.

Speziale will be in the spotlight tonight at Nancy O's with special guest Selina B. Showtime is 9 p.m. Admission at the door is $15 if any tickets remain. - Prince George Citizen

"Toth making splash on music scene"

The city's musical talent isn't always in the spotlight on the mainstage. Sometimes, our locally developed talent takes up important positions behind the scenes. Darnell Toth is a highly regarded musician, and he was born and raised in Prince George, but he is one of the country's rising star producers and navigators of the music industry, getting behind the careers of others pursuing show business.

Toth is the president of MC2 Music Media and CEO of Equation Productions based in Toronto. These companies combine to provide a full range of music services, from songwriting consultation to studio creation to video and social media content to touring and marketing arrangements.

Some of the artists Toth has worked with in these regards are Kristy Hagerman, Grand Format, The Lad Classic, Amanie Illfated, Walkwaves, Across The Board, and the artist who brought him back home this past week, Jessica Speziale.

Theirs is a special relationship, since they are life-partners as well as musical collaborators. The latest Speziale release is called Awakening and it is based on a key innovation. It is a small handful of songs, as opposed to a full-length release, but it has a lush rock version and a stripped down acoustic version of each song. It gives the audience twice the ability to enjoy each song, and also shows the range of what Speziale can do with her music in the studio setting or the live stage.

The small song sample is also part of their music strategy. When pop music first hit the embryonic radio airwaves on an industrial scale, it was customary for a musician to produce singles on vinyl records. They would keep pumping out the singles and audiences either loved it or were indifferent. The more singles you could produce that caught the public's ear, the stronger your career especially on tour because there was no income derived from your presence on radio, only reputation.

Later, starting slowly in the 1950s then building up to a peak in the late 1990s, artists got paid handsomely for the sale of records and radio play, so it became more lucrative to produce large packages of songs on long-play records, tapes and CDs. Touring was less important. It was a separate business model, in fact. For the stars of the music industry, they might produce an album (and a large-scale tour) every two or three years with little else in between. Almost all of it was financed and creatively controlled by monolithic corporations.

When the internet caused the collapse of payment-per-listen to musicians, the business model once again changed drastically. Corporations' financing was no longer needed to create and distribute the music. Retail chains and radio/TV monopolies no longer were required to present the music to the public. Now it was all in the hands of home-based and DIY music acts.

Toth and Speziale mapped out a new, modern way to keep a music career visible and viable. It was using new technologies but going back to the old ways of basing the profession. No longer would they look at making feature-length albums or settling into a single genre. They would produce bite-sized music amounts, have it sound any which way they liked, and wait much less time between releases.

One of the acts he works with, a hiphop artist named Ellevan, has released 80 singles in young 2018 alone, since audiences are in full control of what they consume. Any and all of those songs might find a different audience, instead of forcing one purchaser to endure eight or 10 songs that got attached to the one or two they bought an album for in the old days. It gives the audience and the artist full flexibility with each other.

"Disappearing for two years to write a new album in not where we want to be," said Speziale. "We already have songs in production for the next release (after Awakening)."

"Don't store it all up and hide it away for some big moment of release," Toth advised. "Put it out there. Let it go. Set it free. And be available to your fans, in concerts and on the road and on social media. Let your audience come along on your journey."

Toth's journey started as a child at South Fort George Elementary School (now a community centre) and Southridge Elementary School. Then he went to high school at College Heights Secondary, graduating in 2006.

Following graduation, he knew music was his passion so he moved to Kelowna to attend studio production school.

He came back to P.G. after that, and was in a band here called Karadelle (they released an EP entitled All That We Are Is What Is Held Within This Moment. Another member of that band, Matthew Roach, has also gone into the music production and content creation profession) before wandering east to Toronto where all his experiences and education found a base of operations that now works on behalf of more than a dozen active music artists right now.

