Country Rock, London Style. Strong, melodic, uplifting.


Somewhere in the middle of Navajo Nation a tour bus heads south with Skynnrd on the radio. In the back row, Parsons joins in first on guitar, then at the front Dolly adds harmony. Greg Alman and JJ Cale in the middle rows fight it out for who's gonna play lead. A jam breaks out creating a song that's driving forward, upbeat and strong.

Jessica has toured the US extensively and now plays regular gigs in London. She blends influences such as Spirit, Skynnrd, Alman Bros, New Riders of the Purple sage, bluegrass and modern country to arrive at something new. Jessica is so devoted to the music, she owns and runs a Southwestern store on London's famous Portobello Road where she sells cowboy boots, Native American jewellery, hats, shirts and hand-made crafts whilst promoting domestic and foreign acts.

It is the destination country and southwestern store in the UK.


Puffafish Records 2005

Three Good Reasons
Puffafish Records 2007
Puffacd 008
(release date Feb 2007)

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Jessica's music can be heard on triple A country radio around the world.

Set List

Our set list is typically 30-45 minutes long:

Oh Susannah
Sangre de Cristo
Dancing with the Dead
Thank You for the Ride
You Go Your Way
Colorado, New Mexico
If This is Wrong
Got To Believe
Heart Driven Mind