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"Tinderbox Music"

"...reminds me of Juliana Hatfield." - Andrew Linde

"LUVeR Radio out of Berkeley, CA."

"We love your CD! is now in luver's mix...” - DJ Frank Moore

"KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz, CA."

“Jessica Burks is the new rock sensation.” - DJ Soledad Rosas

"KGFN 89.1 FM out of southern CA."

“…musically talented…she does everything.” - DJ Glenn Stachwick

"Image Magazine"

"Love the passion, it melts me. Pick my heart up off the floor." - SaraJane

"Jessica Burks, Dahmn Straight"

- Label: 'MBS Inc. ('
- Genre: 'Rock'

I usually leave it to my mate Steve to review CDs that are given to us, but once in a while something grabs me ear with magnetic fingers. Even Steve woke up from a night of boozing in a dank pub (poor sod) to find out what I was blasting in the living room, and to his shock it was an unsigned artist from the States.

Her name is Jessica Burks, and why this woman doesn't have a major-label deal right now is some sort of a crime.

Picture this, if you will: spiky acoustic riffing with frank, down-to-earth confessions sung by a sweet yet streetwise voice. The 6:41 "Safe Song" knocked me out with its subtly psychedelic shadings. It casts a spellbinding effect reminiscent of Throwing Muses but nowhere near as chaotic; rather, it has a focused beauty in its arrangement, and Burks' vocals are distinct and powerful, floating in an ethereal fashion with the music's hypnotizing rhythm. "Pop Star" is a real charmer, as Burks sings of popularity defined by kissing Madonna. "My So Called Religion" is rainy-day introspection; I will play this in my car the next time I am driving through Manchester, water pouring from the grey clouds.
It's all too rare that I hear a female singer/songwriter with her own style and perspective, totally different from anybody else out there. You can't compare Burks with her peers. Judging from this CD, she has her own voice, own mind, own vision. Damn straight she does. Bless you, child.
author: Adam Harrington
- Whispein and Hollerin UK

"Feature Article: Jessica Burks"

Singer/songwriter Jessica Burks wants to kiss Madonna.

After all, if Burks did get the opportunity to plant her lips on Madonna, then that would mean she had made it. The Top of the Pops, as the English referred to it: That is Burks' ultimate goal. However, she refuses to climb the hill to stardom by following other people's rules. Burks is an Artist who dreams of becoming a Pop Star, which happens to be the title of one of her songs. Her acoustic-flavored alternative rock is, at its core, pure as ocean water; you will find no artificial flavoring. "Come as you are," Kurt Cobain once sang. And that describes Burks perfectly. Her new limited edition EP isn't called Dahmn Straight for nothing. She doesn't pretend to be anyone else nor does she envelope herself in an enigmatic image. The following is an in-depth interview with this rising talent.

Sutton: What are your goals as a musician?
Burks: My song "Pop Star" probably sums it up, kissing Madonna on MTV without getting a disease.

(Full interview at: - Interviewer: Michael Sutton, Tacoma Weekly


"All The Ways I've Loved You"
"On The Radio" Jessica Burks 3 rd CD debuts on KPFK Los Angeles. Available at live shows.
"Dahmn Straight" Jessica Burks sophomore CD.
“Everyday Girl” Jessica Burks debut CD.
Multiple songs for Indie soundtracks.
Songs on radio and internet.
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Curve Magazine: Editor’s Pick "All The Ways I’ve Loved You" (self-released): If you’re a MySpace user, you may have already “met” singer-songwriter Jessica Burks—her songs have been played more than 175,000 times – but if not, it’s about time you check out one of this self-produced rocker’s four CDs, including this four-song EP (or her great debut, Dahmn Straight). The title track is a raw and aggressive love song, the kind that hits you in the gut and sticks with you for days (or in my case, weeks now). Burks is getting airplay in the U.S. and abroad, and she's doing it “absent of corporate interference.” But don’t think she can’t market the hell out of her stuff: “People can be smarter than marketing,” she says. “Don’t talk down to them.” She’s got the pipes and some biting, insightful lyrics to command our attention without a major label, and God knows what she could produce with a ton of cash behind her. -- Diane Anderson-Minshall, Curve

"I have recently been seduced by the singer Jessica Burks..." -Julien Raineau, Cob'FM, Saint Brieuc, France

"One of my favorite rising stars" -Rita Gonzales; KPFK Los Angeles

"Raw, Naked, Progressive, Intense, and..." -Emmy Gonzalez; DOT News Los Angeles & OC