Yet he still makes it a priority to come back to his hometown, reconnect with family and friends, and keep in touch with his own music roots. - Prince George Citizen

"Jessica Speziale live blog Concert gig Review: 2018-03-28"

        & DARNELL TOTH
  Serious Coffee,
  Cook Street Village,          
  Victoria, BC, Canada.
    March 20, 2018.

Natalie Ogilvie.
Victoria BC Canada
Music Artist Review Blogger 
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Welcome to COUNTRYNATBLOGS  Music Artist Review!
This is my first time writing a LIVE blog at a LIVE show, of a music artist. What a fun writing project! 
You may already know the name of my Music Artist from a few weeks ago. Here’s her first review link, for all you fans who can’t get enough of great Canadian music, and for all you New Countrynatblogs Fans. Have a listen to Jessica Speziale’s first review by myself, with music videos.

March 20. 2018, was a very exciting day for me! I finally got to meet my music artist in person!  What a fun event I attended at Serious Coffee, in Cook Street Village, Victoria BC. 
A packed house, with great food/coffee; and relaxing Canadian acoustic music! What could be better!?
Have a listen to Jessica and Darnell, playing their LIVE song, 
Also have a listen to their LIVE song, EVERYTHING: 

I sat with my best friend, chatting over coffee, and as we conversed from the back of the coffee shop.  We were very pleased to be able to hear Jessica Speziale and her drummer, Darnell Toth, echo the volume of their songs, all the way to the back of the room! What powerful, fantastic, singing and music, was heard! We both really enjoyed our visit and LIVE music! 

Jessica spoke to the welcoming Island folks, in the audience, about her band’s recent adventures across Canada, on the Train.  Leaving Toronto Ontario, to Vancouver BC. The best part of this train story, is they got to play on the train, for the passengers!  What a magnificent show for all, that rode the train with the Band!

Jessica played her brand *new* song;  THE FEELS, at the coffee shop gig! The Audience was giving their complete attention; as Jessica and  Darnell Toth, engaged the all ages crowd with lively, pitch perfect music! The audience barely spoke a word to others in the crowd, as the performance played on! I know from my experience going to hundreds of concerts and gigs, you rarely find a show that the whole crowd, is totally absorbed into quietness and fascination with the music, the whole time!!
The band was that good at playing, I could pretty much just hear the coffee grinder in the kitchen, versus a crowd chatting loudly!  This is great music, when everyone is experiencing the songs together in peace, as one group of Jessica Speziale music fans.

During the entertaining, hour long show;  many  cover songs, were played by Speziale! 
Jessica sang wonderfully, for the whole set! I would highly recommend seeing her LIVE and meeting her in person if you get the chance!  She is lovely, cheerful, has a positive vibe and a warming smile! The crowd was in love with her, and after the show, there were many hugs, clapping, cheers, and greetings by all.  A friendly, Victorian, atmosphere!
Jessica playing LIVE:  Ironic, by Alanis Morissette:

After their Victoria BC visit, the band was headed to The Juno Awards in Vancouver BC! Fun!!

Jessica and Darnell, Thank You for a brilliant performance! I’m very sad you had to go home, as I would love to watch you play live everyday in Victoria!  I  feel like you are a ‘gem’ in the music business and I’m proud to say, you both feel like friends. I wish you well in your musical career and I can’t wait to see you again in Victoria! I’ll do what I can to bring you back here! That’s for sure!! See you at the next coffee shop Gig!  Your coffee is on me!

In photo: Jessica Speziale (Left), 
 and Natalie Ogilvie (Right) of Countrynatblogs, Author.  Photo location: Cook Street Serious Coffee Shop.  We are sad to inform our fans, that Jessica and I got to experience the last day of Serious Coffee operating in Cook Street Village. We are happy to be part of Serious Coffee’s Fairfield history and have a wonderful memory and story to share together! Thanks for hosting us, Serious Coffee! We will miss you!

“Together, we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!” ~Natalie Ogilvie.

