Jessica Crosbie

Jessica Crosbie

 Roswell, Georgia, USA

Meaningful and relatable, catchy pop-acoustic tunes. My songs are always about my experiences in life. Ranging from writing about being in love and failed relationships to family and the process of songwriting, my aim when writing each song is to write lyrics that people can relate to.


Hey! My name is Jessica Crosbie. I was born and raised in Cornwall, UK. In June 2012, I will make the trip across the pond to experience my America heritage to settle in Florida, after travelling to Atlanta, GA, to live work and promote my music.
I have sung all my life and started playing the piano as a young girl and wrote my first song "War Child" at the age of 11. The song was about a War Lord apologising to a child soldier he had force to fight. In my own mind, the persona of the War Lord was anyone that need to apologise and the child soldier was anyone who had been a victim from somebody who had abused their power.
After I wrote that first song, I was obsessed with the fact that I could express myself through writing a song and I have been writing ever since.
I recorded my first demo EP original album when I was 17 with a local producer which was such a brilliant experience because I got to record and "preserve" my most raw and honest experiences and secrets.
I grew up on the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Neil Diamond and Pearl Jam. However, my main inspiration when writing my music is Taylor Swift as I really relate to her honest, "open diary" approach to wiring.

I am available for musical entertainment at venues, parties, weddings and events.

Please feel free to contact for more details.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and for your interest in my music.



1. Do It Together
2. Another Version
3. Roam Around Free
4. Beautiful world
5. I hope you remember

More originals in working progress

Set List

*Subject to change. Please contact me regarding any questions in referance to the set list.

* Subject to change in order

* Set list lenth will depend upon the pre-agreed duration of the performance.

1. Do it together
2. Roam around free
3. Another Version
4. Beautiful world
5. I hope you'll remember

6. What goes around- Justin Timberlake
7. Landslide- Fleetwood Mac
8. Price Tag- Jessie J
9. Jolene- Dolly Parton
10. The A team- Ed Sheeran
11. Only exception- Paramore
12. Never grow up- Taylor Swift