Contact Information: 
Jessica Speziale:
Twitter: Spezzie
Instagram: SpezSings
Facebook: JessicaSpezialeMusic - Country Nat Blogs

"Interview – Jessica Speziale"

You know when you want to listen to some great tunes, but can’t quite decide which genre you’re in the mood for? Toronto’s Jessica Speziale will fulfill your musical craving and then some! Jessica not only nails it when it comes to melodies built to stick with you but paints an oh-so-honest picture with her original lyrics including on her newest EP, Awakening, set for release on May 4th.

You have such a wild combination of genres in your music including rock, pop, R&B and even some bluesy sounds. Was it always your plan to be a mixed-genre artist or something that just happened as you went along?

It was definitely something that just happened along the way. I’ve grown up listening to everything from classical to country, to metal, so it all comes out in the music I write. That said, as I was writing Awakening, something snapped. I’m definitely firmly in the modern rock vein now! Rock has been my favourite since I first heard Nirvana as a kid. I’m finally not afraid to let it out.

Since you became interested in music at the young age of just 5 years old, was there anything or anyone that really sparked that passion and encouraged you pursue it in a serious way?

My parents really got me interested in music when I was younger! My Mum started teaching me about vocal technique and harmony, and my Dad and I would play songs together and he started teaching me guitar. When I was 9, I got Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill album, and that was a really big influence on me. I started writing songs shortly after getting that album!

I came across a bunch of covers on your Facebook page including Alanis Morissette, Matchbox Twenty, Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac and even Foo Fighters & Jimi Hendrix, to name just a few. How do you choose which songs to cover? To go even further with that, who are your top three artists/bands that you’d love to write/collaborate with?

So far, I’ve been picking my favourite songs and several have also been fan requests. A couple of the covers I’ve done have been associated with events I’m performing at – like a Taylor Swift-inspired concert and the release of a recording project with female artist collective, Indigal, that I was preparing for in January. I would LOVE to collaborate with Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench. His voice and vocal arrangements are insane. And writing with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback would be a total dream come true. The way his stories twist at the end for those “Nickelback choruses” is dope.
I also saw your “Sunday Chunes” live Facebook videos which is such a great way to connect on an even more personal level with your followers! How important has social media been for you & your career?

As I started touring more often, it became super important to me to stay better connected with everyone from all the different places I’ve been performing, and “Sunday Chunes” was born! It’s a weekly show where I play songs and we all chat together – it almost feels like we’re chilling in the living room! “Chunesters” get to request their favourite songs and I’ll sing them, and I get to show everyone the original music I’ve been working on! Social media is SO important. We live in a world that allows us to connect over distances and discover new music from anywhere. How powerful is that? It’s been an amazing way to stay connected with my fans and for us to really get to know each other.

With plenty of touring under your belt already and even more in the future, what’s your favourite part of performing live? What do you hope your audience walks away with at the end of the show(s)?

My favourite part is getting to connect with people through music. It creates such a cool experience and bond! When everyone is singing and clapping, it’s like the air shimmers. Magic happens! I hope that everyone walks away feeling energized, inspired, and delighted.

What’s next for you?

I’m really getting excited for the release of my new EP Awakening on May 4th! I’m looking forward to sharing the new music with everyone and there will be lots of new music videos. I’m also planning a couple Ontario tours for 2018! It’s going to be a fun year. Thanks so much for all your support and for being part of it! - Canadian Beats

"Jessica Speziale live on CP24 Breakfast"

Watch the video at the link above! - CP24 Breakfast

"Jessica Speziale performs ‘The Feels’"

Watch the video at the link above! - The Morning Show on Global TV

"Toronto Powerhouse Rocker, Jessica Speziale, Set To Tour Brand New EP “AWAKENING”."

ListenUpIndie! caught up with busy Canadian rocker, Jessica Speziale, who recently released her new EP “Awakening” and is getting ready to launch a Spring Summer Tour.

Jessica Speziale, CD Release Party “Awakening” EP -

LUP: What has been the driving force behind the creation of your new album AWAKENING?

Speziale: Awakening is the culmination of two years of some major soul searching. I was really struggling to balance what my intuition was saying with some of the great - but differing - advice I had been getting about my sound as an artist. I realized I had completely disconnected from myself. I spent about a year really diving into meditation practice and turning inward to figure out how to get back to feeling like I knew what my preferences are. What I want.

One morning in February, I was getting ready to release a new single, and I opened my eyes and was filled with dread. Something wasn’t right. We were working on release a ballad winter song with this kinda jazzy feel. It didn’t sit right. The song wasn’t right. And I cancelled it. It was a really hard thing to do, but it was the right thing to do. The next morning, my producer called and said “Hey Jess, wanna hear your next single?” He played me The Feels totally rocked up - just like it is on Awakening! And I knew that was it. This was the sound. It was like coming up for air after a long swim. I LOVE modern rock. It’s the genre that’s always lit a fire in my soul, and I’m so grateful to MC2 Music Media for helping me find this sound.

When we debuted it at The Horseshoe Tavern in March, I was petrified! And then I remembered what the songs are about - trusting myself, breaking the chains, and kicking some ass.

LUI: Who do you see as your musical influences—past AND present?

Speziale: Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill really kicked it all off for me!! I remember getting that record and realizing that SOMEONE had to create all the music! Haha So, definitely Alanis and that record in particular. My parents are very big influences for me as well - they taught me how to sing, got me started in writing, and how to harmonize to the radio in the car. Right now, I’m obsessed with Lzzy Hale’s voice and delivery of the words, and Dave Grohl’s songwriting - ok, Dave Grohl in general. Haha I’m also majorly influenced by Dance Johns from silver chair - I love his grungy poetry.

LUI: What is your song writing process?

Speziale: I write in a few different ways, but the most productive for me is to come up with a chord progression first and build a lyric and melody overtop. I usually write both lyric and melody together at once. I also tend to write two songs at a time! Haha Usually one shitty one and one that’ll get played for someone at some point.

LUI: We like to ask this question of artists and industry pros: We all agree that the music industry continues to be in flux—moving from physical to digital media, moving from record stores to streaming sites. What are some of the future trends you see coming to the industry that artists and listeners alike might encounter?

Speziale: Oh wow!! I love this question!!! I really think VR is going to take over the concert experience. I just see so many super fun ways to connect with the audience and encourage interaction with the show through the technology. I also see streaming evolving with voice command. Right now, talking to Spotify through Siri or Google Home is terrible - granted, I’m still on the free service - but, I think as the technology grows, we’re going to be able to discover music in a whole new way. Like, Shazaming a song and then turning on the full album immediately - and then falling down a rabbit hole of similar artists dreams

LUI: As a musician and a listener, what do you look for in indie bands that excites you, makes you want to listen, become a fan, what inspires you?

Speziale: I LOVE a sticky melody!! And I’m a huge fan of counter melodies on a gritty electric guitar. And I LOVE a super energized show! In terms of becoming a fan, I really gravitate to singers with powerful voices and lyrics that speak to me in the moment. When it’s really good, sometimes I have to get my phone out and write a lyric, too.

LUI: What is ahead for Jessica Speziale??

Speziale: I’m SO excited to be going on tour with YOU, Jackie!! Haha I’m teaming up with Across the Board for a co-headlining tour, the Sonic Awakening tour, across Ontario from June to September. I’m obsessed with the road and I can’t wait to get out and meet music lovers all over the province.


Jessica will be touring with Across The Board throughout Ontario in Spring/Summer. The first confirmed dates are below (more to come). Visit www.JessicaSpeziale for more date announcements.

July 6 – Avant-Garde Bar – Ottawa, ON

July 7 – Musiikki Café – Kingston, ON

July 26 – Doc Magilligan’s – Niagara Falls, ON

August 17 – Manny’s Place – Brantford, ON

September 8 – The Moose & Goose – Thorold, ON

Jessica’s Bio (from

Jessica Speziale is a pop/rock powerhouse with the spirit of Tina Turner, Amanda Marshall and Melissa Etheridge.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Speziale ‘s relationship with music began as early as five years old when she would sing harmonies with her musical family in the car. As the years progressed, her passion for music grew as well as she spent the next decade developing her guitar skills, writing original songs, and performing in every band, choir and showcase she could find.

Jessica released her first EP in 2011 Dear Reverie, which won the award for Best Rock Album in Radio Nation’s Best of 2012 at Centennial College Radio. This kick-started Jessica’s love for touring and the media’s love for her, acquiring multiple hits from various local and community stations and publications. Jessica released her debut full-length album, Shine, in 2014. Shine received great praise and recognition, with radio play airing on CBC radio and the title track’s music video for Shine airing on OMNI television.

With several country-wide tours across Canada and diversified appearances in various YouTube videos, television shows and films, Jessica Speziale has created a recognizable name and face for herself. Her music remains her pivotal feature, having performed at numerous musically-renowned festivals and events including Newmarket Jazz Festival, Indie Week Canada, VIA Rail’s Artist On Board Program, Canadian Music Week and NXNE.

Jessica’s passion truly lies in her art, as she is constantly keeping herself busy polishing her vocal techniques and keeping up with her promotional and marketing efforts. She loves perfecting her digital skills, regularly creating videos for her various social media accounts.

Jessica dreams of hitting the studio with Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench, touring with Hanson, and collaborating with one of her many inspirations, Christina Aguilera.

Jessica hopes to become a household name who helps cultivate the cultural fabric of a generation.


Here is “The Feels” off her new album “AWAKENING”.

For a free download of “The Feels” – click HERE - Listen Up Indie!

"The Queen Silvy Show - May 15, 2018"

"I'm going to call you Queen Jess today" - The Queen Silvy Show

"Pop rocker Jessica Speziale performs in studio"

““Is that even real? Is that happening? Did that happen?” - Humble and Fred on The Feels” - Humble and Fred Radio

"Jessica Speziale – The Awakening EP"

Jessica Speziale – The Awakening EP
*header photo by Bobby Singh, FOH Photo

The Awakening is a 3 song EP from Toronto rock chick, Jessica Speziale that was released May 4th at The Hideout. The EP features three songs, The Feels, Wildfire and The Orchid, with bonus acoustic versions of each track.

Let’s start with the amazing May 4th Double Album release party with Across The Board, who released their album, Sonic Boom. This was the day of the huge windstorm in Toronto that left much of the city without power, including The Hideout, where the event was happening. Jessica being the consummate professional that she is, kept her calm while the outstanding and impressive owners of the venue hooked up generators to get the night running. The Hideout pulled a Hail Mary to supply sound, lights and liquor as if there was no outage (people really didn’t realize that there was no power. Truly was remarkable!).

Time for music! Across the Board kicked off the night and killed it, which was to be expected! Now, for Jessica Speziale…a woman who puts the ROCK into the term “Women Who Rock”. When I see Jess perform, the first thing that comes to mind is Alannah Myles rockin’ out “Black Velvet”. Commanding the stage in the most confidant, sultry way possible, owning everyone in the room. Add in the fact that she is having the best time doing it, makes you love her that much more.

Her EP does just that. Being a frequent viewer of her social media show, Sunday Chunes, I am familiar with the acoustic versions of the tracks on the Awakening EP. Track 2, Wildfire, is the one that does it for me. The short repetitive beats that start the song, hypnotize you and locks you into the end. Showcasing her rock prowess, the song is most certainly the highlight of the EP for me. Then, add in the entrancing guitar solo, yup. That’s pure gold.

Great job from Jessica and her band for her third album release.

Catch Jessica on tour this summer with Across The Board! - Addicted Magazine

"Review – Jessica Speziale"

Album: Awakening
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Genre: Rock

Toronto’s Jessica Speziale returns with Awakening, her latest EP. Awakening follows her 2015 full-length release, Shine and more recently, a series of vocal covers of hits from pop and rock artists, ranging from The Foo Fighters to Pink.

Awakening, while six tracks long, consists of three songs with each song having a band version along with a solo acoustic rendition. Across all six tracks, Speziale shines as an incredible vocalist who could very easily go toe to toe with some of pop’s biggest singers, while also demonstrating a unique rock sensibility. “Wildfire” especially speaks to this. Unfortunately, the plugged-in band versions suffer, however, largely due to poor production and slightly cliché rock tropes. The final production of the album has Speziale’s vocals turned up so high that it makes it sound as though she is singing overtop thin programmed instrumentals. Ultimately, this detracts from the excitement of the music, giving it an overall tone that is cheesy and flat.

The acoustic recordings, on the other hand, soar where the electric tracks falter. The blend between vocals on “The Feels” sounds far more organic, intimate, and authentic. This also reflects in Speziale’s vocal performance as she goes from rocking belts to a poppy head voice, and occasionally a bluesy croon. This is the kind of work that challenges the expectations of both acoustic music and modern rock.

While problematic, Awakening is a solid EP that marks Speziale’s return to original music on a recorded format. Her vocals and songwriting shine best on the record, especially on the acoustic tracks, which stand out as something that are an absolute must hear.

Connect with Jessica Speziale:

Gerrod Harris
I’m Gerrod, a Toronto based writer and musician. As soon as I started drumming, music became one of my greatest passions. Since then, I have also picked up the guitar, bass, and a hint of the piano. I am currently studying music and education at York University, and drum in a local hard rock band, One In The Chamber. This puts me right in the heart of Toronto’s growing music scene. - Canadian Beats

"Singer/ Songwriter Jessica Speziale"

Canadian rock powerhouse Jessica Speziale visits The Morning Show to tee up her Kingston gig. Watch the segment at the link above! - THE MORNING SHOW ON CKWS

"“Canadian singer-songwriter Jessica Speziale is headed to Brantford as she joins forces with award-winning Canadian alt/pop/rock band Across The Board for their Sonic Awakening Tour.”"

Canadian singer-songwriter Jessica Speziale is headed to Brantford as she joins forces with award-winning Canadian alt/pop/rock band Across The Board for their Sonic Awakening Tour.

The tour will combine Speziale’s new music from her latest EP, Awakening, with Across the Board’s new release, Sonic Boom.

A Toronto-born singer/songwriter, Speziale is a rock powerhouse with the spirit of Tina Turner, Amanda Marshall and Melissa Etheridge.

She will perform at Manny’s Place on Friday, Aug. 17. - The Brantford Expositor

"Jessica Speziale with Across The Board live at Manny’s Place – Brantford, Ontario – August 17, 2018"

View photo gallery at the link above! - Music Life Magazine

"CHCH Music Friday: Jessica Speziale"

On this CHCH Music Friday we were joined by singer/songwriter Jessica Speziale. Watch the video at the link above! - CHCH

"Jessica Speziale rocking Oshawa"

DURHAM — It’s not only the guys who rock — and Jessica Speziale is a testament to that fact.

The Toronto-born singer/songwriter’s Sonic Awakening tour with alt/pop/rock band Across The Board comes to The Atria in Oshawa on Sept. 1.

Speziale released her first EP, Dear Reverie, in 2011, and it garnered Best Rock Album at Radio Nation’s Best Awards. Her debut full-length album, Shine, came out in 2014 and she has received radio play on CBC and played festivals and events including NXNE, Canadian Music Week and Indie Week Canada.

She released the EP Awakening earlier this year.

“Departing from her traditional pop/rock sound, Awakening combines Jessica’s dynamic voice with enough bass, guitar and drums to satisfy any rock 'n' roll craving,” states a press release. “Crafted with producers Matt Makarenko and Darnell Toth, Awakening is more powerful, more edgy and more in your face.”

Tickets are $5 at the door. -

"PREMIERE – Jessica Speziale releases video for “Wildfire”"

Toronto, ON-based rock powerhouse Jessica Speziale has released a video for the second single, “Wildfire” from her EP, Awakening. The single is produced by MC2 Music Media and written alongside Gregory Keyes and artist herself, “Wildfire” revolves around the theme of entrapment and the frustration that builds from it.

Jessica shares on the single,

“Wildfire is about breaking free! It’s that crazy, all-encompassing frustration when you’re feeling trapped by expectation, but still, have to put on that smiling persona for the rest of the world. Wildfire is the cornerstone song on Awakening and was the spark that lit the fire for a much harder rock sound on this EP. This is an end-of-summer anthem that I hope inspires listeners to lock in on their goals and be uncompromising about what they want. It feels good!”

“Wildfire” follows the release of her hit single, “The Feels”, which was released earlier this summer. The video for “The Feels” has garnered over 10,000 views across various social platforms including Facebook, IGTV, and YouTube.

If you’re looking for a strong, female vocalist with an upbeat rock sound, this one is for you!

Check out the new video below, and keep up to date with all things Jessica Speziale on her socials. - Canadian Beats

"Jessica Speziale performs in studio"

Canadians are falling out of love with America / Border problems / Barriers to entry / Steve Glassman from Edmonton / Jessica Speziale performs in studio / Jake and the Fat Man / Loving Tom Petty / Podcast extra - improving technology. - The Humble and Fred Show


Awakening (EP) - 2018

Shine (LP) - 2014

Come Alive (Single) - David Bean ft. Jessica Speziale

Thunderfunk vs. Jessica Speziale LIVE @ C'est What (Live Album), 2014

You're Not Mine (Single) - Jessica Speziale with Sjors van Dimms, 2013

Weak In The Knees (Single) - Jessica Speziale feat. Jetcoaster, 2012

Dear Reverie (EP) - 2011



Jessica Speziale is a rock powerhouse with the spirit of Tina Turner, Amanda Marshall and  Melissa Etheridge.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Speziale ‘s relationship with music began as early as five years old when she would sing harmonies with her musical family in the car.  As the years progressed, her passion for music grew as well as she spent the next decade developing her guitar skills, writing original songs, and performing in every band, choir and showcase she could find.

Jessica released her first EP in 2011 Dear Reverie, which won the award for Best Rock Album in Radio Nation’s Best of 2012 at Centennial College Radio. This kick-started Jessica’s love for touring and the media’s love for her, acquiring multiple hits from various local and community stations and publications. Jessica released her debut full-length album, Shine, in 2014. Shine received great praise and recognition, with radio play airing on CBC radio and the title track’s music video for Shine airing on OMNI television.

With several country-wide tours across Canada and diversified appearances in various YouTube videos, television shows and films, Jessica Speziale has created a recognizable name and face for herself. Her music remains her pivotal feature, having performed at numerous musically-renowned festivals and events including Newmarket Jazz Festival, Indie Week Canada, VIA Rail’s Artist On Board Program, Canadian Music Week and NXNE.

Jessica’s passion truly lies in her art, as she is constantly keeping herself busy polishing her vocal techniques and keeping up with her promotional and marketing efforts. She loves perfecting her digital skills, regularly creating videos for her various social media accounts. Jessica dreams of hitting the studio with Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench, touring with Hanson, and collaborating with one of her many inspirations, Christina Aguilera.

Jessica hopes to become a household name who helps cultivate the cultural fabric of a generation.

Band Members